#CoveredCalls – Did pretty good overall in containing my whipsaw risk. Only problem is the big recovery in WTW. I got a little too aggressive yesterday selling the next batch of covered calls to help with downside protection. I sure didn’t see this kind of bounce coming.

Covering the overwriting now strictly for risk protection in the event rally mode continues next week…

Bought to Close WTW OCT 12 2018 68.0 Calls @ .25 (sold for 1.89)

A few trades

BTC $GUSH Dec 57 call for .75. Sold in May and July for 5.35 (avg price)
BTC $DUST Nov 16th 60 call for .15. Sold for 1.95 on Sep 5th.

STO $UVXY March 95 call for 10.15

BTC $PVTL Oct 19th 20 covered calls for .05. Sold for .45 last week.


#CoveredCalls – Continuing to sell these around my breakeven level….

Sold WTW OCT 26 2018 65.0 Calls @ 2.15

#Coveredcalls NUGT Sold Oct 19th…

#Coveredcalls NUGT Sold Oct 19th 14 Calls @ .25 when NUGT hit 12.78


#CoveredCalls – Right down to the wire. Took the stock with a basis near 80 but aggressive weekly selling has kept the position at near even all the way down.

Bought to Close WTW OCT 5 2018 68.0 Calls @ .39 (sold for 3.23)

Sold WTW OCT 12 2018 68.0 Calls @ 1.89

That’s it for my week. Have a great weekend everyone!

PVTL covered calls

#CoveredCalls Sold to Open $PVTL Oct 19th 20 calls for .45.

#coveredcalls Legged into Bought ERX…

#coveredcalls Legged into Bought ERX @ 39.80. Sold Oct 19th 41 Call @ 1.10 when ERX hit 40.19