#bullputspreads AMZN and NVDA are…


AMZN and NVDA are not working well today for my #bullputspreads. I am always having difficulties with spreads vs. naked puts.

How do you manage your spreads, do you let them run, because of capped loss, or do you close them at 1-2 times the premium received?

I have
NVDA Jun22 -257.50/+252.50 sold @ 0.63
AMZN Jun29 -1690/+1680 sold @1.00

What is your approach?

#bullputspreads Closed my AMZN June…

#bullputspreads Closed my AMZN June 15th 1580/1600 BuPS for 0.25. Originally opened 6/5 for 1.04.

Afternoon all

#shortputs Sold ROKU 37 Puts @ .45 when ROKU was at 38.05 this morning.
AMZN Sold to open June 15th 1580/1600 @ 1.04 when AMZN was at 1683.
Closed the June 8th 1585 / 1650 @ .20 Opened it yesterday @ .45
#LEAPS Sold my ERX 2020 36 Call @ 10.96 for a small gain. I have struggled to manage this effectively and decided to take it off. Especially after Jeff’s reminder of pricing on 3X ETFs.
#spxcampaign Closed my June 15th 2565/ 2585 BuPS for .25. Originally sold for 1.15.


#BullPutSpreads – Closing the short side of BuPS sales that I sold to finance Jan 2019 BePS. I’ll leave the long side and maybe get lucky next week.

Bought to Close VXX APR 6 2018 40.5 Puts @ .05 (sold spread for .47)


#SyntheticStock #LongCalls #BearPutSpreads #BullPutSpreads – Selling what I didn’t get a chance to on Friday. Glad I waited on these. Going out another week to take advantage of the entire 3 day weekend…

Sold CRUS APR 6 2018 43.5 Calls @ .50

Sold REGN APR 6 2018 340.0 Calls @ 2.11

Sold VXX APR 6 2018 40.5/37.5 Bull Put Spreads @ .47


#BullPutSpreads – Got lucky last week and picked a good time to flip full blown bullish on WYNN. Was complaining about their last second earnings date announcement over the weekend but I take that back. I like this sale better against my Feb 170/200 Bull Put Spreads.

Sold WYNN JAN 26 2018 195.0 Calls @ 1.00

#bullputspreads STO SPX 2 MAR…

STO SPX 2 MAR 18 2695/2595 BuPS @7.00