Had a come to Jesus moment at about 2 in the morning. I realized I needed to consider dumping a lot of positions. My account size has not budged much in the last couple months… money I’ve made in options has been sucked away by too many crappy stock positions. Other than AAPL and SQ, stock has not been good to me, all #PieTrades I have tried, rather Earnings repair or from scratch, have been huge dogs.

So I just dumped almost all stock positions.

Winners: $AAPL, $SQ
Losers: $FB, $BABA, $OLED, $MU, $OLED, $YY, $AMAT

Fortunately, other than $FB, the losers were all only 100 shares. AAPL and SQ were both 200. My FB losses were minimal since I have sold covered calls for a year on 100 shares, getting that lot down to 105.00 cost average. I then had more shares added in August earnings dump.

Now I can focus on strategies that I have more control over, rather than the whims of stock prices.

I’m still in options positions in $BOIL, $GUSH, $DUST. Also long calls in $PYPL (Jan 100’s, not doing well). Sticking with pre-earnings trades in $CAT, $JPM, and $MSFT. Long stock in $PVTL, since its so cheap. And a few #VXXGame short calls, and my long running long puts, the $VXX Jan 20 puts, which have lost so much potential in this volatile year.

Dumped underwater short puts in $RH. That symbol has simply killed me, I must quit it!

Also, closed $SPX Oct 12th 2825/2850/2960/2985 condor for breakeven at 4.15.

I’m looking to exit the #SuperChargers since short strikes have been breached, in $AMZN and $REGN.


TQQQ pietrade

Dipping my fingers in the pie. Thanks @hcgdavis for your help. I welcome constructive criticism on my choice of ticker or strikes.:-)
STO TQQQ Oct12 66.5p @ 1.80



Margin reduction trade, did not…

Margin reduction trade, did not have to do this but was using up a ton of buying power.

EXPE BTO the Jan 2021 125 puts at 17.80. Converting a #pietrade to a #fuzzy just for margin at 17.80. Subtracting the 2.90 and 2.95 from sales the last 2 weeks cost basis 14.88.

With 120 weeks left to trade only need 0.124 per week for zero cost basis. I will still manage these as 43-22 DTE PIE ladders, just hedged.

Also rolled Lot 2 LNG 66 cc out 14 DTE for 0.63 credit. Cost basis 63.6 now.

That’s all for me until next Thurs. unless someone points out a really good trade before then.

#pietrade STO FAS Oct12’18 65…


STO FAS Oct12’18 65 PUT 0.47

Getting back in BOIL

Haven’t traded this in nearly 2 years but it looks like it’s time to dip a toe in again. Starting small.
Sold $BOIL Jan 18 2019 45 calls @ 1.00 with the stock at 30.94. Highest strike in Jan. Will look to add if there’s a continued move up in nat gas.

#contangoetf, #pietrade


9/21….Still chipping away…Rolled ERX 9/21 34 Call out to 10/26 35 Call for 0.17 credit…..CB now $35.92 after being assigned at $42.50 0n 5/29 #pietrade


MU earnings

#Earnings I am long $MU Oct 5th 45 calls for 2.02, bought on the 14th. Also long stock in a #PieTrade. So not adding anything. Over last 12 quarters, Biggest UP move: 12.7%, Biggest DOWN move: -9.2%, Average move: 5.5%.