VIX to SPX Coorelation

I just noticed the coorelation has popped above the zero line for the first time since the beginning of the month-long market pullback last May.

Long BA

Two days to expiration. STO BA Jan10 320 put for 2.65.

Betting on Higher Vol.

STO VIX Jan22 13.5 Puts @ .75

#LittleRocketMan and the VIX is at the low end of its range.


This biotech has a shockingly high IV of 290 and a 92 IVR. 😀 STO 1 Dec20 25 put (8 delta) for 1.30. The bid/ask is stupid wide.

LULU Earnings

BTC LULU Dec13 215 Put @ 1.15. Opened yesterday afternoon at 2.28

Rolling NUGT

BTC NUGT Jan 03 25.5 Puts (55% winner), STO Jan 17 25 put for .38cr


VIX / SPX Correlation

The #VIX to SPX correlation is the highest it has been since we had the month-long decline in May. Today’s correlation is -.18. As a point of reference, the correlation hit the zero line a day or 2 before the onset of the May decline. Conversely, the correlation pretty much bounces between -.75 and the -1.00 floor during rallies. As with all indicators, it doesn’t have a perfect track record either. But I’m getting cautious and increasing my cash position.