#LongStock – Selling a tiny position.

Sold SPY Stock @ 378.25 (bought for 369.50)


#ShortPuts #LongStock #Earnings – Some of each.

NVDA: Earnings tomorrow. Wouldn’t mind averaging down.
Sold NVDA JUN 17 2022 135.0 Put @ 4.45

SPY: Added tiny buys.
Bought SPY Stock @ 388.60
Bought SPY Stock @ 387.25


#CoveredCalls #LongStock – Some of each.

Added a tiny bit pre market @ 386.06
Sold SPY MAY 27 2022 395.0 Call @ 5.03 (covered replacing this week’s)

TQQQ: Covered.
Bought to Close TQQQ MAY 20 2022 33.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .84)
Sold TQQQ MAY 27 2022 32.0 Calls @ .75

XBI: Covered.
Sold XBI MAY 27 2022 72.0 Calls @ .90
Sold XBI MAY 27 2022 73.0 Calls @ .85


#ShortPuts #LongStock – Small adds.

Sold SPY JUN 10 2022 375.0 Put @ 4.20

Bought tiny bits of SPY stock at:



#LongStock – Selling my 2 cheapest lots. Bought for 386.00 and 388.00

Sold SPY stock @ 406.61

Still holding some covered at 405.00 for this Friday with a basis around 395.00


#CoveredCalls #LongStock – A couple.

NVDA: Rolled call down for additonal credit this morning. Earnings the following week.
Rolled NVDA MAY 20 2022 195.0 Call to MAY 20 2022 190.0 Call @ 1.05 credit. (4.24 total now)

Sold SPY JUL 15 2022 340.0 Put @ 5.00
Bought a tiny bit of stock @ 394.75
Rolled SPY MAY 20 2022 410.0 Call to MAY 20 2022 405.0 Call @ 2.20 credit (7.40 total now)


#LongStock #ShortCalls – Over the last few big down days I’ve been adding just a few tiny buys of SPY stock. Sold a call against it today.

Bought SPY @ :


Sold SPY MAY 20 2022 410.0 Call @ 5.20

80 shares against a delta 30 short call so still net long…


#LongStock #ShortPuts – Taking a few scalps on the bounce.

ARKK: Another round.
Bought to Close ARKK MAR 18 2022 61.0 Calls @ .15 (sold for 1.40)
Sold ARKK MAR 25 2022 57.0 Calls @ 1.55

QYLD: Quite a few shares so happy with the profit.
Sold QYLD @ 19.66 (bought for 19.28 average)

SPY: Taking these on the nice bounce.
Bought to Close SPY MAR 18 2022 405.0 Put @ .75 (sold for 3.30)
Bought to Close SPY APR 14 2022 380.0 Put @ 2.71 (sold for 4.10)
Bought to Close SPY APR 14 2022 385.0 Put @ 3.25 (sold for 5.00)
Bought to Close SPY APR 14 2022 390.0 Put @ 3.93 (sold for 6.00)



#LongStock #ShortPuts #CoveredCalls -A liitle of each.

Bought @ 19.25 and 19.26

SVXY: Adding.
Sold SVXY APR 14 2022 42.0 Put @ 2.20

TQQQ: Covering next week early.
Sold TQQQ MAR 18 2022 42.5 Call @ 2.88


#LongStock – Getting rid of another odd lot from the dip buying.

Sold SOXL stock @ 44.40 (bought for 39.75)


#LongStock – More tiny buys after hours yesterday on the MSFT dip.

Bought SOXL @ 39.60

Bought TQQQ @ 51.25


#LongStock – More tiny buys here. Just a few shares at a time.

Bought SOXL @ 39.60

Bought TQQQ @ 52.10


#LongStock – Tiny buys here.

Bought SOXL @ 41.05 and 40.60

Bought TQQQ @ 54.36 and 53.20


#LongStock – Sold my uncovered shares @ 39.47 (basis 39.00)


#LongStock – Not a big position but still a fun little scalp.

Sold stock @ 140.28 (bought this morning for 134.60)


#LongStock – Tiny little buy @ 134.60 with the split coming Thursday. If I had to estimate this would be about 5 percent size.


#ShortPuts #LongStock – Taking a few off here.

