SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Upside Warning looks imminent. Getting long.
Closed on GTC order: $SPX Dec 8th 2480/2455 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.44 on Nov 10th.

Closed Dec 1st 2565/2590 call spreads for 22.15. Sold for 15.60 last week. Waiting to roll.

Working on buying some short term call spreads. Also rolling one of these recently closed ITM call spreads into an #IronButterfly or #InverseCondor.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Too much indecision to leave ITM put spreads over the weekend:

Closed Nov 15th 2595/2570 put spreads for 12.30. Sold in #InverseCondor for 23.25 on Nov 1st
Partially rolled to: Nov 22nd 2590/2565 put spreads for 8.70

Closed Nov 13th 2590/2565 put spreads for 9.35. Sold in an #InverseCondor for 23.00 on Oct 30th.
#CondorRoll Sold Nov 27th 2555/2580/2600/2625 condors for 11.00.

Also, Sold Nov 24th 2560/2585 call spreads for 17.30, as #ITMroll.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign $SPX
Closed Nov 15th 2540/2565 call spreads for 23.30. Sold for 20.70 on Nov 1st
Rolled to Nov 22nd 2555/2580 for 20.90.

Closed Nov 15th 2575/2600 call spreads for 16.45. Sold in #InverseCondor on Nov 1st for 23.25.
Not yet rolled (was waiting for this morning, but that hasn’t worked out yet)

Sold Nov 20th 2540/2565 put spreads for 2.10.


Sold Nov 22nd 2560/2535 put spreads for 3.05
Sold Nov 22nd 2550/2525 put spreads for 2.80

Closed Nov 17th 2585/2610 call spreads for 5.95. Sold last Friday for 14.10. Plan to roll this if we can rally back higher.

SPX puts sold

#SPXcampaign Since today marks a further validation of the Upside Warning on the #VIXindicator, I’m selling an additional aggressive put spread, and holding off on selling new call spreads and an #ITMroll.

Sold $SPX Nov 16th (monthly) 2585/2560 call spreads for 5.10.


SPX trades

#SPXcampaign $SPX

Closed on GTC orders:
Nov 8th 2540/2515 put spreads for .20. Originally sold for 2.00
Nov 16th 2465/2440 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.50 on Oct 19th.

Closed Nov 13th 2570/2595 call spreads for 16.25. Sold last Monday as part of an #InverseCondor for 23.00. (Leaving the 2590/2565 put spread on for hopeful expiration)
#ITMroll Sold Nov 20th 2575/2600 call spreads for 14.60.

Closed Nov 13th 2540/2565 call spreads for 23.45. Sold last Monday for 20.50.
Not yet rolled

Sold Nov 20th 2585/2560 put spreads for 6.10.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign $SPX

Closed Nov 8th 2525/2550 call spreads for 23.75. Sold last Wednesday for 19.40.
#ITMroll Sold Nov 15th 2540/2565 call spreads for 20.70.

Closed Nov 8th 2540/2565 call spreads for 22.65. Sold for 19.35 on Oct 24th.
#InverseCondor Rolled to Nov 15th 2575/2600 calls and 2595/2570 put spreads for 23.25.

Stopped Nov 10th 2600/2625 call spreads for 3.80 (4.00 stop was hit)
Working on a #ReverseRoll

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign $SPX Today, in chronological order:

(Friday after close) BTC #ITMroll Nov 6th 2520/2545 call spreads for 23.50. Sold for 22.10 last Monday.
BTC Nov 1st 2540/2515 put spreads for .35. Sold Oct 18th for 2.70.
BTC #ITMroll Nov 6th 2525/2550 call spreads for 23.20. Sold for 22.25 on Oct 20th.
Sold Nov 13th 2570/2595 call spreads and 2590/2565 put spreads for 23.00 total, as an #InverseCondor to roll one of the Nov 6th #ITMroll call spreads stopped above. This gives me a much higher call spread strike. One of these two will be rolled next Monday, or both if they are both ITM.

BTC Nov 10th 2460/2435 put spreads for .32. Sold for 1.45 on Oct 9th.
Sold Dec 1st 2480/2455 put spreads for 1.47.
(the above 2 were done together as one trade, which seemed to “trick” my broker into a better margin outcome that they were showing had I done them separately)

BTC Nov 10th 2600/2625 call spreads for 1.95. Sold for 1.68 in early October. This is a double position so I’m doing a #ReverseRoll on half since it got close to my stop level on Friday.
Sold Nov 8th 2540/2515 put spreads for 2.00 as a #ReverseRoll

Still waiting to sell another #ITMroll, hopefully during a rally into the close. My news alerts said that today’s drop was due to word that corporate tax cuts may come in phases. If that’s really the reason, sounds like another dip to buy.