BYND Any news? Price down…


Any news? Price down 2.5% PM, they don’t report until market close.

Correction: They report PM, sorry about that.

WDC……Need some advice I have…

WDC……Need some advice

I have been assigned WDC short calls and was wondering what’s the best way to handle the short stock, especially now it’s running away. Hoping its not to late!


ERX Assigned short stock

Would appreciate some advice on this assignment, Presently holding 2020 36 call Leaps, was last night assigned short stock for the 21.50 underwater calls 03/22 I had sold. What would be the best way to handle these?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

MNST double double calendar

Jeff are you still holding, and what is your plan to close

MNST double double calendar

Jeff are you still holding this?

HLF and AAOI Double Cal…. Jeff

Was wondering what TOS Modeling shows about potential profit for today?

HLF Double Cal. Jeff

Was wondering what TOS Modeling shows about potential profit for today?

NTAP dub cal Possible danger…

NTAP dub cal

Possible danger of the dub cal’s! Last night I was assigned the 68 Puts.

Jeff, how do you change the font size?

#jeff SPX call spread Are…


SPX call spread
Are you still holding $SPX Dec 7th 2720/2745 call spreads?

Not sure if there is…

Not sure if there is anything wrong with the site or is it just no posts? Last one was 2 hours ago.

$MamaCash………Lophirs Trying to get my…


Trying to get my head around these and would appreciate if you could explain a couple of points!
Are these similar to long condor spreads but opened with a credit?
Assume max profit is the credit received, if not how is the target profit calculated?

I followed your UNH trade for 2.25 (only one as test)

$Hegdavis WDC WDC, keeps going…


WDC, keeps going down. Converted to LEAP #fuzzy earlier in week. Was trying to roll to next week at 70 but because of the internet issues it somehow rolled to 66. Ok so took in a lot of cash but then the internet went down for a few hours. Of course during that time WDC reversed so was losing $ on the new trade and deltas were already flat. So rolled out to 43 DTE and up to 70. Took in 1.32 on the 66 call but had to buy them back and roll for 1.02 debit. So anyway after all that, now have the 60 LEAP 70 43 DTE call spread for cost basis of 19.03. If we rebound will buy back 2-3 of the short calls to let it run. Break below 65 will collar it to prevent further losses. As long as it stays 65-70 should break even in about 6-8 weeks.

As WDC is starting to break below 65, at which point would you consider a collar? Just closed out the short 08/17 70 @ 0.05 so just holding the 60 LEAP. Would appreciate your advise with this.

$MamaCash Are you sill holding…


Are you sill holding Supercharger NVDA for 08/17. I’m holding the 240/245 which I bought for 3.35. It just never seems to move into profit! Or am I missing something?


fuzzballl Is there a secret…

Is there a secret to getting back on track when a short call gets run over?
ERX as an example. It appears that every time I sell or roll a call against my 2020 Leaps the market takes off, glad these are ratio’s although the negative numbers keep adding up.

#pietrade Assigned MU at cost…


Assigned MU at cost basis of 57.70. Still dropping PM!

#Fuzzballl #SyntheticStock I am holding…



I am holding #SyntheticStock position in $CELG. 105/105/100 for July. Last night I was assigned the 105 Puts.
I was still in the process of covering max loss by selling Calls and would have achieved this if the roof had not fallen in!

Would appreciate your thought’s on the the best way to handle this.

#fuzzy, #pietrades

Fuzzballl….XLY Fussballl, did you originally…


@fuzzballl, did you originally hold XLY as a synthetic stock and if so have you converted to #Long Calls #Leaps?

I’m presently holding Jan 2019 101/101/99 and am tempted to convert. Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

#SPXcampaign Jeff, are you still…


Jeff, are you still holding $SPX Mar 21st 2710/2735 call spreads? I opened the 2715/2740 and just wondering what your plan was for rolling.

SVXY Scwhab shows trading halted!

Schwab shows trading halted!

KR #syntheticStock – “To Hedge…

#syntheticStock – “To Hedge or not to Hedge that is the question”

I entered the July trade 28/28/26 with a total debt 3.65 requiring 0.14 a week to cover. At the time of opening the trade I missed selling a hedge call, position started moving in the right direction so I decided to hold back, that is until Friday when I sold 02/02 31 at 0.17. The way the trade was going makes you wonder if you’re sometimes better off not to Hedge, or at which point to cover.
Would appreciate any thoughts on this.

Merry Christmas and a Happy,…

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to all

Once again Jeff, thank you for creating “Option Bistro” and all you do maintaining the site

SPX long call spread closed…

SPX long call spread closed
Sold to close SPX Dec 15th 2665/2685 LONG call spreads for 5.50, bought Dec 8th for 3.00. Will be away tomorrow and did not want to chance a pull back. Thanks Jeff

#SPXcampaign Drop in the SPX…


Drop in the SPX must be due to my aelling put spreads earlier!

#SPXcampaign Jeff, Wondering have you…


Jeff, Wondering have you rolled any of the $SPX spreads with this slight pull back? I closed too early this AM and now waiting for a spike to roll.

#Early Assignment Jeff, I have…

#Early Assignment

Jeff, I have been assigned the AAPL 150 Calls, making me short the stock, would appreciate your thoughts on the best way to handle these. Is it best to just close out and take the loss or hold for a drop in price?

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX…

Sold to Open $SPX June 30th 2310/2285 put spreads for 1.35, with SPX at 2412.
Sold to Open $SPX June 30th 2470/2495 call spreads for 1.40, with SPX at 2415.
BTC $SPX June 14th 2430/2455 call spreads for 4.85 Sold for 3.75 May 24th. Rolled to June 21st 2435/2460 for 5.35

#SPXcampaign Jeff when you trade…

#SPXcampaign Jeff when you trade a #RiskReversal do you still use the same number of contracts as when placing normal spreads? Is the reason for using a 20×25 spread to achieve the correct cover? Hope I have not confused you.

I tried to comment straight on to your post but it came back as needing approval?

#SPXcampaign Jeff, Noticed you still…

Jeff, Noticed you still have $SPX May 1st 2390/2415 open! Is the plan to hold or close out today and roll? I was just curious as I closed yesterday for 4.70.

VIX Indicator Jeff, Not sure…

VIX Indicator

Jeff, Not sure how you come up with 14.96 (50% above 2/1 low). Appreciate if you can post the start and finish points on the fibonacci retaracement.

Merry Christmas Thank you to…

Merry Christmas

Thank you to all members, have a safe and peaceful Holiday.

Special thank you to Jeff for creating “Option Bistro” and the continued hard work you put into the site.

SPX heavy #SPXcampaign Jeff, reference…

SPX heavy
#SPXcampaign Jeff, reference your Friday posting, would appreciate if time allows you would post your SPX rolls. Very rough week and also very short with call spreads, trying to hang on for the inevitable pullback.

#SPXcampaign Jeff what criteria do…

#SPXcampaign Jeff what criteria do you set for price and time when rolling a closed out position?
As yesterday was heart stopping action with the market moving so fast, I find it difficult to know what to use for a roll out and stay relatively safe!

VIX Getting hammered pre-market 07:00…

Getting hammered pre-market 07:00 Hrs

$NOW Jeff did you still…

Jeff did you still hold NOW? Big bounce this AM following earnings.

VIX Indicator… Jeff would appreciate…

VIX Indicator… Jeff would appreciate if you would explain how the Tuesday levels are 19.20 and 19.50 as I thought it was 25% above previous days close.