SPY SHY TLT and the Golden Butterfly

#401k #LongStock – I tried following a long term plan (The Golden Butterfly) that would probably work but I’ve decided I can do just as well or better selling puts on imploding stocks so I’m dumping these sizable positions while they’re green. Unloaded SPY back on May 18th and now unloading the bond positions on this rally. Freeing up a ton of buying power…

Sold SHY stock @ 83.60 (bought for 83.51)…decent gain since it was a lot of shares…

Sold TLT stock @ 122.12 (bought for 120.74)


Freeing up some cash in the #401k. Planning on moving part of it into a longer term hold and re-balance strategy for a longer term time frame similar to this:


Bought to Close PSA JUN 15 2018 160.0 PUT @ .45 (sold for 2.50)

Bought to Close TXN APR 20 2018 105.0 PUT @ 1.23 (sold for 3.00)
Bought to Close TXN APR 20 2018 100.0 PUT @ .50 (sold for 1.90)

Bought to Close UNP MAY 18 2018 125.0 PUT @ 1.10 (sold for 3.70)
Bought to Close UNP MAY 18 2018 120.0 PUT @ .70 (sold for 2.45)

Bought to Close XBI JUN 15 2018 75.0 PUT @ .65 (sold for 2.13)


#ShortPuts – Throwing these in the divvy part of the #401k ….

Sold UNP May 18 2018 125.0 Put @ 3.70
Sold UNP May 18 2018 120.0 Put @ 2.45


#401k #Dividends #ShortPuts – Adding to a few potential divvy stocks in the long term account…

Sold IBM APR 20 2018 140.0 Put @ 4.30

Gets the stock at 135.70 with a 4.4% divvy at that level. Throw in a few covered calls annually and it’s decent return….


#401k #IRA – Going thru some long term positions that were more delta plays as opposed to theta. Clearing the decks just a little to make room for some #Earnings possibilities or the occasional #FallingKnife opportunity.

Bought to Close NVDA JAN 19 2018 110.0 Put @ .81 (sold for 2.50)
Bought to Close NVDA JAN 19 2018 120.0 Put @ 1.39 (sold for 4.25)

Bought to Close URI JAN 19 2018 75.0 Put @ .35 (sold for 2.30)
Bought to Close URI JAN 19 2018 80.0 Put @ .48 (sold for 3.10)
Bought to Close URI JAN 19 2018 85.0 Put @ .64 (sold for 4.20)

Bought to Close WDC JAN 19 2018 70.0 Put @ 1.43 (sold for 2.70)
Bought to Close WDC JAN 19 2018 75.0 Put @ 2.43 (sold for 3.95)

Bought to Close WYNN JAN 19 2018 100.0 Puts @ .62 (sold for 2.70)


#ShortStrangles – Sold SVXY AUG 18 2017 80.0/180.0 Strangle @ 3.55

#401k, #ira

IBB…getting back in the game

#401k was all cash so dipping a toe back in to this fairly reliable ticker…(so far). Starter positions small.

Sold IBB Aug 19 2016 260.0 Put @ 4.00
Sold IBB Sep 16 2016 250.0 Put @ 4.10


Figured today was a good day to do this after Friday expiration. I sold all my BIB in the #401k and bought an equal dollar amount of IBB. I like the idea of having the weekly options available in IBB.


Sold IBB Mar 24 2016 560.0 Calls @ 1.70

BIB stock

Starting a new position in #401k . Holding above yesterday’s low but I’m willing to add lower as a longer term hold. Other than that just sitting and watching!


3rd time this week…mostly out of boredom but starting to add up. Trading the bounce off the 50 and rejection off the 21ema as it consolidates.

Bought double size positions yesterday at 66.60 and 65.60. Sold it all at 67.60 today. Adds up nicely in the #401k.

Main position in regular account is short Dec 75 puts that I’ve been rolling out but not down for a couple months. Doubling down bullish by rolling short Feb 50 puts up to Feb 70 for 6.40 credit. (yesterday). Breakeven on Dec position is 69.15 and 61.50 on the Feb position. Leaving Jan open for probable roll of the 75’s again. Gradually adding nice premium each month while the politicians bad mouth those evil drug companies…LOL

BIB quickie #401k

#401k – Sold all the BIB I bought yesterday on the run up to the 21ema. Out at 68.25….just missed a reload at 67.25 but orders in all the way back down to the 50ma. Two decent scalps in last 4 trading days…LOL Buy Thur sell Fri buy Mon sell Tue. Loving those alternating red and green big bars!

BIB #401k

#401k – Bought this Thursday and sold it Friday last week similar to the XIV trade. Starting a new position here at the 50MA. Starting small leaving room to add if the 50ma doesn’t hold…that could possibly bring the August lows back into play…

XIV #401k

Doing the same thing as last Thurs/Fri. Laddering in as it sells off…buying a few shares in #401k every 50 cent drop. Sold them on Friday so starting over here…

BIB #401k

Same strateegery as XIV. Bought it all the way down yesterday to the 50MA. Sold it today at breakeven price of my first purchase. Another overnight scalp for the #401k. Gotta love the volatility!

XIV #401K

Bought it all the way down yesterday as low as 27.10 and sold it all today at the breakeven point of my first purchase yesterday (29.50). Nice little quick overnight scalp for the #401k. Still holding a core position to hopefully sell up around 32.

XIV #401k

Took over trading of my #401k Sept 1st once the rules changed at American. Now allowed to self manage 95 percent of it with no limit on number of trades. I’ve been using stock only with no options strictly with XIV and BIB playing the swings. Working so far with total account up 14 percent while never using more than one third at any given time.

Yesterday top ticked XIV when I dumped a tranche at 31.50 (smiley face).

Re-building the position now with orders in to buy a small amount every 50 cent drop all the way to the August low of 20. Love scaling in like this since at some point it will turn more than likely before it gets to 20. This will in total be a one third position. If we keep dropping from there I’ll start the second third and trade it. If we eventually get down to the 2011 low of 4 bucks I’ll have a nice cost basis…