#Earnings Sold to Open $AMZN Jan 31st 1840/1860/1880 #IronButterfly for 18.50. Narrowed to 20 from my usual 30-wide to reduce risk.

#earnings #ironbutterfly AEO Sold Dec….

#earnings #ironbutterfly AEO

Sold Dec. 20, 13.50/15.50/15.50/17.50 for 1.33

Thanks for the data Jeff

AMZN closed

#Earnings . BTC $AMZN #IronButterfly for for 21.46. Sold yesterday for 27.00. Nice when these work.

AMZN iron butterfly

#Earnings . Sold $AMZN Oct 25th 1745/1775/1805 #IronButterfly for 27.00. Risking 3.00 to make, hopefully a lot.

This is a classic play I’ve done probably a dozen times. It worked nicely in Q1, with a 20.00 profit. But often, it can be max loss, which tomorrow would be 3.00. Used to get these for closer to 28.00, but times have changed; probably the higher stock price to blame.

TLRY burned out

#Earnings Looked like it might light up on Wednesday, but this is dropping like a stoned.

$TLRY 40.5/44.5/48.5 #IronButterfly, sold for 2.94 on Tuesday, expiring ITM for 4.00 debit, 1.06 loss.

#ironbutterfly UVXY #tastytradefollow Sold Sept….

#ironbutterfly UVXY

#tastytradefollow Sold Sept. 20, 20/32/32/38 for 6.23, profitable above 25.75, UVXY currently at 32.50.

TLRY trade

#Earnings Sold to Open $TLRY 40.5/44.5/48.5 #IronButterfly for 2.95. Risking 1.00 to make 2.95. This has a decent chance of max loss, but the R/R make it worth the shot. Also, three days for it to return to the middle if it moves far tonight.