PACW put spread

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Sold this $PACW Apr 21st 15/10 put spread for 3.70 on March 17th, and it fizzled out, failing to get above 11 until yesterday. I was on a plane when it peaked at 11.71 so didn’t close. Last night, ASSIGNED on the short puts on over half of the spreads. Today, looking to close remaining SPREADS for 3.50, breakeven covering commissions. Also will look to sell stock if we get over 11.50, which would be effectively the same. Earnings are next week so no interest in holding on to the stock longer.

PACW bull put spread

#speculation #bullputspreads My first non-SPX trade in many months…

Sold to Open $PACW April 21st 15/10 put spreads for 3.70, with PACW at 9.05.

This is risking 1.30 to make 3.70. Stock has over a month to recover. I may choose to close if it drops down below 2.00 pretty quickly, or below 1.00 weeks before expiration.

I have no idea if this bank crisis will get worse, but the risk/reward on the trade is hard to resist when this stock was at 27.00 only 10 days ago.


#SyntheticCoveredCalls #BullPutSpreads #SyntheticShortStock – A few.

AMZN: This week looks good so selling part of next week.

Sold AMZN DEC 16 2022 94.0 Calls @ 1.20

SVXY: Taking it 45 days early.

Bought to Close SVXY JAN 20 2023 60.0/50.0 Bull Put Spread @ 3.00 (sold for 6.25)

TBT: Taking off the covered portion of short position and covering the rest.

Net gain of 3.10 per spread:

Sold to Close 6 TBT JAN 17 2025 36.0/36.0 Synthetic Short Stock @ 7.50 (bought for .32 credit)
Bought to Close 3 TBT DEC 16 2022 33.0 Puts @ 4.45 (sold for .35)
Bought to Close 3 TBT DEC 16 2022 34.0 Puts @ 5.40 (sold for .05)

Covering the rest of the shorts:

Sold TBT DEC 16 2022 28.5 Puts @ .84


#BullPutSpreads – Hard to believe this thing is still near 50. Finally taking a hit today since we eased back into backwardation again finally. Taking a defined risk directional shot on it through end of year. Taking assignment is the plan if it keeps dropping.

Sold SVXY JAN 20 2023 60.0/50.0 Bull Put Spread @ 6.25


#BullPutSpreads – Not a lot of premium in these so not really interested in owning it. Taking advantage of the bounce to get out with a little profit.

Bought to Close EWZ AUG 19 2022 33.0/30.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.98 (sold for 2.40)


#BullPutSpreads – Taking a low risk shot at a possible small bounce through end of year. I’ll take the stock if needed.

Sold QYLD FEB 17 2023 20.0/18.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.80


#BullPutSpreads #CoveredCalls – A couple.

EWZ: Taking a low risk bullish shot. I’ll take stock if needed.
Sold EWZ AUG 19 2022 33.0/30.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 2.40

NVDA: Covered.
Sold NVDA JUL 1 2022 185.0 Calls @ .90

HOOD lottery ticket update…

#BullPutSpreads – I know a couple followed me on this so a quick update.

Original trade: Sold HOOD MAY 20 2022 25.0/15.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 9.00

Risking 1 to make 9 if the stock took off. (it didn’t).

So on a bounce a few days ago figuring it would get sold:

Sold HOOD MAY 20 2022 10.0 Calls @ 1.00

If HOOD closes below 10 on Friday whole position goes away at even. If HOOD is above 10 but below 25 I’ll close the long put near end of day and take the double exercise assigned/called away at 10 for breakeven. The stock would really have to see some good news for me to even consider rolling the 10 strike short calls and keeping the stock.


#BullPutSpreads – Playing this as a reverse reverse psychology FOMO trade. I’m sure I have Mr. Market confused now! Wanting a pullback so setting up a bullish position thinking it could run on up to the 200 day. Happy with an up or down move now.

Sold XBI MAY 20 2022 115.0/95.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 14.80


#BullPutSpreads – Just for fun…lottery ticket. Risk 1 to make 9.

Sold HOOD MAY 20 2022 25.0/15.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 9.00


#BullPutSpreads – Going out in time with defined risk. Breakeven at 13 and max loss 3.

Sold RSX JAN 20 2023 30.0/10.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 17.00


#BullPutSpreads – Chart is showing signs of maybe forming a base with a chance of a move back up. I’m rarely right about these but taking a shot anyway. Sized small enough to take stock if needed.

