#BullPutSpreads – Closing a position that I’m very happy to be out of with a profit. This was a #ReverseRoll of some short calls that were in trouble some time ago. Tired of looking at it as well…LOL

Bought SVXY JAN 19 2018 105.0/95.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 2.40 (sold for 3.15)

These were 10 wide but still holding some that are 5 wide that wouldn’t bother me if they got in trouble since they’re a lot lower risk which were also reverse rolls… (100/95 @ 3.60)


#BullPutSpreads – It’s recovered back above the 21 ema. Playing for a bounce up to the 50ma resistance. Low risk high reward…risk 24 to make 226.

Sold TEVA OCT 20 2017 22.5/20.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 2.26


#Earnings #ShortStrangles #BullPutSpreads – Closed this the day of the announcement whenever that was…

Bought to Close URI JUL 21 2017 114.0/128.0 Strangle @ .45 (sold for 2.45)
Bought to Close URI JUL 21 2017 120.0/115.0 Bull Put Spread @ .33 (sold for 2.25)


#BullPutSpreads – This got profitable so quickly I feel like I’ve gotta take some off. Missed my best chance yesterday on the spike up but I’ll take it.

Bought to Close AAOI JUL 28 2017 90.0/80.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 3.25 (sold for 6.25)

#OffTopic -Barely getting online through phone tethering but hanging in there. Plug and outlet on motorhome melted (no fire thankfully) and plug is getting repaired today. Crazy night up at 2am changing out the cord…LOL Just another day in paradise! I’ll be catching up on my postings at some point…


#BullPutSpreads – Just for fun…can’t get hurt too bad with a small position. Sold the week before #Earnings .

Sold AAOI JUL 28 2017 90.0/80.0 Bull put spreads @ 6.25


#BullPutSpreads #ShortStrangles – Skimming through my positions…way too much going on in EWZ. Played the bounce so thinning things out.

Bought to Close EWZ JUN 30 2017 32.0/38.0 Strangles @ .46 (sold for 1.12)
Bought to Close EWZ JUL 21 2017 35.0/30.0 Bull put spreads @ 1.51 (sold for 2.40)


#IRA #BullPutSpreads – Nearing recent highs so unloading this one…

Bought to Close Apr 21 2017 28/25 Bull Put Spreads @ .60 (sold for 1.60)