#pietrade SMH STO the 9…


SMH STO the 9 DTE 103 put at 0.89, 3 contracts so $261 credit.

Trying to collect 900 a week on 3 contracts with 3-4 names. Staying close in the 750-800 range.

#pietrade STO FAS 3 DTE…


STO FAS 3 DTE 69 CC for 68.4. Anyone following this trade really work the order the MM being greedy.

3 contracts, $180 max profit for 3 days or 45% annualized ROI without margin.

Lately with these I am finding better to let be called out and then reset each week. If you roll the option lose a little on the bid-ask spread if ITM. If OTM or ATM roll it to bring in more cash.

#pietrades and skew I have…

#pietrades and skew

I have noticed over the last few weeks that a lot of tickers have one sided skew. Just something else for us to take advantage of and increase returns.

For instance, SPY and all the other indexes seem to have put skew meaning the puts are worth more than the calls. Makes sense, a lot of people are hedging and buying protection. So makes more sense to sell puts on these.

However, a lot of individual names skew to the call side. Even AAPL which drags the rest of the market has a little call skew even in the weeklies. Makes more sense to sell CC or set up #fuzzies on these. Most of the leveraged ETFs skew to the upside/call side.

So going forward the #pietrades will be set up taking advantage of this skew. In a limited back test it looks like it could result in an additional 15-25% returns annualized. Not chump change!

So in the future #pietrades will either be CC, naked puts, or covered straddles depending on direction but also where I see an edge in the put/call skew. However, where I may normally sell a put, I may do an ITM CC if it looks like the skew will give an advantage. Also if I have a strong upside directional bias may set the initial trade up as an ATM covered straddle.

If anyone else finds additional ways to suck more premium out of the market on a weekly basis please post.

Taking advantage of this with synthetics aka #fuzzy may work as well.

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#SyntheticStock – Been looking to get a new one over in the oil patch. Synthetics are pretty diversified so far and this will help even more. I also looked at EOG and HES. Any of them would probably work. Should act as a hedge for my transport (LUV). It’s sitting down in congestion right now but looks to have some upside room.

Jan 2019 67.5/67.5/65 @ 5.35

Max loss: 7.85

48 weeks so need 17 cents average to cover.


#pietrade STO AAL 10 DTE…


STO AAL 10 DTE 52 Calls at 0.54 against 200 shares of stock. Cost basis around 49.75.

#pietrade 2 additional tickers to…


2 additional tickers to add, MRK and PFE. Stable blue chips but with the vol spike they qualify for the 1% per week return on puts/calls 1-2 strikes OTM.

I am sure there are a lot more at the moment but don’t have time to trade until Thurs. unless I figure out what I want to do with all my SVXY shares now. I caught up on the conversations below, maybe better to just take the loss and move on as opposed to hold and potentially see it go to zero/0.

#pietrades AAPL, rolled this week…


AAPL, rolled this week 165 CC to next week for 1 credit. Market makers still be greedy on the spreads. cost basis now 161.

GM rolled this week 42.5 put t next week for 0.25 credit. Cost basis now 40 and pennies, I forgot a calculation last week and too lazy to do it now.

SVXY is going to become a #pietrade as soon as I am assigned some shares. Weeklies trying to get 1 per week but far enough OTM that will not have to cover and will wait until we are back in contango. See discussion below.

Good luck everyone, I am done for the week, going skiing in Maine tomorrow morning.
Hopefully start the SVXY recovery Monday morning!!