SPX hedge

Hindsight is 20/20 of course…don’t need the #RocketManHedge (yet 🙂 ). I will continue selling aggressively against it to turn it into a profitable position anyway. I’ll roll this new sale down if needed but it’s bordering on a #TakeOneForTheTeam !

Bought to Close SPX NOV 24 2017 2575.0 Put @ .65 (sold for 4.95)

Sold SPX DEC 1 2017 2600.0 Put @ 10.50


#TakeOneForTheTeam #VXXGame – Filled on the little pop…

Bought to Close SVXY JUL 28 2017 95.0/90.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.76 (sold for 3.26)


#TakeOneForTheTeam #VXXGame – Let’s see how this goes….staying small enough to widen or add if a roll is needed. Also to partly hedge the short SVXY calls out in Jan.

Sold UVXY SEP 15 2017 35.0/40.0 Bear call spreads @ .81

SVXY adjustment

#ReverseRoll #ShortStrangles – I may let some stock go next week via the covered call route. Adjusting my August strangle to possibly get long again but also limiting risk.

Originally sold 80/180 strangle for 3.55 but starting to wonder about the 180 call so pulling the @Jeff reverse roll.

Rolled SVXY AUG 18 2017 180.0 Call to AUG 18 2017 185.0/175.0 Bull Put spread @ 2.20 credit.

Total premium received is now 5.75 on the 10 wide spread. Keeps going up it’s all good. If she tanks no matter how low it goes I’ll be in the stock at a basis 4.25 above where it’s trading at the time…lower the better if an implosion happens! Now…do I resell the call side? 🙂

#takeonefortheteam, #vxxgame


#TakeOneForTheTeam from a couple weeks ago…

Originally sold the slightly ITM 166/161 BuPS @ 3.25


Sold to Close SVXY JUL 7 2017 161.0 Put @ 5.40

This will give me the stock at a basis of 157.35. Going out two weeks to cover it using slightly ITM for some downside protection…still a possible profit of almost 5 points (4.65) while reducing basis to close to 150 (150.35)

Sold SVXY JUL 21 2017 155.0 Call @ 7.00


#TakeOneForTheTeam – Punching out of this one for a small profit…

Bought to Close SVXY JUN 16 2017 160.0/155.0 BuPS @ 2.28 (sold for 2.76)

I’ll wait until Friday for a decision on my last few shares of SVXY…(covered by 137 calls)


#ShortStrangles Sometimes to stop the insanity you have to do something insane. Time will tell if this was it…LOL

Rolled Jun monthly 160 puts up to 170 @ 7.50 credit.

Current position now 170/150 inverted @ 25.24

That’s still over a 5 dollar winner if NVDA finishes in between the strikes next week. Even if it does I may do some rolling to try and keep more of the premium. Can we classify this in the #TakeOneForTheTeam category?