SOXL: Sold stock pre market.
Sold SOXL @ 40.78 (bought for 36.75)

SPY: Pushing up against resistance so taking these.
Bought to Close SPY OCT 15 2021 415.0 Put @ .49 (sold for 2.90)
Bought to Close SPY OCT 29 2021 410.0 Put @ 1.53 (sold for 4.05 yesterday)

TQQQ: A few more.
Bought to Close TQQQ OCT 8 2021 115.0 Put @ .10 (sold for 2.35)
Bought to Close TQQQ OCT 8 2021 120.0 Put @ .21 (sold for 2.30)


#LongStock – Too early this morning but took a scalp on quite a few shares.

Sold MNMD Stock @ 3.30 (bought for 3.05)

MNMD lottery ticket

#LongStock – Bought shares as a lottery ticket. At 3 bucks it’s like a call option that never expires. Whiz is big on this for PTSD and suicide prevention for veterans. Definite lottery though!

#longstock OMC Bought 100 shares…

#longstock OMC

Bought 100 shares @63.71, ex-div Dec. 18 paying .65

#shortputs #longstock XOM CC Followed…

#shortputs #longstock XOM CC

Followed honkhonk81 into CC, 100 shares
XOM, sold Aug. 21, 41 put for .72, stock in the 43s

#longstock SVXY I’m easing in…

#longstock SVXY

I’m easing in here, bought 25 shares, looking at some spreads.


#LongStock – Here’s my excitement for the day….

TNA: Sold 1 share @ 64.10
WYNN: Sold 1 share @ 122.54

Oddball shares sitting from old dividends before I changed my divvy payout preference to cash. 🙂 🙂 🙂

#longstock VET Bought 100 shares…

#longstock VET

Bought 100 shares of VET for 14.53, yielding 14%, beaten up oil stock.



#LongStock #ShortPuts – Stock will be called away @ 150.0 (basis 141.90)

Trying to replace it adding to previous put sales…

Sold NVDA MAR 22 2019 145.0 Put @ 2.95

Exiting NTAP

#Earnings #LongStock #Assignment #DoubleCalendar
Sold half of my stock for 65.00 and 65.45. Assigned via 68 puts last week… cost basis 64.79. Looking to unload all of it; no interest in making this a longer term holding.

INTC trades

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar #LongStock #CoveredCalls #Dividends
Lat week’s double cal didn’t work but I stuck with the trade, selling the long put and taking assignment, cost basis of 47.34.

Today I lightened the load, selling slightly less than half of the stock for 49.00.

I’m converting the rest into a #PieTrade, so I sold to Open $INTC March 15th 50 covered calls for 1.01.

Covered Calls

#CoveredCalls #LongStock Sold to Open $PVTL Feb 15th 18 calls for .75

INTC dbl calendar conversion

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar #LongStock #Assignment #Dividends

Sold to close $INTC Feb 1st 50 put for 3.20. Will be assigned long stock for 50.00. Add .54 for calendar purchase, subtract 3.20 from put sale, cost basis 47.34.

Will sell calls and hang on to stock for at least one dividend round.

AAPL stock

#LongStock #Dividends
Bought $AAPL stock for 168.00. Starter position. Seems like a possible bottom, so reentering the stock after selling my position on October 5.

TWTR #Longstock Stopped out of…

TWTR #Longstock Stopped out of TWTR at 44.17. Basis 40.99

ROKU #longstock Stopped out of…

ROKU #longstock Stopped out of my long stop position at 42.72. Sold June 29th 41 Put @ .55 for a possible re-entry.

TWTR #Longstock Bought a small…

TWTR #Longstock Bought a small bit of stock in my Roth for a long term hold @ 40.95. I will sell a weekly call against some of it about a 25 delta to reduce my basis.

SPY SHY TLT and the Golden Butterfly

#401k #LongStock – I tried following a long term plan (The Golden Butterfly) that would probably work but I’ve decided I can do just as well or better selling puts on imploding stocks so I’m dumping these sizable positions while they’re green. Unloaded SPY back on May 18th and now unloading the bond positions on this rally. Freeing up a ton of buying power…

Sold SHY stock @ 83.60 (bought for 83.51)…decent gain since it was a lot of shares…

Sold TLT stock @ 122.12 (bought for 120.74)

#longstock Sold UVXY for $18.82…

Sold UVXY for $18.82 couple of hours ago, bought yesterday for 17.82.

