Anyone trading ADBE, FDX,GIS, DRI

Anyone trading ADBE, FDX,GIS, DRI

SPX 1-dte

sold 18 SEP 2019 SPX BrCS, 3040/2345 for 0.25

SPX 1-dte

Sold BuPS 2935/2930 at 0.25 expiring on 9/9/2019
Sold BuPS 2920/2890 at 0.45 expiring on 9/9/2019

SPX 1dte

Options Trade expiration 9-6-19
SPX bull put credit, sell 2920 put, buy 2900 put, premium=0.35
SPX bull put credit, sell 2930 put, buy 2915 put, premium=0.45
AMZN bull put credit, sell 1800 put, buy 1795 put, premium=0.20-0.25
GOOGL bull put credit, sell 1185 put, buy 1180 put, premium=0.20

SPX 1-dayer

SPX 2760/2755 BuPS for 0.20-0.25 for tomorrow, you can adjusted if the SPX down to yesterday low

SPX 1-dte

BuPS 2885/2880 expiring 6/28/2019 for 0.25


Same to you and everyone