#longstock Sold UVXY for $18.82…

Sold UVXY for $18.82 couple of hours ago, bought yesterday for 17.82.

I also rolled up my UVXY March 23 #17.5 call to March 29 $19 call (now naked),
I’ll wait for a solid buy point point – FALLING FAST.

BABA covered call

#CoveredCalls #CoveredCallCampaign #LongStock
Sold $BABA Mar 2nd 202.5 call for 1.75. I was assigned 200 shares on Friday.

Dumping LITE

#Earnings #LongStock Dumped these shares for 48.85. Tax loss. Sick of watching it do nothing.

Starting fresh for the new year! See y’all then!

FB covered calls

#LongStock #CoveredCallCampaign
Bought to close $FB Dec 29th 182.5 call for .15. Sold for 1.60.

100 shares purchased for 126.00
Sold covered calls starting late April. Covered call total income: $1,400. Cost basis on stock 112.00.

STMP’d out

#Earnings #LongStock Sold to close final batch of $STMP stock for 187.15.

This closes the trade started on Nov 2nd when I sold 200/180 put spreads for 4.15, x2 for max profit of 827.90, max loss of 3,172.10. Stock tanked and I rolled the spreads, got assigned early, and I’m finally out with ending profit of $327.56

STMP stock sold

#Earnings #LongStock Sold half of my remaining shares of $STMP for 180.85. Cost basis is 182.35. I’ll hold my remaining 100 for a higher exit, so I can at least breakeven on this one.

FB covered calls

#CoveredCalls #LongStock
On Tuesday, closed $FB Dec 15th 185 call for .15. Sold for 1.53 on Nov 24th.
Today, sold Dec 29th 182.5 call for 1.60.