Options Expiration

CCL 15 put
LB 15 put
WFC 27 covered call #assignment
XOM put ratio spread

Options Expiration

#OptionsExpiration – Let one go the distance today…

TNA 26.5 Puts (sold for 1.19)


BTO Jun 19 44/42 Put spread $1.05

#shortputs #closing DAL Bought 2…

#shortputs #closing DAL

Bought 2 July 17, 35 puts for 4.80 each, sold the first one March 3, too early, so I sold another on March 6, still too early, rolled 5 times and finally made a little phew.

#closing #shortstrangles ROKU Bought July…

#closing #shortstrangles ROKU

Bought July 17, 80/140 for 1.50, sold May 28 for 3.55.

SPX 7dte

#SPX7dteLong. Bought to Open $SPX June 12th 3200/3220 call spreads for 9.25, with SPX at 3192. Only going with call side this time. Which probably means I just called the market top!

SPX 1dte

#SPX1dte Playing for more upside on Monday with #RiskReversal. Placed as one trade:
Sold to Open $SPX June 8th 3130/3110 put spreads for .81
Bought to Open $SPX June 8th 3260/3280 call spreads for .51.
Net credit .30