VXX added

#VXXGame. Bought $VXX Jan 2020 20 puts for 1.00, adding to my position. Avg price now 1.302, started on Jan 22nd, 2019.

VXX long game

#VXXGame Bought to Open $UVXY Jan 2020 20 puts for 1.95. First purchase of this symbol for the long put play.

Also, adding to my position on $VXX:
Bought $VXX Jan 2020 20 puts for 1.25 back on Aug 5th,
Bought more for 1.20 today.
Avg price on my whole batch is now 1.40.

VXX longs adding

#VXXGame Bought more $VXX Jan 2020 20 puts for 1.40. Adding to first batch I bought for 1.75 on Jan 22nd.

The 2021 puts are still too expensive, but I’m watching.

UVXY calls

#VXXGame Bought to open $UVXY April 100 calls for .60. I have these for Feb and Mar. Since Feb expire tomorrow adding the April batch. Will be used to sell lower strikes against if we get a re-test.

Farewell old friend…

But #VXXGame lives on.


Hello VXXB

#VXXGame #LongLEAPs
Bought to open $VXXB Jan 2020 20 puts for 1.75.
A starter position for a 12-month trade. My bigger target will be the 2021 LEAPs, which are still pretty expensive, but should lower in value by late summer, provided we don’t enter a bear market. I may also look at ATM puts and sell puts against them, but this OTM position is meant to be a cheaper play that stands alone without cost reduction.

UVXY hedge

#VXXGame Bought to Open $UVXY Feb 15th 100 calls for .36. I want to have room to sell premium if we get another market pull back. If we don’t, then small loss. (these reached a peak of 13.00 in late December)