#vxxgame #shortcalls UVXY bought May…

#vxxgame #shortcalls UVXY
bought May 18, 16 call for 1.03, made 1.70. This started out January 29 as a 15 call, rolled twice to May.

Keeping up with the DROP

#VXXGame VXX products plummeting. Only a few positions in trouble, more than outweighed by my short calls that are deteriorating.

BTC $UVXY Apr 27 19 put for 3.95. Sold for 1.56 on Apr 3rd.
BTC $VXX Apr 27 44.5 put for 3.60. Sold for 1.25 on Apr 3rd.

BTC UVXY Jan 2019 70 call for 1.20. Sold for 6.50 (avg price) in February. Still have several remaining.

Sold UVXY Sept 25 call for 2.27
Sold VXX Sept 50 call for 5.65

Bought VXX June 15th 30 puts for .18, adding to my position.

VXX dump

#VXXGame Hard to keep ahead of short puts once the drop commences…

BTC $UVXY Apr 27 19 put for 3.45. Sold for 1.56 on Apr 3rd.
BTC $VXX Apr 27 44 put for 2.48. Sold for 1.15 on Apr 3rd.

Closed partial positions. Will close the remainder later, probably roll into short calls, which is the side that always works.

Also, earlier, closed UVXY March 18th 25 call for .54. Sold for 3.175 in March.

UVXY trades

#VXXGame Took some $UVXY profits and also added some more hedges.

BTC Apr 20th 25 call for .20. Sold for 1.47 on Apr 2nd.
BTC May 18th 25 call for 1.04. Sold for 3.175 (avg price) in March. Leaving one open.
BTC June 15th 40 call for .66. Sold for 2.75 on Feb 2nd.

BTO May 18th 44 calls for .20. Highest strike. My April 59 long calls rolling off next Friday so shifting to May and June.

VXX gamin’

BTC $UVXY April 20th 26 calls for .25. Sold for 1.45 on April 2nd.
BTO $UVXY May 18th 40 call for .30. Adding to my position, which is cheap long calls to hedge the sale of higher-premium, lower-strike calls.

Trades this week

#ContangoETFs #CoveredCalls #CoveredCallCampaign #VXXGame #Earnings

Here are a few trades other than SPX:
Today: BTC $DUST Jun 15th 40 call for .25. Sold for 3.05 on Dec 4th.

Yesterday: BTC $FB Apr 20th 160 put for 3.00. Sold for 1.37 on March 19th. Backed out to early, not anticipating the rally the Zuck’s testimony would create.

Friday: BTC $FDX Apr 20th 235 puts for 6.77. Sold for 6.75 on 3/23 as when #Rolling from an earnings trade. I had margin pressure on Friday. Scaling back in since then:
Sold May 4th 235 put for 6.05;
Sold May 4th 237.5 put for 5.55.
This one seems like a buy… it’s just waiting for market to relax.

Friday: Closed $BABA Apr 27th 200 call for .18. Sold for 1.90 on 3/29.
Today: Sold BABA May 11th 195 call for 1.40

Tuesday: Sold $SQ Apr 27th 50 covered call for 1.01

Friday: Sold $UVXY Jan 2020 59 call for 4.80.

VXX this morning

Closed my last $UVXY May 18th 20 call for 3.80. Sold for 2.50 on March 19th.

Partially #Rolling Sold $UVXY Apr 27th 19 puts for 1.56

Sold $VXX Apr 27th 44.5 put for 1.25 and 44 puts for 1.15.