Sold LABU NOV 19 2021 65.0/55.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 7.00


#BullPutSpreads – Not right on direction very often so taking the one day gain on the big move.

Bought to Close TQQQ OCT 22 2021 140.0/135.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.65 (sold for 2.95)

GS earnings

#BullPutSpreads #Earnings – A low risk directional shot.

Sold GS OCT 15 2021 397.5/392.5 Bull Put Spread @ 3.00


#ShortPuts #BullPutSpreads – Should have closed these yesterday but never had time. Booking now and moving out a couple weeks with new ones.

Bought to Close HOOD OCT 1 2021 38.0 Puts @ .40 (sold for .93)
Bought to Close HOOD OCT 1 2021 39.0 Puts @ .25 (sold for 1.25)
Bought to Close HOOD OCT 1 2021 45.0/40.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.95 (sold for 3.42)

Sold HOOD OCT 15 2021 38.0 Puts @ .95
Sold HOOD OCT 15 2021 39.0 Puts @ 1.25
Sold HOOD OCT 15 2021 40.0 Puts @ 1.65
Sold HOOD OCT 15 2021 41.0 Puts @ 2.00


#BullPutSpreads – Taking a directional shot just for fun. I’ll take the stock if needed.

Sold HOOD OCT 1 2021 45.0/40.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 3.42


#BullPutSpreads – Took a directional shot at this. It’s run up to the 50 day so taking it here. Earnings Sep 7th.

Bought to Close COUP AUG 27 2021 240.0/220.0 Bull Put Spread @ 10.00 (sold for 14.25)


#BullPutSpreads – Seems to be trying to build a base. Taking a directional shot a couple weeks prior to earnings. Limited risk and still have the high IV of earnings to adjust into if needed.

Sold COUP AUG 27 2021 240.0/220.0 Bull Put Spread @ 14.25


#ShortPuts #BullPutSpreads – A little bit of everything today.

COUP: Taking a directional shot a couple weeks before earnings.
Sold COUP AUG 20 2021 240.0/220.0 Bull Put Spread @ 13.00

LABU: Rolling the one I dared Mr. Market to come and get. 🙂 🙂
Rolled LABU JUL 16 2021 71.5 Put to JUL 30 2021 71.0 Put @ .35 credit (2.90 total now)

SOXL: Adding.
Sold SOXL AUG 20 2021 39.0 Put @ 4.00


#BullPutSpreads – Had this sitting there but didn’t think it would actually fill. Wide spreads so could probably have gotten a better price.

Bought to Close VRTX JUL 9 2021 200.0/190.0 Bull Put Spread @ 3.25 (sold for 7.00)

KMX Earnings

#BullPutSpreads – Closed a little early but I’ll take it for a quickie.

Bought to Close KMX JUN 25 2021 125.0/120.0 Bull Put Spread @ 1.09 (sold for 3.26)

KMX Earnings

#BullPutSpreads – Going full bullish on this one. Used car market has been crazy. But…if I’m wrong I’ll get the stock at a decent basis.

Sold KMX JUN 25 2021 125.0/120.0 Bull Put Spread @ 3.26


#BullPutSpreads – Taking about a dollar out of these as it approaches all time highs again.

Bought to Close TQQQ JUL 2 2021 115.0/110.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.98 (sold for 2.95 average)


#BullPutSpreads – Adding.

Sold TQQQ JUL 2 2021 115.0/110.0 Bull Put Spread @ 3.10


#BullPutSpreads – Thanks @Iceman for pointing this one out. Playing for a bounce with a very directional bull put spread. Selling a couple weeks before earnings also. Currently 40 percent off all time high with recent bad news about a lung cancer drug. Still seems to be some nice price targets on it even after the downgrades. I’ll manage it same way I do all of my aggressive directional bull put spreads.

Sold VRTX JUL 9 2021 200.0/190.0 Bull Put Spread @ 7.00


#BullPutSpreads – Staying involved in case it breaks out to all time highs. If it implodes I’ll take stock at a basis only 2.10 higher than whatever it drops to.

Sold TQQQ JUL 2 2021 115.0/110.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 2.90


#BullPutSpreads – Filled on the rest of the long 2.5s.

