W earnings

#Earnings This is a trade I did in 1st quarter that worked nicely. Wayfair has made some big moves on earnings before, which is probably why premiums are so high.

Sold to Open $W Aug 11th 75/80/85 #IronButterfly for 4.25. Max risk .75. Biggest UP move: 28.2%, Biggest DOWN move: -19.6%, Average move: 13.3%. Profits between 75.75 (-3.6%) and 84.25 (+7.2%). Slightly bullish with the trend and high call interest at 80.

AAPL earnings

#Earnings #IronButterfly 150.00 is a nice round number with higher open interest, so playing this one for a pin on Friday.

Sold to Open $AAPL Aug 4th 145/150/155 iron butterflys for 3.67. Max risk, 1.33.

ONE-DAY moves: Biggest UP move: 6.5%, Biggest DOWN move: -6.6%, Average move: 4.1%.

Options Expiration 7/28/17

#OptionsExpiration #Earnings #CoveredCalls #ContangoETFs #ShortStrangles #ShortCalls

— Expiring w/Max Profit —
DUST 45 calls
FSLR 49 covered call

— Assignments —
HCA 83.5 puts, taking stock, cost basis 82.30
FSLR 48 covered call, releasing half of stock position

— Expiring w/Loss —
AMZN 1037.5/1042.5/1092.5/1097.5 #IronCondor
AMZN 1030/1050/1070 #IronButterfly
GOOGL 980/1000/1020 Iron Butterflys

SPX shake out

#SPXCampaign Couldn’t hold onto these with weakness today.
Bought to close $SPX July 28th 2465 puts for 3.00. Sold in the 2465/2440 put spread for 3.70 on July 20th. Will sell the long 2440 puts if we drop more.

Bought to close SPX July 31st 2470/2445 put spreads for 4.70. Sold in the 2445/2470/2495 #IronButterfly (#IBroll) for 15.65 on July 19th.

I am backing off on put rolls for now, given the market weakness. I have too many spreads near the money. Had been looking to close out the week on a high note with weakness more likely next week, but it came early so now I’m on guard. My main goal now is to get back to normal order with fewer spreads so close to the money.

AMZN Earnings

#Earnings Bought to Close AMZN July 28th 1030/1050/1070 #IronButterfly @ 19.50 (sold for 17.90)

Don’t see it recovering today so taking what I can get and cutting max loss by .50

AMZN Earnings, Pt. 2

#Earnings Sold to Open $AMZN July 28th 1030/1050/1070 #IronButterfly for 17.85. Max risk, 2.15. Trying for another at a better price, but 18.00 is not filling.

AMZN Earnings

#Earnings Volatility in the last few minutes got me filled on this, despite very wide bid/ask spreads.
Sold to Open $AMZN July 28th 1037.5/1042.50/1092.5/1097.5 #IronCondor for 3.50. Max risk, 1.50. Set the order when AMZN was at 1068, filled when it was at 1053.

Over last 12 quarters, Biggest UP move: 14.1%, Biggest DOWN move: -9.6%, Average move: 7.4%. This trade is +3.8% and -1.0% OTM.

When you reduce to the last 6 quarters, the moves are smaller: Biggest UP move: 9.6%, Biggest DOWN move: -7.6%, Average move: 4.6%.

Also considering a 20-point wide #IronButterfly, which I may sell at end of the day.