closing SHOP

#Earnings BTC $SHOP Feb 16th 117/149 #ShortStrangles for .10. Sold yesterday for 1.85.


#ShortStrangles – Currently short June 170/510 and 180/500 strangles. These are decaying nicely so squeezing one more in. Plan is to close before next earnings unless they are looking REALLY safe.

Sold TSLA JUN 15 2018 190.0/470.0 Strangle @ 3.49

Was also looking at Sep 155/520 (highest and lowest strikes)

SHOP whew

#Earnings #ShortStrangles Lucky we got a pullback on earnings… the steady tick higher had me sweating the 149 calls, but they and the 117 puts look much better now.

SHOP earnings

#Earnings Classic earnings strangle just outside historic moves.

Sold $SHOP Feb 16th 117/149 #ShortStrangles for 1.85. Biggest UP move: 11.6%, Biggest DOWN move: -9.0%, Average move: 7.2%. My strikes are +/- 12% OTM

TSLA trade closed

#Earnings Closed $TSLA Feb 9th 310 puts for .55. In #ShortStrangles for 3.15, out for .65.

TSLA call closed

#Earnings Closed $TSLA Feb 9th 372.5 call for .10. Order in to close put for the same. #ShortStrangles sold yesterday for 3.15. I would normally let these expire but not in the volatile market.

TSLA earnings

#Earnings #shortstrangles

Sold $TSLA Feb 9th 310/372.5 strangles for 3.15. Biggest UP move: 11.2%, Biggest DOWN move: -8.9%, Average move: 5.4%. My strikes are -9.9% and +8.3% OTM.