Rolled Apr20 FAS 66 call to next week 67 call for 84 cent credit

Rolled Apr 20 SQ 51 call to next week 53 call for 16 cent credit


#SyntheticStock – Converting this one over to Jan 2019 Bull Call Spreads similar to how I did NUGT…closing the short put side of the synthetic and the disaster put (a BuPS). The stock is still above the LEAP position so a good time to do it (yesterday was even better!).

Bought to Close DG JAN 18 2019 95.0/92.5 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.05

Sold DG JAN 18 2019 115.0 Calls @ 2.75

Caps my upside well above the all time high on the stock which I’m ok with. In exchange for that I reduce the max loss and pick up a quick 1.70 towards being risk free in the position.

BTW…also did this with PYPL today but won’t bore you with the details.

FAS roll

BTC April 20, 66 call and STO May 4, 67 call for a net credit of .94 cents. This completes all of my rolls for today. I have more next Friday.

SWK earnings bomb

Sold a put ladder:
$SWK Jul 20 130 puts @ 1.50
$SWK Oct 19 115 puts @ 1.35

I was looking to sell something in June but that series won’t start trading until Monday. Will keep an eye on it and maybe add June if it keeps tanking.



STO May 4, 177.5 calls @ .35 cents and the April 20 175 calls will expire today at zero. This is my 2020 Fuzzy, 160,160,155. I put this on 10 weeks ago and have covered 18% of the cost of the trade so far.


#SyntheticStock – Mr. King of timing here again. I waited yesterday to sell calls for next week on this one, hoping to see the 200sma was gonna hold. She didn’t hold, I shoulda sold… yesterday.  STO EWW Apr27’18 53 calls for 0.16. Oh well, I only need 0.08 a week to cover a total loss on my 2020 52/52/50 synthetic position.


#Fuzzy – STO MU Apr27’18 54 calls for 0.44