#SPXcampaign Jeff, are you still…


Jeff, are you still holding $SPX Mar 21st 2710/2735 call spreads? I opened the 2715/2740 and just wondering what your plan was for rolling.

SVXY Scwhab shows trading halted!

Schwab shows trading halted!

KR #syntheticStock – “To Hedge…

#syntheticStock – “To Hedge or not to Hedge that is the question”

I entered the July trade 28/28/26 with a total debt 3.65 requiring 0.14 a week to cover. At the time of opening the trade I missed selling a hedge call, position started moving in the right direction so I decided to hold back, that is until Friday when I sold 02/02 31 at 0.17. The way the trade was going makes you wonder if you’re sometimes better off not to Hedge, or at which point to cover.
Would appreciate any thoughts on this.

Merry Christmas and a Happy,…

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to all

Once again Jeff, thank you for creating “Option Bistro” and all you do maintaining the site

SPX long call spread closed…

SPX long call spread closed
Sold to close SPX Dec 15th 2665/2685 LONG call spreads for 5.50, bought Dec 8th for 3.00. Will be away tomorrow and did not want to chance a pull back. Thanks Jeff

#SPXcampaign Drop in the SPX…


Drop in the SPX must be due to my aelling put spreads earlier!

#SPXcampaign Jeff, Wondering have you…


Jeff, Wondering have you rolled any of the $SPX spreads with this slight pull back? I closed too early this AM and now waiting for a spike to roll.