HCA covered call

#Earnings #CoveredCalls #LongStock Trump talking in the Rose Garden has some healthcare stocks spiking right now.

Sold $HCA Nov 17th 80 call for 1.30


#Earnings #ShortPuts #LongStock
As noted last night $AAOI has taken its expected dump, one night before my 55 puts were to expire. Will consider my options based on today’s action.

I’ve been waiting for $HCA to recover but it’s taking a big hit today, along with all Healthcare ($XLV) since Trump is expected to cut ACA subsidies. I’m long some stock with #CoveredCalls

HCA covered call

#Earnings #LongStock #CoveredCalls
Sold $HCA Oct 20th 82.5 covered call for .75, adding to the position.
Looks like earnings are last week of October. Hopefully stock can recover up to 82 area so I can exit before then, but may play through earnings if necessary.

HCA covered calls

#Earnings #LongStock #CoveredCalls
This stinker cannot get back above 80. Was assigned stock back in July.
Sold $HCA Nov 17th 82.5 call for 1.05.

BBY earnings closed

#Earnings #LongStock
Sold my final 100 shares of $BBY for 57.74 as my one-dollar trailing stop was hit.

Original trade: Sold Sep 1st 57.5 puts on 8/28 for 1.06.
Assigned stock on Sep 1st
Waited for recovery and sold stock between 56.50 and 58.50.
Max profit on original trade: $738.50
Final profit in the end: $684.50

BBY stock sold

#Earnings #Assignment #LongStock
Sold more shares today at 57.50 and 58.50, assigned at 56.44 basis. Now that the full position is nicely profitable I put my remaining shares on trail stops of .50 and 1.00.

BBY stock for sale

#Earnings #Assignment #LongStock
Sold shares of $BBY for 56.50, and 56.75. Cost basis 56.44 from 57.5 put assignment on 9/1.

Covered Call premium not attractive enough to play with this one. I don’t trust the business either with Amazon devouring all retail in sight. Will sell out of remaining shares as it moves up or down from here.