SPX 1dte fly defense worked

Closed my SPX Jan22 2620/2625/2630 put flies (defense position from IC) one account for $1240 profit and the other for $600 profit. I was tempted to hold for a pin at 2625 but decided some profit is better than no profit so I TTMAR. I’ve learned a lot from Deal or No Deal. lol.

The call side of the IC will close for full profit of $600. Was a good day. I owe @hcgdavis for suggesting flies for defense. They will be my “go to” defense on the credit spreads that are near expiration.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Jan 23rd 2575/2555 put spreads for .55. Looking to add the call spread on any bounce; hopefully before 3pm ET.

SPX 1dte

#spx1dte Sold SPX Jan23 2600/2595 put credit spread (pcs) @ .25 x 6, four in one account and two in the other. Looking for an opportunity to sell a call credit spread (ccs)
Sold SPX Jan23 2685/2690 ccs @ .20 x6 to complete ICs in both accounts based on break below low of day.


SPX 1-dte stopped

#SPX1dte Bought to close $SPX Jan 22nd 2630/2610 put spreads for 1.20. Condor sold for .95 on Friday. Suffered from poor entry in the last hour on Friday, so my put spread was simply too high to survive this minor (so far) pullback. I’ll be looking to enter these earlier in the day.

SPX 1-dte, legging in

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Jan 22nd 2715/2735 call spreads for .45. Legging in as I see us going lower into the close. Will sell puts soon.


SPX 1-dte stopped

#SPX1dte Upside stop was hit, so…

Bought to close $SPX Jan 18th 2680/2700 call spreads for .85. Puts will expire. Iron condors sold yesterday for .80, so I lost .05 and commissions. Will sell another for Tuesday expiration.

SPX 1dte IC

#spx1dte Sold SPX Jan22 2695/2700 call credit spread @ .25 x12, 8 in one account and 4 in the other.
Sold SPX Jan22 2625/2620 pcs @ .25 x12 to complete my IC. One could say I waited too long. 🙂

Bot back 50% of 2625 short puts @ 1.35 on Tues, Jan 22 to defend this IC.