I also rolled up my UVXY March 23 #17.5 call to March 29 $19 call (now naked),
I’ll wait for a solid buy point point – FALLING FAST.

BABA covered call

#CoveredCalls #CoveredCallCampaign #LongStock
Sold $BABA Mar 2nd 202.5 call for 1.75. I was assigned 200 shares on Friday.

Dumping LITE

#Earnings #LongStock Dumped these shares for 48.85. Tax loss. Sick of watching it do nothing.

Starting fresh for the new year! See y’all then!

FB covered calls

#LongStock #CoveredCallCampaign
Bought to close $FB Dec 29th 182.5 call for .15. Sold for 1.60.

100 shares purchased for 126.00
Sold covered calls starting late April. Covered call total income: $1,400. Cost basis on stock 112.00.

STMP’d out

#Earnings #LongStock Sold to close final batch of $STMP stock for 187.15.

This closes the trade started on Nov 2nd when I sold 200/180 put spreads for 4.15, x2 for max profit of 827.90, max loss of 3,172.10. Stock tanked and I rolled the spreads, got assigned early, and I’m finally out with ending profit of $327.56

STMP stock sold

#Earnings #LongStock Sold half of my remaining shares of $STMP for 180.85. Cost basis is 182.35. I’ll hold my remaining 100 for a higher exit, so I can at least breakeven on this one.

FB covered calls

#CoveredCalls #LongStock
On Tuesday, closed $FB Dec 15th 185 call for .15. Sold for 1.53 on Nov 24th.
Today, sold Dec 29th 182.5 call for 1.60.

STMP stock

#Earnings #EarlyAssignment #LongStock

I was assigned on all $STMP Dec 1st 200/180 put spreads, so now I only carry long stock. I just sold the last long put for 4.00. With all the selling of naked options, put spreads, and finally the long puts left after short puts in the spreads were assigned, my cost basis is 179.62. About where we’re trading now. I’ll start peeling this off before it returns to 200.

FB covered call

#LongStock #CoveredCalls
Sold $FB Dec 15th 185 call for 1.53

Earnings & Stock positions this week

#Earnings #LongStock #Rolling #CoveredCalls

$RH #ShortStrangles Dumped my final Dec 1st short 95 call for 8.50, and 80 puts for .10. Then the stock annoyingly dropped, after I’d closed the whole batch for high prices. I gotta ways to go to make up for it. I’m keeping new sales at the Dec 1st expiration, before earnings:
Sold 100 put for 3.50, adding to position
Sold 95 put for 2.65, adding to position
Sold 105 call for 2.95

$FB BTC Dec 1st 187.5 call for .12. Sold for 1.25 on 11/3. I’ll sell a new one on next rally.

$LITE Sold a fourth of my stock for 58.20. Cost basis 60.50. Looks to be recovering so will wait on the rest, with stops in place.

$STMP Assigned another 100 shares last night, disrupting my Dec 1st 200/180 put spread. Will sell the long put today. This leaves me with one remaining put spread and 200 shares.

$HCA This stock was sold for 75.29.by my broker on Friday afternoon due to margin concerns (futzing with SPX spreads). Not thrilled about this, but it has been an annoying one. An 80 covered call also expired Friday, so I’m now flat. Cost basis was 84.00 so that was a crappy loss.

STMP assigned

#Earnings #Rolling #Assignment #LongStock

Before I had a chance to roll my $STMP Nov 17th 200/185 ITM put spreads, I was assigned 100 shares at 200.00. I sold the corresponding long put today for 9.35, so cost basis 190.65. Working on a roll of the rest as well as a covered call.

FB covered call

#CoveredCalls #LongStock Staying long the stock and replacing the earnings options expiring today.

Sold $FB Dec 1st 187.5 covered call for 1.25

HCA covered call

#Earnings #CoveredCalls #LongStock Trump talking in the Rose Garden has some healthcare stocks spiking right now.

Sold $HCA Nov 17th 80 call for 1.30


#Earnings #ShortPuts #LongStock
As noted last night $AAOI has taken its expected dump, one night before my 55 puts were to expire. Will consider my options based on today’s action.

