Only one today. TQQQ January 18, 50/55 call spread  which is against my leaps position in 2021.


Not much went right this week as the unusually strong bear market rally continued all week.
However, all my bear call spreads on TSLA worked for nice gains, offsetting some of the pain caused by TNA rallying too fast and forcing me into lateral rolls when I wanted to roll up.

Options Expiration for 1/18

Was able to leave a few to expire. Will look to reinitiate some positions next week.

$AAPL Jan 18 155/145 bull put spread
$AAPL Jan 18 155/150 bull put spread
$AMAT Jan 18 35 puts
$AMZN Jan 18 1400/1390 bull put spread
$AMZN Jan 18 1485/1480 bull put spread
$AMZN Jan 18 1535/1525 bull put spread
$BA Jan 18 295/290 bull put spread
$BOIL Jan 18 45 calls
$GWW Jan 18 280/270 bull put spread
$RIG Jan 18 16 calls (covered)
$SMH Jan 18 78/84/98/104 iron condor
$STX Jan 18 37 puts
$UVXY Jan 18 65/75 bear call spread
$UVXY Jan 18 65/70 bear call spread
$UVXY Jan 18 75/80 bear call spread
$UVXY2 (pre-1:5 split) 15/25 bear call spread
$VXX Jan 18 long 20 puts (full loss)
$WYNN Jan 18 100 puts

$MCD Jan 18 170/175/182.50/187.50 iron condor–should have expired but I got too cute and didn’t close out the short call side and it finished .07 in the money. So I’ll have to deal with a buy in from assignment on Tuesday morning.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Nice to see WDC running up to 39. Hope it opens here Tuesday so I get good premiums on the calls for the stock I’m about to get put.

Also getting put 300 AA with an average cost of 33 before put premiums and 100 WTW at 55 (I’m sick) which I will never break even on.

Closing TQQQ

Options ITM so closing for a profit to avoid assignment.
Bought to close $TQQQ Jan 18 45 put @ .45. Sold for 2.15 on 9/5.

SPX 1-dte, legging in

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Jan 22nd 2715/2735 call spreads for .45. Legging in as I see us going lower into the close. Will sell puts soon.



After several months of selling weekly calls, buying puts, put spreads, and put flies, I’m in the green on SSO and UPRO. TNA and TQQQ are not far behind after being deeply in the red at Christmas.