#ShortPuts – Losing my enthusiasm for this one. If 320 doesn’t hold there’s not much under it to stop it. Taking a small gain and waiting for earnings now.

Bought to Close BA JAN 24 2020 322.5 Put @ 2.90 (sold for 3.10)

Econ Calendar for week of 1/20/20

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 11.13.34 AM
Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 11.13.34 AM

Link to Calendar:


Making a new all time high so BTO 310/330 call spread in May for 8.95 and STO the 290 put at 13.36


FB is breaking out to a new high and earnings are on Jan. 29 so, I bought a 220/240 bull call spread for 7.65 and a March 20 expiration. To help pay for the spread I sold the 205 put at 3.34,


Bought to close 1 TSLA 01/17/2020 497.50 Call / Sold 1 TSLA 01/24/2020 512.50 Call @ 0.95 Credit + 15.0 point better strike.
Sold 1 TSLA 01/24/2020 460.00 Put @ 2.12.
This will replace this weeks 490 and 480 puts that are about to expire


Appears to be in a nice volatility squeeze without increase in volume. Looks like it could pop to the upside, but hasn’t yet.
Any ideas on how to play this, or just watch? Thoughts appreciated?

#closing #shortputs EXAS Monday I…

#closing #shortputs EXAS

Monday I sold a Feb. 21, 80 put for 2.00, bought today for 1.55.

Thanks to @jsd501 for the trade