Final position:

Sold MNMD JUL 16 2021 5.0/2.5 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.63

BIIB aducanumab decision

#BullPutSpreads – IV much higher than a typical earnings announcement so taking a shot. Playing it to the upside with defined risk selling an ITM bull put spread. If it tanks then the lower the better for starting a covered call program.

Sold BIIB JUN 11 2021 300.0/270.0 Bull Put Spread @ 20.20

Trying to sell 3-4 call spreads above it somewhere to help with basis reduction on an implosion but to still preserve some decent profits to the upside. Sort of an unbalanced iron jade condor lizard 🙂 🙂

EDIT: Went wider on the call spread and sold at the expected move. Max profit window is 300-320 with no upside risk. Basis on an implosion will only be 5.80 above wherever the stock is trading at Friday expiration.

Sold BIIB JUN 11 2021 320.0/340.0 Bear Call Spread @ 4.00

REGN pre earnings again

#BullPutSpreads #ShortPuts – Got the directional move I needed with the ITM BuPS sale. (thank you TTM squeeze indicator). Taking that off and repalcing it with a slightly less directional put sale. Still in the week before earnings.

Bought to Close REGN APR 30 2021 500.0/480.0 Bull Put Spread @ 6.00 (sold for 11.26)

Sold REGN APR 30 2021 490.0 Put @ 4.50


#BullPutSpreads – Got the little run up to the 50 day so booking it.

Bought to Close AAPL APR 23 2021 128.0/122.0 Bull Put Spread @ 2.02 (sold for 3.70)

REGN pre earnings

#BullPutSpreads – Similar to the AAPL trade last week. Taking a directional position in the week before earnings. Manage if needed into the earnings week. Chart is starting to look pretty bullish.

Sold REGN APR 30 2021 500.0/480.0 Bull Put Spread @ 11.26 (filled instantly at better than mid so can do better)


#BullPutSpreads – Just for fun, taking a directional shot the week before earnings. I’ll take the stock for earnings if needed.

Sold AAPL APR 23 2021 128.0/122.0 Bull Put Spread @ 3.70

My Reddit Fueled Silver Saga (SLV)

#BullPutSpreads #CoveredCalls – I got caught up in the reddit craze when it looked like they might go after silver next. First trade was ITM bull put spreads going very directional.

Feb 1st: Sold March 19th 30/25 BuPS @ 3.30

It didn’t take long to see that this was never going to work. To minimize losses I sold bear call spreads right over the top of the put spreads.

Feb 23: Sold March 19th 25/30 BeCS @ 1.10

The call sales eliminated any chance of the trade being a winner but cut max loss down to 60 cents. That’s where I was going to let it end until today. I knew all along there was a decent chance the short 30 puts could get exercised early so on to plan B when that happened today. 🙂 🙂

After the early assignment I closed the 25 strike leftover long puts for additional credit.

Mar 17: Sold to close Mar 19th 25 puts @ .95

This leaves the short 25 strike calls that were sold on Feb 23rd as a covered call position on the stock. I don’t believe the 25 strike short calls will get hit this week (we’ll see). I do have a tight stop on them since I sold next week’s calls already against the stock.

Mar 17th: Sold Mar 26th 23.5 calls @ .95

All said and done the position was assigned at 30 and I’ve collected 6.30 in premium. This leaves the stock at a basis of 23.70 covered at 23.50. If needed one more roll of the calls should get the overall position to even.

I’m not sure it helps anyone but it helped me to review it all!

EDIT: Update while typing this…stopped out of this week’s 25 strike calls @ .15 so stock basis now 23.85

Update on Put Strategies

Gaining experience with IC, BuPS and DiagBuPS……learning on the fly… far so good….

#bullputspreads, #ironcondors


#BullPutSpreads – Putting my hedge back on. Partial fill…

Sold UVXY FEB 12 2021 11.5/10.5 Bull Put Spreads @ .73


#ShortPuts #BullPutSpreads – For lack of anything else to do trying a couple highly directional positions.

CRM: Pre-earnings so good premium to manage it.
Sold CRM FEB 19 2021 220.0 Put @ 4.80

SLV: Just for fun. Tiny position I’ll manage similar to my PINS trade if needed.
Sold SLV MAR 19 2021 30.0/25.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 3.20


#BullPutSpreads #CoveredCalls – A little early here too but just wanted to have it done and set.

