#SyntheticStock – Looks like it might be running out of gas here (as I’m typing this it’s rallying 🙂 ). Booking a small winner and looking for something with some better upside potential. these were just straight calls instead of synthetic. 37 cents per contract gain…been in and out of this ticker a few times so overall adding up nicely.

Bought to Close MGM APR 6 2018 36.5 Calls
Sold to Close MGM JAN 18 2019 35.0 Calls


MU financial report is tomorrow 3/22/2018 after closing of the market. This one usually bullish and does not move much after financial report.

#ironcondor GOOGL Followed Beef at…

#ironcondor GOOGL
Followed Beef at TT April 20, 1030/1035/1160/1165 for 1.95

SPX calls closed

#SPXcampaign I wanted to wait for Fed announcement, but this break above 2720 is too much pressure. The deeper dive I was expecting never came through, and it is expiration day. Can’t risk it any longer.

BTC $SPX March 21st 2710/2735 call spreads for 13.50. Sold for 10.20 on Monday.

CRM Long Calls / SPX Campaign

$CRM BTO 8/17 120/130 BUCS at 4.65 Expect their $MULE acquisition to be accretive.

$SPX STO 3/23 2575/2600/2800/2775 IC at 1.35 Thank you @jeffcp66

Falling knife

STO GIS, 35 puts @.51

STO, SJM, 95 puts @1.60

STO, SJM, 90 puts @1.14

#shortputs ORCL Sold April 20,…

#shortputs ORCL

Sold April 20, 46 put for .48