#Earnings #CoveredCalls #ShortPuts – A few more in this one…

Bought to Close NVDA FEB 15 2019 150.0 Put @ .01 (sold for 4.50)
Sold NVDA MAR 15 2019 145.0 Put @ 2.46

Rolled a covered call out a few weeks…

Rolled NVDA FEB 15 2019 148.0 Call to MAR 08 2019 150.0 Call @ 1.50 credit (picking up 3.50 of upside)

Final Trades and Expirations

#Earnings Sold to close $UAA Feb 15th 21 calls for .16. This was a sad one; bought the #LongStraddle for 2.50… the swings this week afforded opportunities to cut the loss to less than half, but my orders barely missed getting filled again and again. So although I did sell a few for 1.60, the stock ended the week right at my strike… not good for a long straddle!

#CoveredCalls #Assignment $PVTL stock called away via 18 and 19 calls. This was a September earnings trade, was assigned at 22.50 and through multiple rounds of covered calls I’m exiting at about break-even.

#DoubleCalendar Taking assignment of $NTAP stock, cost basis 64.79.

#IronCondor Closed $DECK short 145 calls for 1.30. Was able to exit some at .50 and .20, so overall this trade will be a small winner or a small loser across my accounts. Condor sold for .86 on Jan 31st.

Rolling TQQQ and NFLX

#longleaps #syntheticcoveredcalls
$TQQQ BTC 2/15 48.5 calls and STO 3/1 50 calls for additional .30 credit. Seemed to be rolling a lot more than I thought. Good exercise I suppose.

$NFLX BTC 2/15 350 calls and STO 2/22 362.50 calls for 4.60 debit. But would gain 12.50 if called away.
$NFLX looked strong today. Stock at 359.97.


#CoveredCalls – Out the rest of the week so need to roll these today. Can’t get a pullback so doing best I can. This is definitely the downside of covered calls when profits are blocked. Can’t go up forever so at least some nice hedges for pullbacks. All covered calls…

SOXL: This one hurts with a basis of 72 covered at 95 and stock at 122. Uugh!
Rolled SOXL FEB 15 2019 95.0 Calls to MAR 15 2019 97.0 Calls @ .20 credit

Too many to list. Most are ok and a couple DITM

Rolled TQQQ FEB 15 2019 40.0 Calls to APR 18 2019 42.0 Calls @ .10 debit

Rolled WYNN FEB 15 2019 110.0 Call to JUN 21 2019 115.0 Call @ 1.63 credit
Rolled WYNN FEB 15 2019 120.0 Call to MAR 22 2019 124.0 Call @ .40 credit


#CoveredCalls – Meant to roll this sooner but forgot about it. Exercised early on a call for this Friday. Unfortunately I sold it in the hole figuring the market wouldn’t rally to ridiculous levels. Exercised at 45 with a basis of 63 so an 18 point loss.

To replace this position: (exercised on 1 but selling 2 to keep the new puts at reasonable levels)

Sold 2 TNA JUL 19 2019 65.0 Puts @ 9.50

If the stock continues up the entire position is a 50 cent winner. If it implodes I’ll have the shares at a 64.50 basis which seems reasonable given the circumstances.


#LongCalls #LEAPS #ShortPuts #CoveredCalls – A few odds and ends yesterday. A great week for NVDA and earnings coming next week.

Bought to Close NVDA FEB 08 2019 150.0 Call @ .05 (covered sold for 4.70)
Sold NVDA FEB 15 2019 148.0 Call @ 4.90 (covered)
Bought to Close NVDA FEB 08 2019 145.0 Put @ .05 (sold for 2.51) I’ll sell again before Thur earnings

STX: Rolling picking up another .75 of upside
Rolled STX FEB 08 2019 41.0 Calls to MAR 08 2019 41.5 Calls @ .25 credit

UVXY: Selling diagonals against free March 90 short calls. Not as risky as it looks with ITM short puts helping.
Sold UVXY FEB 22 2019 57.5 Calls @ 1.23

WTW: Selling new positions very carefully as whipsaw risk increases and stock is 74 percent off recent highs. Earnings still a couple weeks away. Sales seem small but are twice what I need so could still become a nice winner eventually.

Bought to Close WTW FEB 15 2019 35.5 Calls @ .05 (sold for .30)
Sold WTW MAR 1 2019 39.0 Calls @ .30

Expiration / Closed Early BA BUPS and GS BECS / TSLA BECS / NFLX Sell Calls

$NFLX 355 Short call (Covered)
$DATA 115/145 Strangle Earnings trade STO at 2.56. Thank you @jeffcp66 for the data on $DATA.

Closed Early
$BA BTC 2/15 372.50/377.50 BUPS at .20. STO at 1.38 on 1/31 after earnings. Thesis the airplane company would stay up.
$GS BTC 2/15 205/215 BECS at .05. STO at 1.75 on 1/22

$TSLA STO 3/15/2019 335/325 BECS at 3.00 Bridget at OMM
$NFLX STO 2/15 350 calls at $6.00