Original trade was super bullish ITM BuPS playing directionally selling 80/75 @ 3.20 (direction obviously ain’t my thing 🙂 ) Earnings next week so nice premium to roll into.

Sold PINS JAN 29 2021 75.0 Puts @ 6.80 (leaving short for assignment)
Sold PINS FEB 5 2021 65.0 Calls @ 8.20 (will be covered after assignment)

New position is now stock @ a 61.80 basis covered @ 65. This will be my original 3.20 profit goal if called away next week.


#BullPutSpreads #Futures – Sold this the night of the Senate run-off in Georgia. Taking about 65 percent 30 days early. These trade at $20 per point.

Bought to Close /NQ FEB 21 11000/10500 Bull Put Spread @ 15.50 (sold for 42.00)


#BullPutSpreads – Putting my low risk hedge back on for the inauguration. Plan would be to take stock and sell slightly ITM calls at breakeven if needed.

Sold UVXY JAN 22 2021 11.5/10.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.11


NVDA pre earnings

#BullPutSpreads – I’m pretty sure this is the week (or two) before earnings but not completely sure since their normal day is a weekend this quarter. Spreading it while waiting for an account to get moved. Selling expected move and near recent lows.

Sold NVDA FEB 5 2021 485.0/405.0 Bull Put Spread @ 5.10


#BullPutSpreads – Riding with jsd501 on this one. Playing for a breakout with very limited downside. Could get stock or roll into earnings. Staying small…

Sold PINS JAN 29 2021 80.0/75.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 3.20

/NQ Futures

#BullPutSpreads – Selling a wide put spread down near the 200ma and about 1.5 times the expected move…

Sold /NQ FEB 21 11000/10500 Bull Put Spread @ 42.00

These trade at 20 dollars per point so max gain of $840

Opening Transaction PTON BuPS Credit $1.32, Stock at $58.20

#bullputspreads, #pton-2


#BullPutSpreads – Taking it 3 weeks early…

Bought to Close NFLX JAN 8 2021 450.0/400.0 Bull Put Spread @ .85 (sold for 4.31)


#BullPutSpreads – Trying something a little different. Instead of naked going with the wide spread with plans to close the long side on a bigger pullback to make a little extra. Selling a week or two before next earnings at the expected move and below the 200ma.

Sold NFLX JAN 8 2021 450.0/400.0 Bull Put Spread @ 4.31


#BullPutSpreads – This might be crazy but pretty low risk if I have to take stock. Figured I should have some sort of a tiny hedge for the month.

Sold UVXY DEC 31 2020 13.0/11.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.48

WYNN Earnings

#BullPutSpreads – Whiz has been starting to lean a little bullish on the casinos so selling aggressively here. Either make a little or get stock at a decent basis if it tanks.

Sold WYNN NOV 6 2020 85.0/80.0 Bull Put Spread @ 3.40


#BullPutSpreads – Bought to Close TSLA AUG 28 2020 1300.0/1000.0 BuPS @ .06 (sold for 2.40)


#BullPutSpreads – I’ll take a small shot pre-split. The stock actually sold off for 10 whole minutes. 🙂 🙂

Sold TSLA AUG 28 2020 1300.0/1000.0 Bull Put Spread @ 2.40


#BullPutSpreads – Just messing around with this one…

Bought to Close PLUG SEP 18 2020 12.0/10.0 Bull Put Spreads @ .70 (sold for 1.30)


#BullPutSpreads – Thanks @Jeff for pointing this one out. Might be a fun one to play with…pretty low risk selling ITM spreads. I’ll manage it similar to an earnings spread when I sell those ITM. If the stock tanks one covered call sale will get that back.

Sold PLUG SEP 18 2020 12.0/10.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.30

SPCE Earnings (early)

#BullPutSpreads – Stock is weak today so putting on my earnings trade now. Taking a shot at a rally but really covering my butt in case of an implosion. Same as all the other ITM spreads I sell. If it implodes I’ll close the long side right at the close Friday and let the shorts get assigned. Should have a basis around a dollar above where the stock ends no matter how far it drops.

Long story short…if it’s below my spread at expiration then the lower the better.

