BTC 5 MAR 18 2470/2460 PUT @0.20 Sold @0.70 on 12 Feb 2018

CMLviz (earning report on 2/8)…

CMLviz (earning report on 2/8) BTO NVDA 9 FEB 2018 Long 40 Delta call at 9.69 BTO today will close 1 day before earning (2/7)


FED no change

SPX going up mistake going down

STO SPX FEB 18 2785/2780…

STO SPX FEB 18 2785/2780 BuPS @.65
STO SPX 16 FEB 18 2795/2790 BuPS @.65

Per the prof. these are…

Per the prof. these are the points for trading SPX BuPS 100 points difference

Trade 4 weeks out
Sell BuPS on the SPX
The short put is around a delta 12
The long put is around a delta 5
Usually time trades with a 5 minute ES chart and PP’s (pivot points)
It is a known fact that the ES on normal days, moves up or down 2 PP’s
On the low, enter a trade
At the high, exit trades
Usually exit the short sides on 60-80% profit
If you have the margin, you can roll the short to the next Delta-12 in the same week
If not, exit the short for your profit
you can either sell the long back or let it expire
Then trade the next 4 week BuPS
Repeat the same strategy
Usually the BuPS can be exited within 2-3 weeks
Maximum loss SHOULD be $500

BTC SPX 23 FEB 18…

BTC SPX 23 FEB 18 2635/2535 BuPS @1.45 sold on 1/10/2018 @ 5.00

BTC SPX 23 FEB 18…

BTC SPX 23 FEB 18 2630/2530 BuPS @1.40 sold 1/10/2018 @ 5.00