$UVXY – Below the NYSE…

$UVXY – Below the NYSE CLOSE – Near 15
Attempted to buy some stock at 14 to hedge a short call …. Didn’t get it and UVXY is back up to 26.
The broker is selling me out

$SVXY NAV updated to $3.96…

$SVXY NAV updated to $3.96 on their site: http://www.proshares.com/funds/svxy.html
I don’t know if this means it will resume trading or not

#VXXGame – with the Dow…

#VXXGame – with the Dow average down 1600 points and the VIX at 35.73, all my accounts ran out of buying power.
I have puled all my open orders to establish new positions.

The silver lining is that in the coming days much higher strike prices will be added to almost all the expiration dates for UVXY. That will potentially set up some nice trades, even of the VIX goes back down to 15 where it belongs.

As things sit right now I will be adding to my SVXY long stock position on Friday and rolling some UVXY Calls forward and up.

But Friday is a long way off 🙂

$SVXY #ShortPuts #IRA – extending…

$SVXY #ShortPuts #IRA – extending an existing #OptionLadder
Sold 1 SVXY MAR 16 2018 60.0 Put @ 1.50
Sold 1 SVXY MAR 23 2018 60.0 Put @ 2.05

$UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame – a…

$UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame – a couple of more
Sold UVXY FEB 9 2018 20.0 Calls @ 0.87 – Expires Friday
Sold UVXY FEB 16 2018 35.0 Calls @ 0.43

$KR #ShortPuts – Sold KR…

$KR #ShortPuts – Sold KR APR 20 2018 25.0 Puts @ 0.43

$SWN #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – a…

$SWN #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – a shorter term speculation
Sold SWN MAR 2 2018 4.0 Puts @ 0.30