Sold SPCE AUG 7 2020 25.0/22.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 2.00


#BullPutSpreads – In a nice squeeze and looks strong. MGM breaking out and LVS and PENN strong. But…for risk reduction selling a spread in case of an implosion. At least I’ll get it at a nice basis no matter how low it goes on a pullback.

Sold WYNN JUL 17 2020 100.0/90.0 Bull Put Spread @ 5.30


#CoveredCalls #BullPutSpreads #Earnings

NVDA: Earnings down to the wire but went out worthless
MAY 22 2020 360.0/355.0 Bull Put Spread @ 2.65 (expired)

SPY: Down to the wire but had to roll (covered)
Rolled SPY MAY 22 2020 295.0 Call to MAY 27 2020 295.0 Call @ 2.20 credit (4.65 total now)

TNA: Rolled out a week and up a little (covered)
Rolled TNA MAY 22 2020 20.0 Calls to MAY 29 2020 20.5 Calls @ .12 credit

NVDA Earnings

#BullPutSpreads – Wouldn’t mind owning this but would like to see it implode a little. Selling ITM bull put spread for upside gain but a decent ownership basis if it does tank.

Sold NVDA MAY 22 2020 360.0/355.0 Bull Put Spread @ 2.65

Not much else going on…just letting things work.

SPCE Earnings

#BullPutSpreads #Earnings – Jumping back into this one after stock getting called away over the weekend. Earnings not until tomorrow afternoon but with the stock down a little today I’m selling early.

Sold SPCE MAY 8 2020 19.0/16.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.80


#BullPutSpreads #Earnings – Will take the stock if I have to but spreading it for now until I can get a little more out of my GILD, T, XBI, and XOP positions in same account.

Thanks @Iceman and @thomberg1201 for the earnings reminder.

Sold JPM APR 17 2020 92.5/80.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.16


Original trade:

#BullPutSpreads #Earnings – Selling slightly in the money. If I get lucky and the stock goes up it’ll be a nice winner. On the other hand, no matter how far it drops I’ll own stock about 1.70 below my basis which can be more than made up in one week of call selling with the extreme premium on this thing.

Sold SPCE FEB 28 2020 41.0/36.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 3.30

So…closing the long puts for the gains and letting the shorts get exercised. Non taxable account so selling the covered calls early using spreads. Yesterday bought puts to protect the position from anything crazy. Selling aggressively to reduce basis as quickly as possible during this high volatility.

Sold to Close SPCE FEB 28 2020 36.0 Puts @ 12.40
Sold SPCE MAR 6 2020 22.0/52.0 Bear Call Spreads @ 3.70

Bought 7x size SPCE JUL 17 2020 5.0 Puts @ .10

All said and done own the stock at 21.60 basis covered at 22 next week….whew!

SPCE Earnings

#BullPutSpreads #Earnings – Selling slightly in the money. If I get lucky and the stock goes up it’ll be a nice winner. On the other hand, no matter how far it drops I’ll own stock about 1.70 below my basis which can be more than made up in one week of call selling with the extreme premium on this thing.

Sold SPCE FEB 28 2020 41.0/36.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 3.30


#BullPutSpreads – This should be a couple weeks before next earnings…

Sold ROKU FEB 7 2020 120.0/100.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 2.15


#ShortPuts #BullPutSpreads #BullCallSpreads #CoveredCalls – A few this morning…

ISRG: Selling the week before earnings outside the expected move and well below the 50 ma almost at the 200ma.
Sold ISRG JAN 17 2020 550.0 Put @ 2.80

SOXL: Finally back in this one.
Sold SOXL Jan 17 2020 230.0 Put @ 3.20
Sold SOXL Feb 21 2020 200.0 Put @ 5.50

SQ: Staying aggressive with the covered sales.
Bought to Close SQ JAN 3 2020 64.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for 1.52)
Sold SQ JAN 10 2020 62.5 Calls @ 1.30

ULTA: Stopped out at tiny profit on an extra sale against stock.
Bought to Close ULTA JAN 17 2020 240.0/210.0 Bull Put Spread @ 2.32 (sold for 2.36)

VIX: Taking off the long side of the double vertical. Holding short put spreads to keep some long volatility.
Sold to Close VIX JAN 22 2020 15.0/18.0 Bull Call Spreads @ .80 (original trade put on for a .05 credit)


#BullPutSpreads – Some guys in our union forum were debating the pros and cons about our outlook for next year. Have to say I’m on the fence. Lots of labor contract negotiations going on but fleet renewal will be winding down so maybe some debt reduction possible with the cash flow now. I suggested a low risk way to get long so since I suggested it I had to do it myself.

