YM Trade

Opening gap trade this morning.
STO 20918 at 6:32am
Placed an OCO order with stop at 20938 and profit target at 20865 (3 pts above the PP)
Target filled at 6:50am. 53 points in 18 minutes. I’ll take it.


#futures My accounts were just approved to trade futures. I’ll start paper trading the /ES and /YM and learn from @fibwizard, @fuzzballl, @vxxkelly and everyone else before I put real money on the line.

Options Trading Education/Training Advice

As someone who is fairly new to options trading I would like some advice to further improve my basic knowledge of trading options and become a more successful trader. What books, training courses, etc would you recommend for a beginner/novice trader? Thank you.
#newbies #optionstraining #optionseducation


@fibwizard Can you email me the Joe DiNapoli Fib level trading doc? shane.mcginnis@comcast.net Thank you


STO FSLR Nov 18 2016 32.5 put @ 1.05. I’m willing to have the stock assigned to me and start selling covered calls.

QCOM #earnings

Is anyone placing a Qualcomm earnings trade? Nov 4 62.5/67.5/67.5/72.5 Iron Fly is 2.81. Stock is trading at 67.45 with a 2.5 expected move. Good trade or bad trade?

AAPL Earnings

BTC 10/28 112/118/118/124 Iron Fly @ 2.80. 1 day profit of $133.