#earnings #ironbutterfly #closing DIS Yesterday…

#earnings #ironbutterfly #closing DIS

Yesterday sold Nov. 16, 105/115/115/125 for 4.27, essentially a straddle with protection, bought to close the shorts for 3.66. Leaving the longs that are with about 2.00 each, Disney lotto, stock is at 117.

#earnings #ironbutterfly DIS Sold Nov….

#earnings #ironbutterfly DIS
Sold Nov. 16, 105/115/115/125 for 4.27, thanks for the data Jeff.

SQ trade

#Earnings Since we have two days for this to drift around, I’m shooting for the center, hoping that any gap will be closed by Friday.

Sold to open $SQ Nov 9th 77.5/82.5/87.5 #IronButterfly for 4.00. Max risk 1.00.

AMZN is trying

If we remain bullish today, $AMZN could end up in the #IronButterfly profit range of 1715 to 1765. Fingers crossed.

AMZN trade

#Earnings Sold $AMZN Oct 26th 1710p/1740p/1740c/1770c #IronButterfly for 28.10.

Exited my mistake long for 28.10 and added the correct short IB.

This is 1.90 of risk for a max gain of 28.10. It’s impossible to make the full 28.10, but if price is within 28.10 from 1740 tomorrow, you’ll win. This is better than I get for this trade usually, I guess do to elevated volatility on the market. You can’t beat the R/R.

I’m going to try another later in the day, perhaps centered higher in the belief that the stock will go up tonight.

#earnings #ironbutterfly #closing JPM sold…

#earnings #ironbutterfly #closing JPM
sold yesterday for 4.16, bought this morning for 3.15.

Final trades and Options Expiration, 5/18/18

Sold $SPX June 14th 2795/2820 call spreads for 1.75
Sold $SPX May 31st 2650/2675/2750/2775 #CondorRoll for 6.70
#OptionsExpiration Expiring at full loss: Long 2770/2790 call spreads, bought for 1.29… Made a couple of profitable rounds with this spread but the remaining ones fizzled out.

#IronButterfly Sold to close $AMZN 1575/1600/1625 butterfly for .84. Bought for 2.95 on May 3rd.

#Earnings Closed remaining $A 65 puts for .75. Avg closing price: 1.10. Strangles (65/75) sold for .77 on Monday.
Closed $OLED May 18th 100 put for 5.70. Sold for 3.50 last week. In the hole on the rolls here… need to assess next week.

#VXXGame BTC $UVXY Jan 2019 70 call for .45. Sold for 6.50, avg price.
Expiring are long calls used as hedges, UVXY 40 calls (bought for .45) and 44 calls (bought for .21).
Expiring at full loss: a bunch of $VXX 30 puts, bought for the avg price of .12

#Assignment $AMAT 54.5 put, taking stock, will sell call next week. #PieTrades