I’ve been waiting for $HCA to recover but it’s taking a big hit today, along with all Healthcare ($XLV) since Trump is expected to cut ACA subsidies. I’m long some stock with #CoveredCalls

HCA covered call

#Earnings #LongStock #CoveredCalls
Sold $HCA Oct 20th 82.5 covered call for .75, adding to the position.
Looks like earnings are last week of October. Hopefully stock can recover up to 82 area so I can exit before then, but may play through earnings if necessary.

HCA covered calls

#Earnings #LongStock #CoveredCalls
This stinker cannot get back above 80. Was assigned stock back in July.
Sold $HCA Nov 17th 82.5 call for 1.05.

BBY earnings closed

#Earnings #LongStock
Sold my final 100 shares of $BBY for 57.74 as my one-dollar trailing stop was hit.

Original trade: Sold Sep 1st 57.5 puts on 8/28 for 1.06.
Assigned stock on Sep 1st
Waited for recovery and sold stock between 56.50 and 58.50.
Max profit on original trade: $738.50
Final profit in the end: $684.50

BBY stock sold

#Earnings #Assignment #LongStock
Sold more shares today at 57.50 and 58.50, assigned at 56.44 basis. Now that the full position is nicely profitable I put my remaining shares on trail stops of .50 and 1.00.

BBY stock for sale

#Earnings #Assignment #LongStock
Sold shares of $BBY for 56.50, and 56.75. Cost basis 56.44 from 57.5 put assignment on 9/1.

Covered Call premium not attractive enough to play with this one. I don’t trust the business either with Amazon devouring all retail in sight. Will sell out of remaining shares as it moves up or down from here.

PLCE stock sold

#Earnings #Assignment #LongStock
Sold to close one-fourth of my $PLCE stock position at 108.50. Assigned on Aug 11th with 108.00 cost basis. Holding the rest with #CoveredCalls already established.

$NOV #LongStock – Unwinding a…

$NOV #LongStock – Unwinding a put assignment from the August expiration.
Sold NOV @ 31.19. Was assigned at 31.0 less a 0.45 puts premium

Covered Calls

#CoveredCalls #LongStock
Sold to Open $FB Sep 29th 175 call for 1.85
Sold to Open $PLCE Oct 20th 115 call for 2.00, adding to my position.

PLCE covered calls

#CoveredCalls #LongStock
Sold to Open $PLCE Sep 15th 110 call for .95
Sold to Open $PLCE Oct 20th 115 call for 1.50

Assigned long stock at 108.00 cost basis.

Earnings Update

#Earnings #LongStock Sold to close some of my $HCA stock for 78.50 and 78.26. I had these on Trail stop orders… I was assigned with cost basis of 82.30. I will ride on with the balance of shares… prefer this smaller position if I have to hold through a correction.

Bought to close $WMT 81.5 calls for .05. Sold the 78.5/81.5/84 #BrokenWingButterfly for 2.00 yesterday. Despite plunging market, WMT has been climbing today. Recovery any higher will turn me a profit.

$PLCE — will be assigned stock via 110 puts expiring tomorrow. I’m okay with that, as I feel it will recover. Stock held steady today, indicating 100 may be a support level.

$SVXY #LongStock – at 8:00…

$SVXY #LongStock – at 8:00 am, sold another bunch of SVXY @ 82.22 on a 82 limit order.
This was the lot of stock that got put to me at 80.50 Friday.
I’ve cut back on further covered call orders because I’ve covered up all my remaining long stock.
I may sell a few out of the money calls as speculation because I know the biggest risk (potential loss) for me is still a downside move in the stock below 81.

$SVXY #LongStock – You can’t…

$SVXY #LongStock – You can’t let a big stock position run 10 points without taking some of it off.
In the after hours, sold a bunch of SVXY @ 81.00.
This was the lot of stock that got put to me at 80.75 Friday.
Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Trades yesterday & this morning

#Earnings #LongCalls #LongStock
Remaining $ZNGA long stock closed yesterday on trail stop for 3.70. Breakeven on that half, small loss on the first half. Over all just under $100 loss on a long-call purchase.

