Goes XD tomorrow for 0.52 so expect a drop on the open.

To drive the point home, with the stock at 30.08 the B/A on the 30 calls is 0.28/0.31 and the 30 puts is 0.62/0.92.

I’m short the 04/09/2020 29.0 covered calls and they may get assigned tonight, although I’m not expecting that.

Sorry not sorry

So… I didn’t get top dollar for my covered calls but at least 90% of my positions are covered for this week or next.
When the DJIA goes from up 1000+ to negative 25 in just a few hours you have to count your blessings. 🙂

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX April 8th 2505/2525-2800/2820 condors for 1.25, IV: 43%, SPX 2664, deltas -.05, +.04.

Went a little farther out than usual delta-wise after yesterday’s beating.


#ShortPuts – Half size and down where I’d get a better price on a covered call roll…

Sold SPY APR 09 2020 260.0 Puts @ 1.40

QQQ iron condor

Sold $QQQ 5/15 175/180/220/225 iron condor @ 1.77

#coveredcalls M Bought 100 shares,…

#coveredcalls M

Bought 100 shares, sold May 15, 6 call for 5.18.


Partial fill – Sold ADS APR 09 2020 $45 Covered Call @ 0.45