#ShortPuts – Could be running up to resistance so booking the higher risk election play…

Bought to Close SPY NOV 20 2020 322.5 Put @ 1.20 (sold for 6.12)



#ShortStrangles – Wild move with the announcment of the new drug. Have to admit I didn’t know that was in the pipeline. Was short 220 puts against a 315 call (2 puts x 1 call). Closing the short call for safety and letting the short puts ride. Will look for new put sales to make up the difference.

Bought to Close BIIB NOV 6 2020 315.0 Call @ 24.25 (12.30 premium received so loss of 11.95)


DRIP dropping

150 point swing so far

#neveragain, #onlyspreads

Saudis Plan Big Oil Output…

Saudis Plan Big Oil Output Hike, Beginning All-Out Price War.

How would this affect DRIP?

Saudi Arabia plans to increase oil output next month, going well above 10 million barrels a day, as the kingdom responds aggressively to the collapse of its OPEC+ alliance with Russia.