I appreciate your suggestions with…

I appreciate your suggestions with this down market I have 3280/3300 BuPS expiring today, now it down in under water, it is currently at $20, what is the best action avoiding losing the $20/contract? I appreciate your input.


17 JAN 2020 3240/3220 BuPS for 0.50

SPX 1-dte

SPX 12/13/2019 BuPS, sell 3115 put, buy 3110 put for 0.25


#Earning Reverse IC expiration 11/29/2019
buy 177.5 call sell 182.5 call at 0.75 filled
buy 155 put sell 152.5 put at 0.50 but not filled yet changed to
buy 155 put sell 150 put at 0.85 filled


Reverse Iron Condor
LYFT earning Call credit spread and Put credit spread I am buying 50 selling 47 call credit at 0.66 and buy 39.5 selling 36.5 put credit spread at 0.40 with 5 point wide spread, expiring 1 NOV 2019

Anyone trading ADBE, FDX,GIS, DRI

Anyone trading ADBE, FDX,GIS, DRI

SPX 1-dte

sold 18 SEP 2019 SPX BrCS, 3040/2345 for 0.25

SPX 1-dte

Sold BuPS 2935/2930 at 0.25 expiring on 9/9/2019
Sold BuPS 2920/2890 at 0.45 expiring on 9/9/2019

SPX 1dte

Options Trade expiration 9-6-19
SPX bull put credit, sell 2920 put, buy 2900 put, premium=0.35
SPX bull put credit, sell 2930 put, buy 2915 put, premium=0.45
AMZN bull put credit, sell 1800 put, buy 1795 put, premium=0.20-0.25
GOOGL bull put credit, sell 1185 put, buy 1180 put, premium=0.20

SPX 1-dayer

SPX 2760/2755 BuPS for 0.20-0.25 for tomorrow, you can adjusted if the SPX down to yesterday low