#ShortCalls – If I can get that much of it in less than a week I’ll take it…

Bought to Close UVXY DEC 21 2018 95.0 Call @ 3.19 (sold for 8.25 last Thursday)

#shortcalls #closing UVXY October 12,…

#shortcalls #closing UVXY
October 12, followed Jeff and sold a Jan. 95 call for 7.45, bought today on the market rally for 4.64. Thanks Jeff.


#ShortCalls – One small sale against some put spreads. Looking to add one more on a bounce and staying just prior to earnings. Other than that, a slow day.

Sold REGN NOV 2 2018 410.0 Call @ 2.50


#ShortCalls – Bought to Close OLED OCT 19 2018 130.0 Call @ .05 (sold for 2.05)

AMZN Calls / TSLA Strangle Unstrangled

$AMZN BTC 10/5 2012.50 call and STO 10/12 2020 call at extra $9 plus $7.50 is called away.
$TSLA BTC 10/5 322.5 calls at .65 STO 9/26 at 5.42 as part of strangle. Thank you @jeffcp66


#ShortPuts #LongPuts #ShortCalls – Yes I am still in this. Short DITM puts out in Jan 2020. In the meantime trading around it. On the last spike bought a double size batch of disaster puts where the overall position would actually make more if the stock went to zero. With the stock making a big beautiful double bottom today I’m taking some nice gains on the long puts.

Sold to Close 10 AAOI JAN 17 2020 22.5 Puts @ 5.35 (bought for 2.35)

Taking some of those profits and buying shorter term disaster puts to get through next earnings and a possible confirmation of today’s bounce. I’ll decide what to do with these after earnings. Hopefully the stock will bounce and I can close these new ones for the residual value and maybe reload on the next top.

Bought to Open 10 AAOI JAN 18 2019 20.0 Puts @ 1.35

Pocketing the 1.65 gain for now which equates to a 3.30 basis improvement on the DITM puts.



Rolled Again
$GOOGL BTC 10/5 1190/1210 BUPS and STO 10/19 1190/1210 BUPS at 1.47 extra credit. Earnings after expiration.

$CRON STO 10/5 12.50 calls at .50 Covered
$AMZN STO 10/5 2012.5 calls at 27.00 Sold against 10/19 1900 calls. Earnings 10/25

Closed Early
$BA STC 10/19 350/370 BUCS at 17 .00 BTO 9/12 at 8.13
$VRSN BTO 11/16 160/165 BUCS at 2.41