One of the few stocks that’s up right now. STO Mar20 6 put for .53


STO Mar20 (3 DTE) 100 put in an IRA for 9.00 with the stock at 108. I could have waited for a couple minutes and gotten a better fill. But I chased it a bit.


An “are you kidding me” trade. STO Mar20 75 put for 1.80, immediate fill. 27 delta with 4 days to expiration, 78 IV, 110 IVR. 78 IV for a yute? AYFKM?


XLU has an IV of 51 and is yielding over 3%. A basket of utes with an IV like a tech stock? The 40 month EMA (54.08) or the middle BB on the monthly chart has been support since 2010. Adding to my existing long position. STO Apr17 57 put at 2.14.


IV is at 42, more like a tech stock. IV rank is 237. Speechless.


Crazy (?) pricing on puts. Rolled OXY Mar6 33.50 puts to Mar13 33 puts for .41 credit. Fifty cent lower strike for 5 days with the stock at 27. Keeping the dream alive another week.

DAL #shortput

STO DAL Apr17 40 put for 1.83 for an IRA. IVR is 93. If assigned at this level, the div. yield would be 4%.