Positive Vega Short Puts

STO SPX 8/17/18 2590 puts

BTO SPX 8/17/18 2570 puts

BTO SPX 8/17/18 1300 puts

1.25 credit.

5%+ on capital

HI, last week i posted…

HI, last week i posted a 7/27 IC. Calls of that IC are 2850×70, sold them for 1.16. Normal stop is 4x, but since major swing highs are being probed, i’m going to 5x for a little more room. Will most likely regret it. Stop is set for 5.45, limit is set to 5.80. 5x is my line in the sand. Have sold 2 calls spreads the lat 9 months, and once again, getting stopped. That’s trading. Am short more puts than calls, but still short deltas, have multiple back month dotm puts for tail risk.