SPX soldiers on

#SPXcampaign. Apologies for not posting my trades this week. I have been getting slammed by the upside move, so I’m very tightly wound up to the short side, waiting for a pullback. I have stopped some call spreads, sold aggressive put spreads, and have been rolling ITM call spreads. I once again did not take the Upside Warning seriously, mainly because of the head-fake down-day we got on Monday Sept 25th, which happened the DAY AFTER the warning. I made all the wrong moves that day; it was the perfect day to flip my account to the long side, but instead I got stopped out of put spreads. In any case, my travels have diverted my full attention. I’m in LA now until Wednesday.

Feel free to ask any questions if you need updates on my trades or help with yours. I should have more time at the computer today.

#condorroll, #fuckit, #reverseroll