INTC trades

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar #LongStock #CoveredCalls #Dividends
Lat week’s double cal didn’t work but I stuck with the trade, selling the long put and taking assignment, cost basis of 47.34.

Today I lightened the load, selling slightly less than half of the stock for 49.00.

I’m converting the rest into a #PieTrade, so I sold to Open $INTC March 15th 50 covered calls for 1.01.

Covered Calls

#CoveredCalls #LongStock Sold to Open $PVTL Feb 15th 18 calls for .75

INTC dbl calendar conversion

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar #LongStock #Assignment #Dividends

Sold to close $INTC Feb 1st 50 put for 3.20. Will be assigned long stock for 50.00. Add .54 for calendar purchase, subtract 3.20 from put sale, cost basis 47.34.

Will sell calls and hang on to stock for at least one dividend round.

AAPL stock

#LongStock #Dividends
Bought $AAPL stock for 168.00. Starter position. Seems like a possible bottom, so reentering the stock after selling my position on October 5.

TWTR #Longstock Stopped out of…

TWTR #Longstock Stopped out of TWTR at 44.17. Basis 40.99

ROKU #longstock Stopped out of…

ROKU #longstock Stopped out of my long stop position at 42.72. Sold June 29th 41 Put @ .55 for a possible re-entry.

TWTR #Longstock Bought a small…

TWTR #Longstock Bought a small bit of stock in my Roth for a long term hold @ 40.95. I will sell a weekly call against some of it about a 25 delta to reduce my basis.