$OMCL BTO 11/15 75 puts at 7.20. I hope they cheated.

Expired / BYND Puts

$SPX 2795/2770 BUPs STO at 1.30
$SPX 2795/2770 BUPs (Sold in two accounts by fortuitous happening, i.e. not paying attention) STO at 1.45
$SPX 2900/2875 BUPs STO at .85
$SPX 2795/2770 BECS STO at 1.15
Thank you @jeffcp66

$BYND BTO 6/28 157.50 put at 5.95 Stock a little like my ekg. We will see.

BYND Quick Puts

$BYND BTO 6/14 150 puts at 1.85 and STC 15 minutes later at 3.98. Stock often jumps in morning and has down periods approaching lunch and closing. Luck is important too! 😉

TNDM Closed Puts / TSLA Puts / Rolled NFLX Calls / PYX Covered Calls /

$TNDM BTC 5/31 69 puts at .75. Had sold for 4..08 on 5/20

$TSLA BTO 1/17/2019 185 puts at 33

$NFLX BTC 5/31 367.50 calls and STO 6/7 357.50 calls at 4.01 added premium.
$PYX STO 6/21 22.5 calls at .05


#LongPuts #LEAPS – Closed the last third of these earlier. Orders in to replace them at lower prices. Decided I’ll trade around these LEAPS for awhile instead of holding them until expiration.

Sold to Close 5 UVXY JAN 15 2021 50.0 Puts @ 28.15 (bought for 22.90 average)


#LongPuts – Bought a bunch of these on the big spike in Dec and Jan. Have gradually reduced basis in them by selling call spreads and puts. Booking two thirds of them now and keeping enough to match my ITM short puts. Also using about a third of call premium received each month to finance the rolling down of the short puts until we get the next big spike.

Sold to Close 10 UVXY JAN 15 2021 50.0 Puts @ 29.30 (bought for 22.90)


#LongPuts – I had bought these as lottery tickets in a 401k with the plan of selling put spreads against them to pay them off. I’ve just been advised that spread trading will not be allowed in this account so walking away with the .30 loss. I could still set up the spread with two trades but refuse to pay Fidelity the extra commissions.

Sold CMG JAN 15 2021 210.0 Puts @ 1.50 (bought for 1.80)