ROKU #coveredcalls Rolled my June…

ROKU #coveredcalls Rolled my June 22nd 44.5 call out and up to June 29th 46 call for .10 credit.

#coveredcalls Bought to close my…

#coveredcalls Bought to close my June 22nd 48 Call @ .03. Sold yesterday for .35. I will cover with June 29th call if there is a bounce. TWTR looks to be forming a high base. Day 6 in this range. Volume has tapered off after the breakout.

Covered Calls

Stopped $FB June 29th 200 call for 3.45, Sold for 1.90 on June 1st.
Closed $FB June 29th 185 put for .23. Sold for 2.00 on May 31st

Sold FB July 20th 190 put for 1.60
Sold FB July 20th 210 call for 2.00.

Yesterday, stopped $AAPL July 6th 185 put for 2.85. Sold for 1.70 on June 8th.
Today, closed AAPL July 6th 197.5 call for .18. Sold for 1.90 on June 4th.
sold AAPL July 20th 180 put for 1.44.
Will sell new #CoveredCalls at highs.


#Coveredcalls Bought to close my June 22nd short Call @ .42. Sold Friday for 1.42.
DBX Mia culpa. Closed yesterday 1 of my June 22 31 short calls at 12.09. Whaaa! Brain fart. Somedays…..

SQ strangle

#LEAPs #syntheticcoveredcall. Sold $SQ July 20th 62/71 strangles for 2.81, as a roll from yesterday’s stopped calls.

Also, #CoveredCallCampaign
Closed on GTC order: $BABA June 22nd 215 #CoveredCalls for .20. Sold for 2.00 in May.

Morning All

#coveredcalls Sold June 22nd 26 Calls @ .18 when NUGT was at 24.63 against my long stock. Basis on the long stock is down to 25.

#CoveredCalls Rolled TWTR June 15th…

Rolled TWTR June 15th 45 C out and up to June 22nd 45 C for .17 credit.