#ShortPuts #LongPuts – A few early ones. Prices even better now.

SPCE: Nice gains on disaster puts applied to stock basis. Doesn’t look like it’s going to zero anymore.
Sold 20 SPCE JUL 17 2020 5.0 Puts @ .45 (bought for .10)

SPY: Stock should get called away today at 230.0 so starting a Friday position. Possibly add more after the (un) employment report.
Sold to Open SPY MAR 27 2020 230.0 Put @ 2.90

TNA: Trying to add at pretty low risk. Cuts basis of shares almost in half for easier recovery.
Sold TNA MAR 27 2020 16.0 Put @ 2.10

XBI: Roll up for more credit.
Rolled XBI APR 17 2020 60.0 Puts to APR 17 2020 65.0 Puts @ .75 credit (2.55 total now)


#LongPuts – Bought a bunch of these during the rally the other day. Mainly to help partially protect my SOXL position. Booking them here and I’ll use the gain to decrease the SOXL basis by another 12 dollars.

Sold to Close SMH JUN 19 2020 60.0 Puts @ .92 (bought for .35)

SLB again

#LongPuts – On second thought I’m only holding these long puts to protect in the event of a CH. 11 filing so booking profits and buying a bunch more cheapies that would get the position out at close to even if SLB disappears.

Rolled 10 SLB JUN 19 2020 17.5 Long Puts to 20 AUG 20 2020 5.0 Puts @ 1.96 credit (bought for .36)

I’ll apply all the long put profits to the basis in the stock…


#LongPuts – Bought a bunch of these a few weeks ago to protect some short puts with all the turmoil in the oil patch. Taking a little profit out but keeping plenty of protection.

Rolled SLB JUN 19 2020 17.5 Long Puts to JUN 19 2020 15.0 Puts @ 1.35 credit (bought for .36)


#LongPuts – Selling against long Jan 2022 puts…

Sold TLT MAR 20 2020 151.0 Puts @ .40


$OMCL BTO 11/15 75 puts at 7.20. I hope they cheated.

Expired / BYND Puts

$SPX 2795/2770 BUPs STO at 1.30
$SPX 2795/2770 BUPs (Sold in two accounts by fortuitous happening, i.e. not paying attention) STO at 1.45
$SPX 2900/2875 BUPs STO at .85
$SPX 2795/2770 BECS STO at 1.15
Thank you @jeffcp66

$BYND BTO 6/28 157.50 put at 5.95 Stock a little like my ekg. We will see.