Going with an ITM bull put spread out a few months. Here’s my post from that forum:


I’m as bearish as the next guy on airlines but I’m taking a small shot with low risk…

Sold 5 AAL MAY 15 2020 35.0/30.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 3.75

What now?

1. Stock rallies above 35 by expiration full profit of $1875
2. Stock implodes then I’ll own 500 shares at a basis of 1.25 above wherever the stock ends up (in this case lower the better)
3. Stock goes to zero I’ll lose $625
4. Anything above 31.25 at expiration makes money or a near term rally makes money also


#BullPutSpreads – Short a Jan 240 covered call so selling the other side now.

Sold ULTA JAN 17 2020 240.0/210 Bull Put Spread @ 2.36

AAPL Earnings

#BullPutSpreads #Earnings – Since the market is never going down again I’m going slightly bullish in AAPL earnings. Selling a slightly in the money put spread. If it tanks still getting in at a good basis…

Sold AAPL NOV 01 2019 245.0/240.0 Bull Put Spread @ 2.30

ADBE Closed / SPX Campaign

$ADBE BTC 7/26 280/290 BUPS for .15. STO at 1.46. Thank you @lesserweavil

$SPX BTC 7/19 2935/2960 BUPS at .30. STO at 5.50. Thank you @jeffcp66


#BullPutSpreads@fibwizard – Do you use stops on those 100 point wide spreads? Following along (paper trade) with you on the Aug 2915/2815…

Closed EHTH LYFT / SQ CC /

$EHTH STC 7/19 75/80 BUCS at 4.90. BTO at 2.19.
$LYFT BTC 7/19 52.50/60 BUPS at .30. STO at 1.60
$SQ STO 7/19 83 call at 1.01.


$BYND BTC 7/19 130/120 BUPS at .50. STO 6/27 for 2.17

AMZN Put Spread

$AMZN STO 7/19 1830/1880 BUPS at 6.35. Stock at 1895.73

FB Spread Closed

$FB BTC 7/19 165/155 BUPS at .17. STO on 6/12 for 1.70. Thank you @ramie77

JD Closed Put / NFLX Close BUPS

$JD BTC 5/17 30 put at .10. STO at 1.19.

$NFLX BTC 5/17 350/355 BUPS at .60. STO at 1.35

TWLO LLY Closed Early BUPS / GOOGL Revenge Trade

$TWLO BTC 5/17 120/125 at .20. STO at 1.90
$LLY BTC 5/17 110/115 at .70 STO at 1.60

$GOOGL 5/17 1200/1210 Full Loss Revenge best when served cold. I sole with passion – not smart. Along with the shock of having stock put to me this morning. Now there is an eye opener and a good advertisement for hedging.


$AMZN BTO 5/10 1935/1945 BUCS at 6.20

Using GOOGL To Find My Way / Sell CVX Call / Close Partial AAPL Call / Close NFLX Call / Rolling TNDM TQQQ Calls

$GOOGL BTO 5/10 1200/1220 BUCS at 8.50
$GOOGL STO 5/3 1190/1200 BUPS at 4.50
$GOOGL STO 5/10 1165/1175 BUPS at 3.10
$GOOGL STO 6/21 1145/1160 BUPS at 4.50
May not find my way. Almost looks like I lost my mind.

$CVX STO 5/3 120 call at 1.52. Sold against long 5/17 130 call position.

#longcalls Closing partial before earnings
$AAPL STC 5/17 175 call at 27.93. BTO at 9.47 on 3/11.

$NFLX BTC 5/3 385 call at .40. STO 4/23 for 6.89
$TNDM BTC 5/3 64 calls and STO 5/17 70 calls for $1.00 debit. Earnings tonight. Not sure how smart this was. Will find out.
$TQQQ BTC 5/17 58 calls and STO 6/21 70 calls for $6.00 debit. These are sold against 1/2020 66.667 calls.

Close Early NFLX

$NFLX BTC 4/18 310/320 BUPS at .61. STO at 1.70. Prudence reigns. I have several open $NFLX trades.