#coveredcallsDUST Was long 10,700 shares…

Was long 10,700 shares DUST.
This morning DUST did a 1 for 25 reverse split.
What happens to my 8 May 20 2.00 call which I sold a few days ago? T.O.S. has is as a 2.oo call not a 50.00 call (2 x 25)

I’ve never held options when an underlying split.

Do I need to be concerned?


#fallingknife AMRN Over the past…

#fallingknife AMRN
Over the past year or so, I have done consistently well selling puts and covered calls on AMRN. I’m long 2000 at a cost basis of 12.10

Its down 69% this morning due to a Nevada judge ruling against its patent!

Xanax anyone?!?!?!


STO 6 Mar 1950/1945P for 1.24

#earnings SPCE BTC SPCE BuPS…

BTC SPCE BuPS for 1.65
Was STO yesterday for 1.35

#earningsTGT BuPS 3 Mar 110/105…

#earningsTGT BuPS
3 Mar 110/105 for 1.66
TGT reports Mar 3


STO 28 Feb 90P for 2.12

#earningsSPCE BTC 21 Feb 27P…

BTC 21 Feb 27P for .30
Was STO yesterday for 1.25
Earnings next Tuesday, I think I’ll skip it due to lack of historical data


STC 28 Feb 1985/1995 for .78
Was STO Feb 7 for 2.66
Just wanted to free up a bit of capitol

#earningsGILD BTC Jade Liz 21…

BTC Jade Liz 21 feb 66P/68C/69C for .55
Was STO 4 Feb prior to earnings for 1.45
Taking risk off prior to weekend

Thanks Jeff for all the data.

#fallingknife PAYC BTC PAYC 21…

#fallingknife PAYC
BTC PAYC 21 Feb 280 Put for .50
Was STO Feb 6 for 3.42