Adding NUGT

I’m already short the Sep (9/20) 26 calls. Just added (sold) 9/20 30 calls @ 1.05.

Closing VXX put spread

Sold to close 6/21 31/26 bear put spread @ 3.82. Bought for 2.51 on 5/29. 52% profit.

TQQQ covered call

Sold against stock from assignment. STO 7/19 64 call @ 1.52. I was assigned at 64 so if called away in July, position will be closed for an overall profit.

Taking profits on FB

Bought to close $FB 7/19 165/155 bull put spread @ .59. Sold for 1.72 on 6/12.


Same to you and everyone

SPX 9-dte

#SPX1dte Happy Summer Solstice Week, everyone!

Building back some of the hits I took on the screaming run higher:

Sold $SPX June 26th 2770/2795-2860/2885 condors for 3.00.
Smaller account i sold the 5-wide with same shorts for .75

#closing #earnings AVGO

Sold a July 5 big lizard/iron condor for 5.15 bought today for 4.65, too high priced of a stock to mess around, alread assigned 100 shares from last earnings.