Researching an Idea

Hi gang, I thought some of you might be interested in a method I am testing.  ‘Have a friend who took his TOS sim account from $100k to $1.3 million in a couple months using this idea the last few months.  If you are like me you don’t trust sim prices, but eventually i had to look into it.  One week of trading real time in sim, and adding significant friction to overcome the sim pricing and the results are encouraging, +35% in my first week.  We will begin live trading this Friday.

The model is simple and uses spx/es next expiration options.

model: sell the atm iron fly, set stops for each vertical spread at 1.3x the vertical spread credit.

once a stop takes place: lower the stop for the other side to break even, look for a cross of the short term ma on 1 min bars and set up another iron fly, set stops at 1.3x again.

rinse and repeat, once the 4th iron fly is established, take profits on the leg remaining from the first iron fly.  Keep taking profits as iron flys are established.

this is a ton of work, but it made 12 spx points today after slippage and commission, with 33 trades.