Sold TSLA 08/24/2018 390.00 Calls @ 0.88. Double dip trade

WDC #fuzzy rolled the 37…

WDC #fuzzy rolled the 37 DTE 70 call down to 65 for 1.25 credit. Cb now 17.78.

Some stuff on sale now for anyone that has cash. MU down 6.1%. Most of the chips are down. IBB, LABU, XBI all down nicely.

Interesting but a lot of the triple products are not down as much as some of the individual names in the indexes.

Personally I am finding them easier to trade. Not moving all my money into them but much easier to handle a 6 point drop in LABU than a 4 point drop in MU because the premiums are so much higher easier and quicker to work back to even or profit. Usually only takes 2-6 weeks. With the lower premiums I was stuck in GM for 22 weeks, looks like WDC and MU will be long termers as well.

#earnings CREE Yesterday, sold Aug….

#earnings CREE ROKU
CREE Yesterday, sold Aug. 17 45/55 strangle for 1.31, closed this morning for .28, the way it is supposed to go.
ROKU Aug. 8, sold a 48 straddle for 9.42, earnings trade, closed today for 8.22.


STO August 24, 1730/1750 bull put spread for .65 cents. A small trade and may add to it if the market reacts to the post office report.


TUR STO 8/17/18 22.0 CALLS @.40 I was too early.
TUR STO 8/17/18 22.0 PUTS @.70 Will be glad to own them at 21.30. 2.5 days to expiration.

STZ is down 8% on…

STZ is down 8% on investment news

Reversal signal on /ES on…

Reversal signal on /ES on the new indicator, can’t post it, on a different computer. What is @fibwizard showing.