Thanks for your advise. I was “Killing it” until March 2nd, since then I’m at 2.96 loss.
Are you using TOS to calculate the expected move?


This morning, STO 3970/3990/4095/4115 IC for $1.30

EXPIRED! A bit too close for comfort however.


This morning, STO 3970/3990/4095/4115 IC for $1.30


STO 17 Mar 105P for 1.40

I’m back

I’ve not posted recently but hope to begin again.

#shortputsTQQQ Hi again, have not…

Hi again, have not posted in a while as I have been concentrating on selling puts in TQQQ (and some LABU, TNA, SOXL.

Anyway, the TQQQ selling has been a success with about 100 trades over the past 5 months with about 9.25% gain.

Question… I’m not much of a “chartist” but it appears to me that TQQQ is in a classic pennant pattern; waiting for a breakout higher.

Your opinions are, as always, welcome.

Good luck to all


STO 12 Feb 57/52 spread for 1.92.
Hoping for a pullback.

BuPS and short puts

STO today
SQ 5 Mar 190/185 for 1.32
DDD 5 Feb 37P for 2.90
SLV 19 Feb 25P for 1.56
SPCE 5 Feb 46P for 6.15

After hour?

Does anyone trade before/after market, 0930-400?
I do not but, am interested.


#earningsPLUG BuPS STO 26 Feb…

#earningsPLUG BuPS
STO 26 Feb 50/55 for 1.76
Earnings on 4 March

#earnings MU reports tomorrow, any…

MU reports tomorrow, any thoughts?

#coveredcalls FCEL BTO FCEL at…

BTO FCEL at 11.97
STO FCEL CC, 19 Feb 25C for .73


Sorry, should have posted these as they occurred.
121/29 STO 40 put for 1.07
today BTC 40 p for .53, then Bought NIO at 46.1 & STO 15 Jan CC for 1.01

CB 44.46, basically breakeven

#fallingknifeLAZR STO 15 Jan BuPS…

STO 15 Jan BuPS 30/25 for 2.50

#fallingknifeOSTK put roll BTC 8…

#fallingknifeOSTK put roll
BTC 8 Jan 52.5P, STO 22 Jan 51.5 for 1.15 credit

#fallingknifeDKNG Perhaps not a “falling”…

Perhaps not a “falling” knife, more of a stumble.
STO BuPS, 5 Feb, 48/45 for 1.25

#coveredcallsCCL ROLLED 15 Jan 25…

ROLLED 15 Jan 25 call to 19 Feb 27.5 call for .38 credit
Cost basis now 18.03
Stock at 21.88


BTO 15 Jan 21, 53/57.5 call spread for 2.05

And a MERRY CHRISTMAS to the Bistro!

#fallingknife TNDM Have not traded…

Have not traded this in a while…
STO 15 Jan 21, 80 Put for 1.39
delta .20, IV is 54

#earningsNKE Reports tonight STO 8…

Reports tonight
STO 8 Jan IC 125/130/150/155 for 1.65
IV 41.6
Short deltas
130, .25
150, .23


STO 25 Dec, 8.5 Put for .30


STO 24 Dec 45 Put for .57

#earningsFDX STO BuPS, 24 Dec…

STO BuPS, 24 Dec 272.5/262.5 for 1.20
FDX reports Thursday

#coveredcallsVLDR Bought VLDR at 19.39…

Bought VLDR at 19.39
STO 15 Jan 30C for 1.00

#shortputs TQQQ Rolled my 31…

TQQQ Rolled my 31 Dec 142P to 8 Jan 140P for 1.86

Total credit now 5.07

#shortputs LAZR Rolled my 15…

LAZR Rolled my 15 Jan 25P to 19 Feb 22.5P for .65

Total credit now 3.15

#coveredcalls CCL STO 24 Dec…

CCL STO 24 Dec 26 call for .42
.20 Delta

#earningsSFIX BTC 11 Dec Bups…

BTC 11 Dec Bups 32/34 for .02
Was STO on 4 Dec for .64

SFIX up 44% this morning.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda bought the calls!!!

JKS #earnings STO 18 Dec…

JKS #earnings
STO 18 Dec 50P for 1.45
Earnings on Dec 7

SFIX BuPS#earnings STO 11 Dec…

SFIX BuPS#earnings
STO 11 Dec 34/32 for .64
Earning on 7 Dec


BTO 11 Dec 14.5/13.5 BePS for .51

#earningsAAL JadeLiz STO 20 Nov….

