SNAP stock

#LongStock #AfterHours
Sold to close $SNAP long stock for 20.14. Bought for 17.45 (avg price) after hours on earnings day, May 10th. Struggling a bit at this level so I’m dumping it. Don’t often trade shares this way but it seemed like a good buy, and it was!

PEP stock

#Earnings #LongStock Sold to close a quarter of my stock in $PEP for 114.00 in pre-market. Assigned via #IronButterfly earnings trade at the end of April, cost basis 113.20. Scaling out as stock moves higher.

TAP stock sold

#Earnings #LongStock Took a small loss on these to close the position and free up margin. Had a chance to get out with profit on Monday, but got greedy and thought I’d wait for higher prices. No dice.

Sold to close $TAP stock for 92.80. Assigned via 95 puts last Friday, cost basis 93.00, so .20 loss on the trade.

$NUGT #LongStock – finally out…

$NUGT #LongStock – finally out of a position I acquired in early November via Put assignment at gain.
Sold NUGT @ 10.70.
I’ll switch back to writing Puts.

A few trades for margin gains

#ShortPuts #LongStock #CoveredCalls

STC $FB stock for 121.00. Sold partial position from assignment in October
BTC $FB Dec 16th 115 puts for .08. Sold for 1.64 on Nov 2nd
BTC $REGN Dec 16th 362.5 put for .50. Sold for 7.60 on Dec 2nd
STO $RGLD Jan 20th 75 covered call for 1.25

Closing trades for margin

#ShortPuts #ShortCalls #LongStock #ShortStock #ShortStrangle
Closing a few trades earlier than planned due to upside pressure on my margin. Fortunately, all but the REGN stock is profitable, but that one’s a biggie (sucks to lose due to downside pressure on a stock while the indices are breaking new highs). I have lost fights with REGN before, I should know better. But I will look to start selling some options once things calm down.

STC REGN long stock for 351.25. Assigned at 415.00 earlier this week.
BTC AZO Dec 16th 720/830 strangles for 1.95. Sold for 3.90 on Monday.
BTC DUST short stock for 48.00. Assigned at 50.00 on Nov 18th.
STC NFLX long stock for 125.05. Assigned at 122.00 on Nov 11th.

RGLD covered call

#CoveredCalls #Earnings #LongStock Glad to see this stock position recovering, after being assigned shares then watching it dip to mid 60’s.

STO $RGLD Nov 18th 82.5 covered call for .75