$NFLX CC Rolled down / $INTC Double Calendar / $WYNN BUCS

$NFLX BTC 2/1 360 calls and STO 2/1 252.50 calls at added .50

$INTC STC 2/1 51 put at 4.50 Trade ended up losing only $15 per contract and I tried something new. Thank you @jeffcp66

$WYNN BTO 4/18 115/130 BUCS at 6.25


$WYNN STO 2/1 116 puts at 3.90 Earnings 1/30

$OKTA BTO 5/17 75/90 BUCS @6.40 Thank you @jsd501


#BearPutSpreads #LEAPS …adding #BullCallSpreads now. Trading both sides with the great premium. Using 2020’s for the call side.

Bought TSLA JAN 17 2020 300.0/400.0 Bull Call Spreads @ 34.00 (2019’s were nearly 30.00 so went 2020)

87 weeks to go so need 39 cents per week or 97 cents to cover max loss with a year to go…if TSLA really tanks I’ll probably book the winner on the short 400s.


Sold TSLA JUN 1 2018 312.5 Calls @ 4.70

Joining the TQQQ Queue

#LongLEAPs Bought to Open $TQQQ Jan 2020 150 call for 41.00. To break even, underlying only has to reach its all-time high from last month, and I got 21 months to do it. Meanwhile, I’ll be selling calls against it.

#bullcallspreads, #fuzzy, #leaps, #longcalls


#BullCallSpreads #LEAPS -Going back into the belly of the beast with something more realistic to the upside. Buying a narrower spread but using two contracts instead of one. Also, a lower debit so easier to get it covered and be risk free. Let’s see if 600ish can hold…(not looking good so far). A bounce back up to the 200ma resistance would be a good point to take profits. Buying the vertical below and selling the weekly at it.

Bought to Open AZO JAN 18 2019 600.0/620.0 Bull Call Spreads @ 9.95

39 weeks to run so needing 26 cents per week to cover. I’m going for way more than that to get the risk off as soon as possible…

Sold to Open AZO MAY 4 2018 625.0/645.0 Bear Call Spreads @ 2.70


#BullCallSpreads – Interesting trade and another lesson for me in the power of basis reduction.

Originally Bought Jan 2019 660/760 Bull Call Spread after last quarter earnings. Stock started dropping from almost the exact moment the trade filled. Continued selling weekly Bear Call Spreads against the position. Also, rolled down the LEAP short 760 to 710 for additional credit. Stock is still imploding as I type this but…

Bought to Close AZO APR 20 2018 625.0/650.0 Bear Call Spread @ .00 (sold for 2.25 and legged out for zero cost 🙂 )


Sold to Close AZO JAN 18 2019 660.0/710.0 Bull Call Spread @ 15.43

After reducing my basis of the original position to 9.23 the trade still made 6.20 without ever having a single uptick. Now that’s basis reduction!


#BullCallSpreads – Letting this week’s expire so selling next week…cost basis reduction in the Jan Bull Call Spread…long spread is out in Jan with basis already reduced from 26.30 to 9.23.

Sold AZO APR 13 2018 625.0/650.0 Bear Call Spread @ 2.25