SPX Short period

STO SPX 2535/2515 BuPS 30 NOV 2018 at $0.60
STO SPX 2750/2770 BeCS 30 NOV 2018 at $0.55

Short day BuPS and BeCS

STO SPX 19 Nov 2018 2635/2610 BuPS at 0.30
STO SPX 19 Nov 2018 2780/2795 BeCS at 0.50

Can not reply to posts

Jeff, I still can not reply to any post unless someone reply to it because I can not see the reply underneath it. Anyone has this problem?

AMZN BeCS day trading

STO AMZN 16 NOV 2018 BeCS 1640/1645 at 0.30

SPX BeCS day trading

STO SPX 16 NOV 2018 (Weekly) BeCS 2760/2765 at 0.30

Jeff all texts here sent…

Jeff all texts here sent to me by email.

I am having all text here as emails, I did not put a check mark in Notify me of new comments via email. I appreciate if you would let me know how can I fix it. Also I can not replay to comments because there are no replay under the comments. However, I can replay to comments if there are 1 or 2 replied to the comments because I can see the reply sign underneath it, but not under a message with no replay.
For example, I can not replay to your comment today:
SPX 1-dte
#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Nov 14th 2625/2645/2775/2795 condors for 1.15. Expires tomorrow. Stop is 10 points before short strikes. because there is a replay underneath it.

I only can replay to the following comment because thomberg1201 replied to Ramie comment, please see underneath:

Ramie 2 hours ago
AAPL Falling Knife
This seems safe but who knows…
Sold $AAPL Jun 21 2019 130 puts @ 1.30

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thomberg1201 an hour ago
I sure hope that is safe

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STO $SPX Nov 14, 2018…

SPX expiring tomorrow Nov 14, 2018
STO $SPX Nov 14, 2018 2785/2790 BeCS @0.25