VIX Is 75.30? big OMG


Is 75.30? big OMG


67.97 who would have thunk it!!

#oilu and #oild Does anyone…

#oilu and #oild
Does anyone here have experience with the above?
With the 0 fees on TD I am thinking of shorting and going long on these.
or selling call etc.


bto aug 9/25 call @ .08
looking to btc for .75
when /cl move back to $58.00 ish

#spx look out below!

#spx look out below!


Jeff what is your thought process on your T puts? CSP? in between divi?


BTO NSpC @ 24.84 divdend…

BTO NSpC @ 24.84 divdend pays quarterly ex date 2/28/
9.06% for year/.5625 a share