#BullPutSpreads – Whiz trade…

Sold AMZN SEP 28 2018 1960.0/1950.0 Bull Put Spread @ 3.32


#BullPutSpreads – This is a Whiz trade that he put on when AMZN was trading slightly above 1800. I didn’t get filled that day but when AMZN dipped well below 1800 I sold the same strikes but ITM. He called the bounce and he sure was right this time. I’ve been experimenting with some of his trades with one lots just to get used to the style. I may ramp up the volume a little eventually.

Bought to Close AMZN AUG 17 2018 1800.0/1797.5 BuPS @ .15 (sold for 1.31)

#bullputspreads AMZN and NVDA are…


AMZN and NVDA are not working well today for my #bullputspreads. I am always having difficulties with spreads vs. naked puts.

How do you manage your spreads, do you let them run, because of capped loss, or do you close them at 1-2 times the premium received?

I have
NVDA Jun22 -257.50/+252.50 sold @ 0.63
AMZN Jun29 -1690/+1680 sold @1.00

What is your approach?

#bullputspreads Closed my AMZN June…

#bullputspreads Closed my AMZN June 15th 1580/1600 BuPS for 0.25. Originally opened 6/5 for 1.04.

Afternoon all

#shortputs Sold ROKU 37 Puts @ .45 when ROKU was at 38.05 this morning.
AMZN Sold to open June 15th 1580/1600 @ 1.04 when AMZN was at 1683.
Closed the June 8th 1585 / 1650 @ .20 Opened it yesterday @ .45
#LEAPS Sold my ERX 2020 36 Call @ 10.96 for a small gain. I have struggled to manage this effectively and decided to take it off. Especially after Jeff’s reminder of pricing on 3X ETFs.
#spxcampaign Closed my June 15th 2565/ 2585 BuPS for .25. Originally sold for 1.15.


#BullPutSpreads – Closing the short side of BuPS sales that I sold to finance Jan 2019 BePS. I’ll leave the long side and maybe get lucky next week.

Bought to Close VXX APR 6 2018 40.5 Puts @ .05 (sold spread for .47)


#SyntheticStock #LongCalls #BearPutSpreads #BullPutSpreads – Selling what I didn’t get a chance to on Friday. Glad I waited on these. Going out another week to take advantage of the entire 3 day weekend…

Sold CRUS APR 6 2018 43.5 Calls @ .50

Sold REGN APR 6 2018 340.0 Calls @ 2.11

Sold VXX APR 6 2018 40.5/37.5 Bull Put Spreads @ .47