#vxxgame following Jeff and others…


following Jeff and others from yesterday.
BOT VXX / 21 AUG 20 80 CALL @.49

UVXY longs

#VXXGame Bought to Open $UVXY July 17th 90 calls for .47. I’d prefer to go further out in time but there are no August options yet and September’s are still pretty expensive. I’m looking to add some Sept soon.

VXX long calls

#VXXGame Loading up some longs for next volatility spike. In March, some of these I bought for .30 were sold for over 50.00. Be surprised if that happens again, but at least they can hedge any shorts I sell. Also trying some $UVXY but wasn’t filled yet.

Bought to open $VXX August 85 calls for .50.


#VXXGame Sold to close $SVXY Jan 2021 35 calls for 4.40. Bought for 4.114 (avg price) on March 26 & 27. What a bust… this thing hardly moved. TQQQ much better choice to get long at lows.

#vxxgame SVXY Following Jeff from…

#vxxgame SVXY

Following Jeff from last week, bought Jan. 2021, 35 call for 3.85.

Adding to SVXY

#VXXgame BTO $SVXY Jan 2021 35 calls for 3.90, adding to position started yesterday.

SVXY long

#VXXGame Bought to Open $SVXY Jan 2021 35 calls for 4.65. Considering this was in the high 60’s just last month, I figure this has good chance of profiting. I will scale into more when the market retests the lows.

UVXY condor

#VXXgame Sold $UVXY March 27th 50/60-130/140 condors for 3.65.

Closing all VXX-game

#VXXGame. Since most of my options are expiring this Friday, I’m closing the whole batch of shorts AND longs. All shorts are now closed, and half the longs. I am riding the rest higher as long as it keeps going up.

UVXY short stock

#VXXgame Bought to close $UVXY short stock for 64.00. Assigned via 15 calls on Tuesday.

On this UP day I’m making moves to get shorter on the market. I do not believe anything’s going to get better before it gets worse.