Sold GIS 07/20/2018 47.50 Put @ 4.10.
I was already short some of these and was going to allow assignment while I waited for the stock to recover.
This trade brings my average premium per option up to 3.01 and sets my breakeven on the stock at 44.50 once I get assigned.
Annual Dividend Yield 4.43% and the next earnings report is not until September


Bought to close NFLX 07/20/2018 480.00 Call @ 0.01. It won’t trade any lower.
This was the short side of a 480/520 Bear Call Spread sold on July 9 @ 2.1o Credit.
Getting 4K in buying power back in this IRA for a couple of more #Earnings trades before Friday.


Sold SVXY 07/27/2018 14.00 Covered Calls @ 0.20
Sold SVXY 08/03/2018 14.00 Covered Calls @ 0.30


Sold TSLA 07/20/2018 280.00 Put @ 1.18. Happier with this strike price than the one earlier.

AMZN – Pre-earnings Bear Call Spread

Sold AMZN 07/20/2018 1915.00 Call/ Bought AMZN 07/20/2018 2000.00 Call @ 1.10 Credit.

AMZN has confirmed that earnings will be announced 07/26/2018. With 40 analysts covering AMZN, the consensus EPS estimate is $2.50, and the high and low estimates are $3.09 and $1.53, respectively.
Expected Timing: After close

JMHO but that is a pretty wide range for earnings estimates. Could suggest a lot of potential volatility on earnings day.


Sold TSLA 07/20/2018 285.00 Put @ 1.07. I’m long some longer term Puts and short several Bear Call Spreads.
You could do substantially better now and I would drop down a strike price for safety if selling now


Sold DUST 08/03/2018 28.00 Covered Calls @ o.40. You could do better now