NTAP dub cal Possible danger…

NTAP dub cal

Possible danger of the dub cal’s! Last night I was assigned the 68 Puts.

Jeff, how do you change the font size?

#jeff SPX call spread Are…


SPX call spread
Are you still holding $SPX Dec 7th 2720/2745 call spreads?

Not sure if there is…

Not sure if there is anything wrong with the site or is it just no posts? Last one was 2 hours ago.

$MamaCash………Lophirs Trying to get my…


Trying to get my head around these and would appreciate if you could explain a couple of points!
Are these similar to long condor spreads but opened with a credit?
Assume max profit is the credit received, if not how is the target profit calculated?

I followed your UNH trade for 2.25 (only one as test)

$Hegdavis WDC WDC, keeps going…


WDC, keeps going down. Converted to LEAP #fuzzy earlier in week. Was trying to roll to next week at 70 but because of the internet issues it somehow rolled to 66. Ok so took in a lot of cash but then the internet went down for a few hours. Of course during that time WDC reversed so was losing $ on the new trade and deltas were already flat. So rolled out to 43 DTE and up to 70. Took in 1.32 on the 66 call but had to buy them back and roll for 1.02 debit. So anyway after all that, now have the 60 LEAP 70 43 DTE call spread for cost basis of 19.03. If we rebound will buy back 2-3 of the short calls to let it run. Break below 65 will collar it to prevent further losses. As long as it stays 65-70 should break even in about 6-8 weeks.

As WDC is starting to break below 65, at which point would you consider a collar? Just closed out the short 08/17 70 @ 0.05 so just holding the 60 LEAP. Would appreciate your advise with this.

$MamaCash Are you sill holding…


Are you sill holding Supercharger NVDA for 08/17. I’m holding the 240/245 which I bought for 3.35. It just never seems to move into profit! Or am I missing something?


fuzzballl Is there a secret…

Is there a secret to getting back on track when a short call gets run over?
ERX as an example. It appears that every time I sell or roll a call against my 2020 Leaps the market takes off, glad these are ratio’s although the negative numbers keep adding up.