Options Expiration 8/18/17

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— Expired w/Max Profit —
DRIP 35 call
UVXY 68 call

PLCE 110 puts, taking stock with 108.00 cost basis.

I will check in Monday from our Eclipse campsite in Dallas, Oregon!

$UVXY Short Calls

$UVXY STO 9/15 91 call at 2.05
$UVXY STO 9/08 91 call at 1.20 Thank you UVXY genie @optioniceman


#LongPutDiagonal – Keeping the theta rolling in…

Bought to Close UVXY AUG 25 2017 29.0 Puts @ .25 (sold for 1.25)
Sold UVXY SEP 1 2017 31.0 Puts @ 1.30

#longputdiagonals, #syntheticshortstock, #vxxgame

UVXY puts

#VXXGame Sold $UVXY Sep 8th 28 puts for 1.10. Very possibly will be breached, but easy to roll.

Plus, cleared a few positions with profits to keep my short volatility volume controllable should things get uglier:
Closed $SVXY Sep 15th 50 put for 1.50. Sold as part of the 100/180 strangles for 18.95 in March.
Closed $SVXY Sep 15th 52 put for 1.65. Sold for 1.90 on 8/10

SVXY #shortcalls Decision time approaching…

SVXY #shortcalls

Decision time approaching today – take assignment at 81 or realize loss of $11+. I think it will reverse slowly, once it settles at a bottom. The bubble has burst and a snap-back recovery, without tax reform, seems unlikely. Too many variables – I hope I’m not missing any?

#rolling, #vxxgame

SVXY calls closed

#VXXGame Closed $SVXY Sept 15th 90 call for .40. This is the last call I had from the 100/180 strangles I sold for 18.95 back in March. I have one SVXY put remaining. That was sold as a roll, and I got out of most of it at decent prices. But I also rolled some into Sep 15th 77.5 puts, now underwater. #Rolling never ends!


#VXXGame #ShortCalls
Sold to Open $UVXY Sep 15th 91 call for 1.85, and Dec 91 call for 8.00