#earnings BTC GS Iron Condor…

BTC GS Iron Condor .20
Was STO yesterday for 1.10

#earnings BBBY BTC Becs (16.5/17.5)…

#earnings BBBY
BTC Becs (16.5/17.5) for .07
Was STO yesterday for .46

#coveredcalls I could not find…

I could not find a hashtag for Jade Lizards, so I’ll post here.
Please let me know if another hashtag would be more appropriate.

BTC SQ jade liz for .74 (17 Jan 62/66/67)
Was STO on Dec 23 for 1.43
This mornings upgrade will likely push it above the 66C

#jadelizard, #jadelizards-sometimes


BTC FIVE iron Condor 0.65 was STO Dec 5th for 1.20


STO 10 Jan 138/133 for 2.11

Jade Liz.

23 DEC, STO REGN 375/375/382.5 JL FOR 8.15

26 DEC BTC FOR 7.81