#ShortStrangles – One of two positions in this one. Selling short term calls against long term short puts. A welcome pullback today for a nice roll. Earnings not until late August…

Rolled ADSK JUN 22 2018 135.0 Calls to JUL 20 2018 139.0 Calls @ even

RH roll

#Earnings Like an old friend you agree can stay over for a couple nights, but ends up crashing on your couch for several weeks, $RH is back in my portfolio for awhile.

Closed $RH June 15th 146 calls for 11.90, avg price.
Sold $RH July 6th 150/155 #ShortStrangles for 12.60. I’ll manage this based on how she swings.

AAPL put

I know this is a strategy for selling calls against stock, but my love for #ShortStrangles makes me want to take advantage of weakness…

Sold $AAPL July 6th 185 put for 1.70. Already long stock and short calls at 195 and 197.5.


#ShortStrangles #LongCalls #LEAPS – A timely pullback today in this thing. Two different trades going and both sets of short calls were DITM. Selloff allowed for much better rolls to get all the positions back in the game.


Position 1:

Selling weekly calls against longer term short puts that (used to be) deep in the money. Good chance to roll the weekly calls now.

Rolled ADSK MAY 25 2018 131.0 Calls to JUN 8 2018 133.0 Calls @ .25 credit


Position 2:

Long LEAPS against short calls where short calls had gotten absolutely demolished. Using the weakness today to roll up the LEAPS and taking the credit to make a huge roll up of the weeklies.

Rolled ADSK JAN 18 2019 120.0 Calls to JAN 18 2019 130.0 Calls @ 5.90 credit
Rolled ADSK MAY 25 2018 122.0 Calls to JUN 15 2018 130.0 Calls @ 5.66 debit


Assuming no more crazy rallies in this thing the weekly calls are now back in play for further selling….

#shortstrangles ROKU Sold June 15,…

#shortstrangles ROKU

Sold June 15, 32/40 for 1.05, TastyTrade/@Fuzzball idea

#earnings #shortstrangles BBY Bought 65/75…

#earnings #shortstrangles BBY
Bought 65/75 strangle for .37, sold yesterday for 1.07

#earnings #shortstrangles BBY Sold June…

#earnings #shortstrangles BBY
Sold June 15, 65/86 strangle for 1.07, BBY is just under 76