#VXXGame BTC $SVXY Sep 50 puts yesterday for .53. Sold in the 100/180 strangle (after split: 50/90) for 18.95 on March 21st.

#SPXcampaign Overnight: Closed on GTC order: $SPX Aug 17th 2515/2540 call spreads for .20. Sold for 1.60 on July 19th.

This morning: Closed on GTC order: SPX Aug 25th 2525/2550 call spreads for .20. Sold for 1.75 on July 25th.

ZNGA stock

#Earnings #LongStock Trailing stop knocked me out of half my position at 3.58. May hold the rest for another day.

ZNGA stock

#Earnings #Assignment #LongStock
Forgot to close my long 3.50 calls on Friday so I was assigned 1,000 shares. I put .05 trailing stop on to enjoy any gain on the day, or close it out before it goes below 3.50. Cost basis is 3.70.

XIV stock

#LongStock – Missed posting this scalp earlier Friday:

Sold XIV stock @ 84.60 (bought for 82.57)

SNAP stock

#LongStock #AfterHours
Sold to close $SNAP long stock for 20.14. Bought for 17.45 (avg price) after hours on earnings day, May 10th. Struggling a bit at this level so I’m dumping it. Don’t often trade shares this way but it seemed like a good buy, and it was!

PEP stock

#Earnings #LongStock Sold to close a quarter of my stock in $PEP for 114.00 in pre-market. Assigned via #IronButterfly earnings trade at the end of April, cost basis 113.20. Scaling out as stock moves higher.

TAP stock sold

#Earnings #LongStock Took a small loss on these to close the position and free up margin. Had a chance to get out with profit on Monday, but got greedy and thought I’d wait for higher prices. No dice.

Sold to close $TAP stock for 92.80. Assigned via 95 puts last Friday, cost basis 93.00, so .20 loss on the trade.

$NUGT #LongStock – finally out…

$NUGT #LongStock – finally out of a position I acquired in early November via Put assignment at gain.
Sold NUGT @ 10.70.
I’ll switch back to writing Puts.

A few trades for margin gains

#ShortPuts #LongStock #CoveredCalls

STC $FB stock for 121.00. Sold partial position from assignment in October
BTC $FB Dec 16th 115 puts for .08. Sold for 1.64 on Nov 2nd
BTC $REGN Dec 16th 362.5 put for .50. Sold for 7.60 on Dec 2nd
STO $RGLD Jan 20th 75 covered call for 1.25

Closing trades for margin

#ShortPuts #ShortCalls #LongStock #ShortStock #ShortStrangles
Closing a few trades earlier than planned due to upside pressure on my margin. Fortunately, all but the REGN stock is profitable, but that one’s a biggie (sucks to lose due to downside pressure on a stock while the indices are breaking new highs). I have lost fights with REGN before, I should know better. But I will look to start selling some options once things calm down.

STC REGN long stock for 351.25. Assigned at 415.00 earlier this week.
BTC AZO Dec 16th 720/830 strangles for 1.95. Sold for 3.90 on Monday.
BTC DUST short stock for 48.00. Assigned at 50.00 on Nov 18th.
STC NFLX long stock for 125.05. Assigned at 122.00 on Nov 11th.

RGLD covered call

#CoveredCalls #Earnings #LongStock Glad to see this stock position recovering, after being assigned shares then watching it dip to mid 60’s.

STO $RGLD Nov 18th 82.5 covered call for .75

AVGO covered call

#Earnings #LongStock #CoveredCalls
STO $AVGO Oct 28th 177.5 call for 2.00.

$SVXY #LongStock – an old…

$SVXY #LongStock – an old GTC order with a limit at the old YTD high of 74.16 filled during the Yellen madness.
Sold SVXY @ 74.16. This sale was 10% of my remaining position.

$UVXY #LongStock – Sold a…

$UVXY #LongStock – Sold a large block of UVXY at 9.05 vs. a Put assignment last Friday at 9.00.
I may get put the stock again tomorrow below 9 so I’m lightening up a bit.

$UVXY #LongStock – sold a…

$UVXY #LongStock – sold a bit more of UVXY at 9.67 before it fell back to earth.
Also sold strike 10 thru strike 12.50 calls for this week to partially hedge the risk.