#BullPutSpreads – This should be a couple weeks before next earnings…

Sold ROKU FEB 7 2020 120.0/100.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 2.15


#ShortPuts #BullPutSpreads #BullCallSpreads #CoveredCalls – A few this morning…

ISRG: Selling the week before earnings outside the expected move and well below the 50 ma almost at the 200ma.
Sold ISRG JAN 17 2020 550.0 Put @ 2.80

SOXL: Finally back in this one.
Sold SOXL Jan 17 2020 230.0 Put @ 3.20
Sold SOXL Feb 21 2020 200.0 Put @ 5.50

SQ: Staying aggressive with the covered sales.
Bought to Close SQ JAN 3 2020 64.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for 1.52)
Sold SQ JAN 10 2020 62.5 Calls @ 1.30

ULTA: Stopped out at tiny profit on an extra sale against stock.
Bought to Close ULTA JAN 17 2020 240.0/210.0 Bull Put Spread @ 2.32 (sold for 2.36)

VIX: Taking off the long side of the double vertical. Holding short put spreads to keep some long volatility.
Sold to Close VIX JAN 22 2020 15.0/18.0 Bull Call Spreads @ .80 (original trade put on for a .05 credit)


#BullPutSpreads – Some guys in our union forum were debating the pros and cons about our outlook for next year. Have to say I’m on the fence. Lots of labor contract negotiations going on but fleet renewal will be winding down so maybe some debt reduction possible with the cash flow now. I suggested a low risk way to get long so since I suggested it I had to do it myself.

Going with an ITM bull put spread out a few months. Here’s my post from that forum:


I’m as bearish as the next guy on airlines but I’m taking a small shot with low risk…

Sold 5 AAL MAY 15 2020 35.0/30.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 3.75

What now?

1. Stock rallies above 35 by expiration full profit of $1875
2. Stock implodes then I’ll own 500 shares at a basis of 1.25 above wherever the stock ends up (in this case lower the better)
3. Stock goes to zero I’ll lose $625
4. Anything above 31.25 at expiration makes money or a near term rally makes money also


#BullPutSpreads – Short a Jan 240 covered call so selling the other side now.

Sold ULTA JAN 17 2020 240.0/210 Bull Put Spread @ 2.36

AAPL Earnings

#BullPutSpreads #Earnings – Since the market is never going down again I’m going slightly bullish in AAPL earnings. Selling a slightly in the money put spread. If it tanks still getting in at a good basis…

Sold AAPL NOV 01 2019 245.0/240.0 Bull Put Spread @ 2.30

ADBE Closed / SPX Campaign

$ADBE BTC 7/26 280/290 BUPS for .15. STO at 1.46. Thank you @lesserweavil

$SPX BTC 7/19 2935/2960 BUPS at .30. STO at 5.50. Thank you @jeffcp66


#BullPutSpreads@fibwizard – Do you use stops on those 100 point wide spreads? Following along (paper trade) with you on the Aug 2915/2815…