#earningsAAL JadeLiz
STO 20 Nov. 11/14/14.5 for .70
AAL reports 22 Oct AM

#earningsTSLA BuPS STO 400/395 30…

#earningsTSLA BuPS STO 400/395 30 Oct for 1.40
Earnings on Oct 21 PM. Short delta .21

#earningsfive Yesterday STO 4 Sep…

Yesterday STO 4 Sep Bups 112/107 for 1.50
Today, BTC for .10
Thanks Jeff for the data



#earningsCRWD STO 11 Sep BuPS…

STO 11 Sep BuPS 115/120 for 1.63
Short delta .24
Reports tonight
Hoping for, and a participant in, continued irrational tech speculation.

#fallingknifeDLTR STO DLTR Jade Liz…

2 Oct 90/98/99 for 2.18

#earningsBBY STO 11 Sep IC…

STO 11 Sep IC
100/105/120/125 for 1.00

#earningsPANW Anyone looking at this?…


Anyone looking at this? Reports tonight.

#fallingknifeCR Not much of a…

Not much of a fall but, worth a shot IMHO
CR BTO BuCS 18 Sep 55/60 for 2.10

#fallingknifeCODX STO 25 Sept, 14P…

STO 25 Sept, 14P for 2.30
Sweet premium so either I’ll get crushed or love it!
I’ll get my answer in 37 days or less.

#earningsT.O.S. still not working As…

#earningsT.O.S. still not working
As of this morning, 19 Aug, TOS is still screwed up. Not getting filled on trades that normally would fill. And, the one trade that did fill, did not and does not display as a filled order on the Activity and Positions page.

Is anyone using another trading platform?
If this keeps up I may switch.

#fallingknife OSTK STO 18 Sep…

STO 18 Sep Bups
75/70 for 2.05

#coveredcallsDUST Was long 10,700 shares…

Was long 10,700 shares DUST.
This morning DUST did a 1 for 25 reverse split.
What happens to my 8 May 20 2.00 call which I sold a few days ago? T.O.S. has is as a 2.oo call not a 50.00 call (2 x 25)

I’ve never held options when an underlying split.

Do I need to be concerned?


#fallingknife AMRN Over the past…

#fallingknife AMRN
Over the past year or so, I have done consistently well selling puts and covered calls on AMRN. I’m long 2000 at a cost basis of 12.10

Its down 69% this morning due to a Nevada judge ruling against its patent!

Xanax anyone?!?!?!


STO 6 Mar 1950/1945P for 1.24

#earnings SPCE BTC SPCE BuPS…

BTC SPCE BuPS for 1.65
Was STO yesterday for 1.35

#earningsTGT BuPS 3 Mar 110/105…

#earningsTGT BuPS
3 Mar 110/105 for 1.66
TGT reports Mar 3


STO 28 Feb 90P for 2.12

#earningsSPCE BTC 21 Feb 27P…

BTC 21 Feb 27P for .30
Was STO yesterday for 1.25
Earnings next Tuesday, I think I’ll skip it due to lack of historical data


STC 28 Feb 1985/1995 for .78
Was STO Feb 7 for 2.66
Just wanted to free up a bit of capitol

#earningsGILD BTC Jade Liz 21…

BTC Jade Liz 21 feb 66P/68C/69C for .55
Was STO 4 Feb prior to earnings for 1.45
Taking risk off prior to weekend

Thanks Jeff for all the data.

#fallingknife PAYC BTC PAYC 21…

#fallingknife PAYC
BTC PAYC 21 Feb 280 Put for .50
Was STO Feb 6 for 3.42

#doublecalendarYELP I have not modeled…


I have not modeled it yet, but at first glance, YELP has a large IV drop coming.


#earnings UBER Dbl Cal? Any…

UBER Dbl Cal?
Any thoughts? The vol crush looks promising but, I’ve only done a few.

#earningsDIS BTC DIS IC .14…

STO yesterday for .99

#earnings BTC GS Iron Condor…

BTC GS Iron Condor .20
Was STO yesterday for 1.10

#earnings BBBY BTC Becs (16.5/17.5)…

#earnings BBBY
BTC Becs (16.5/17.5) for .07
Was STO yesterday for .46

#coveredcalls I could not find…

I could not find a hashtag for Jade Lizards, so I’ll post here.
Please let me know if another hashtag would be more appropriate.

BTC SQ jade liz for .74 (17 Jan 62/66/67)
Was STO on Dec 23 for 1.43
This mornings upgrade will likely push it above the 66C

#jadelizard, #jadelizards-sometimes


BTC FIVE iron Condor 0.65 was STO Dec 5th for 1.20


STO 10 Jan 138/133 for 2.11

Jade Liz.

23 DEC, STO REGN 375/375/382.5 JL FOR 8.15

26 DEC BTC FOR 7.81