Anyone see Kiyosaki is getting into the options education business?


Strange after hours move in PCG. From below 18 at the close to above 22.
Of course it could all evaporate by morning (or in 5 minutes).


The commission may eat this up but I rolled my long Calls from this week to next, spent 0.09 Debit per contract but lowered my strike 5 points closer to the stock.
I have 60/65/70/72 short calls for this week (diagonal spreads) with orders in to cover the short options at a penny so I can roll them out to the next (holiday shortened) week.

Sold UVXY 11/16/2018 100.00 Calls / Bought UVXY 11/23/2018 95.00 Calls


Added batch 2 in a different account that had some cash left.
#fuzzy 70 2021/70 8 DTE for 11.33. 113 weeks to hopefully sell against.

Market still whippy. Picked up kids and /NQ down 50+ from the highs.

NVDA earnings trade

#Earnings Sold to Open $NVDA Nov 16th 185/180 put spreads for 1.11. Short strike is -7.7% OTM, and NVDA biggest downside move was -5.3% (in last 12 quarters)


Sold 1 PCG 11/23/2018 14.00 Put @ 1.70 for NEXT Friday


Bought to close 1 KOLD 01/18/19 10.00 Put @ 1.00. Sold. Yesterday @ 2.40.
Made 60% of the premium in 1 day. Why wait until January. Winter is coming.