#ShortCalls – Really trying to stir things up now. Selling calls as UVXY hits lifetime lows. Still outside the expected move and against more puts so hope they take some heat.

Sold UVXY NOV 8 2019 25.0 Calls @ .72

$SPX Closed Early / GLOB Put / HIIQ Calls Rolled

$SPX BTC 10/21 3035/3060 BECS at .60. STO 10/11 at 4.72. Thank you @Ramie. The put side of the IC still open.

$GLOB STO 11/15 90 put at 2.80. Tip of the hat to @Ramie

$HIIQ BTC 11/15 28 calls and STO 12/20 30 calls for added .15 debit.. Since September it has cost me $1.65 to roll from $20 covered call to current $30 covered call. Stock appears headed up. Stock now at 26.78.


#ContangoETFs #ShortCalls – Now that’s a pretty red bar!


#ShortCalls – I’ve been real good this year about avoiding these kinds of stocks that make no sense…(see Iceman’s post below)…but couldn’t help myself. Giving back a couple of my earnings trades winners here and walking away. Could be at 90 or 290 by Friday so see ya! Lesson learned.

Bought to Close BYND JUN 21 2019 190.0 Call @ 9.60 (sold for 1.60)

Options Expiration

#spxcampaign #spx1dte
$SPX 2840/2820/2915/2930 IC. Sold for .90. Thank you @jeffcp66

$CLX 160 call. Covered. Sold stock at same time. Gathering shekels while I may.
$LABU 46 call

Happy Father’s Day and a wonderful weekend for all.


#ShortCalls – My first trade in this thing. May add a put on any weakness. Expected move of about 23 points next week.

Sold BYND JUN 21 2019 190.0 Call @ 1.60

SFLY WK Roll Calls / BURL AMD Covered Calls / BA Roll down Short Calls

$SFLY BTC 5/17 45 call and STO 5/17 42.50 call for 1.60 added credit. Plan is to have stock taken away.
$WK BTC 5/17 55 call and STO 6/21 60 call at .30 credit.
$BURL STO 5/17 160 call at 1.70. Again, want the stock taken away. Please nobody acquire it tonight. 😉
$AMD STO 5/17 27.50 call at .47. Thank you @honkhonk81

$BA BTC 5/17 400 call and STO 5/24 360 call at .95 credit. Sold against long leaps.