FB Short Puts Close Early / Covered Call ALRM AAXN/ AMZN Calls Closed

Closed Early
$FB BTC 8/17/155/165 BUPS at .05 STO at 1.80 on 7/26

$ALRM STO 8/17 52.5 calls at .25
$AAXN STO 8/17 65 calls at .40
Looking to empty my positions while making dinner money.

$AMZN STC 8/17 1820 calls at 97 BTO at 68. Still have a few left. I probably should have closed them all.


Catching up on posting from the last 7 days…

TODAY (Monday)
Sold $AAPL Aug 24th 202.5 #CoveredCalls for 7.00. This replaces the Aug 17th 202.5 calls I closed last week for 7.40, to avoid being called away on the ex-div date. I’m rolling ITM calls after earnings trade got breached.
Sold $SQ Aug 24th 76 call for 1.25, and Aug 31st 76 calls for 1.23

Sold $PYPL Aug 31st 90 calls for 1.10. A roll-up from Aug 24th 87.5 calls stopped last week.

Sold $MU Aug 24th 53 covered call for .85. #PieTrades

#Rolling #StrangleRoll $TSLA Aug 17th 332.5 calls to Aug 17th 332.5/335 strangles for .65 credit. Will roll soon to avoid early assignment.

#Earnings Bought $YELP Aug 10th 38.5 #LongStraddles for 4.94. Sold the calls next day for 9.95. This trade usually works on YELP.

Stopped $FB Aug 24th 187.5 covered calls for 3.85. Rolled to Aug 31st 180/195 strangles for 3.83. Looks like I got stopped at the top. #CoveredCallCampaign.

#PieTrades Rolled $AMAT Aug 10th 46.5 covered call to Aug 17th 46.5 for .30 credit.

#VXXGame Closed $VXX Sep 21st 50 call for .46. Sold for 5.65 on April 17th.

#shortputs This morning rolled my…

This morning rolled my Aug 10th 37 Puts out to Aug 31st for .90 credit.
Sold TWTR 34 Calls at .15 Slowly chipping away at the basis.

OLED covered call

#CoveredCalls Sold $OLED Aug 17th 120 covered call for 2.00

WTW Earnings

#Earnings #CoveredCalls – My final adjustment. I’ll be taking stock at a basis of 79.16. I’m a little bearish thinking this thing is headed for the 200ma. Selling my covered calls ITM a couple weeks out for max downside protection while lowering my basis quite a bit.

Bought to Close WTW AUG 10 2018 80.0 Calls @ .12

Sold WTW AUG 24 2018 75.0 Calls @ 4.13

Stock basis now 75.15 covered with 75 strike calls. I’ll be able to let the stock go near even or roll one more time for a small profit. If it keeps dropping I’ll keep selling slightly ITM until we see a bounce…


#ShortPuts, #Coveredcalls
Rolled my Aug 64 Put out and up to Aug 17th 65 Put for .55 credit
Covered NUGT with Aug 17th 22 Calls
Covered MU with Aug 17th 55 Calls
Sold to open AAOI Aug 17th 40 Puts @ .88.

MTN DBX CRM Covered Calls / FB Short Puts / Rolled KEM Short Puts

$MTN STO 8/17 290 call at 2.00
$DBX STO 8/17 31.5 call at 1.00
$CRM STO 8/10 144 call at .70

$FB STO 9/17 60/180 BUPS at 3.70

$KEM BTC 8/17 27 put and STO 9/21 27 put at additional .60