FB covered calls

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On Tuesday, closed $FB Dec 15th 185 call for .15. Sold for 1.53 on Nov 24th.
Today, sold Dec 29th 182.5 call for 1.60.

STMP stock

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I was assigned on all $STMP Dec 1st 200/180 put spreads, so now I only carry long stock. I just sold the last long put for 4.00. With all the selling of naked options, put spreads, and finally the long puts left after short puts in the spreads were assigned, my cost basis is 179.62. About where we’re trading now. I’ll start peeling this off before it returns to 200.

FB covered call

#LongStock #CoveredCalls
Sold $FB Dec 15th 185 call for 1.53

Earnings & Stock positions this week

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$RH #ShortStrangles Dumped my final Dec 1st short 95 call for 8.50, and 80 puts for .10. Then the stock annoyingly dropped, after I’d closed the whole batch for high prices. I gotta ways to go to make up for it. I’m keeping new sales at the Dec 1st expiration, before earnings:
Sold 100 put for 3.50, adding to position
Sold 95 put for 2.65, adding to position
Sold 105 call for 2.95

$FB BTC Dec 1st 187.5 call for .12. Sold for 1.25 on 11/3. I’ll sell a new one on next rally.

$LITE Sold a fourth of my stock for 58.20. Cost basis 60.50. Looks to be recovering so will wait on the rest, with stops in place.

$STMP Assigned another 100 shares last night, disrupting my Dec 1st 200/180 put spread. Will sell the long put today. This leaves me with one remaining put spread and 200 shares.

$HCA This stock was sold for 75.29.by my broker on Friday afternoon due to margin concerns (futzing with SPX spreads). Not thrilled about this, but it has been an annoying one. An 80 covered call also expired Friday, so I’m now flat. Cost basis was 84.00 so that was a crappy loss.

STMP assigned

#Earnings #Rolling #Assignment #LongStock

Before I had a chance to roll my $STMP Nov 17th 200/185 ITM put spreads, I was assigned 100 shares at 200.00. I sold the corresponding long put today for 9.35, so cost basis 190.65. Working on a roll of the rest as well as a covered call.

FB covered call

#CoveredCalls #LongStock Staying long the stock and replacing the earnings options expiring today.

Sold $FB Dec 1st 187.5 covered call for 1.25

HCA covered call

#Earnings #CoveredCalls #LongStock Trump talking in the Rose Garden has some healthcare stocks spiking right now.

Sold $HCA Nov 17th 80 call for 1.30