Rainy day vacation trades. First…

Rainy day vacation trades. First full on rain day all week, we had a few tstorms but they were short lived.

Not a bad week of profits for being on vacation.

Hope everyone has a good expiration.

Rolled Jul 7 WDC 84 puts to 8/4 for 1.47 credit. Sold for 0.97 3 weeks ago.
STO Jul 28 SWKS 95 puts at 1.2. Could add another week because of VW diesel money just hit the account, thanks to VW and Bosch for screwing up the software I get to add another week to the ladder.
Rolled 6/23 WDC 87 puts to 6/30 90 puts for 0.85 and 0.65 credit. Originally sold for 1.53. Things up 3 points today so lost .20 in the time it took me to change platforms.

Next week should be busier, have multiple SVXY, WDC, SWKS and other ladders expiring.

Have a great weekend, sun just poked out here!


XBI 6/23 76.5 put for…

XBI 6/23 76.5 put for 0.4-0.47 is a today recommendation by options income blueprint. I would do it but have limited margin until Friday. Maybe do it for next week.

Also on vacation but saw this when I took a break at lunch.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

We get some VW money back this week for the diesel recall so will give me some more trading $ for next week.

#vxx game Rolled this week…

#vxx game

Rolled this week SVXY 125 puts to next week for credit of 0.56. Sold for 1.09 on the little vix spike last week.

#optionladder Rolled this week SVXY…

Rolled this week SVXY 115 puts to Jul 14 for 1.18 credit. Originally sold 2 weeks ago for 1.24.

#optionladder STO Jul 28 WDC…


STO Jul 28 WDC 80 puts at 1.5

Rather than click the like…

Rather than click the like button on all your expirations I will just say impressive!

It would be interesting to figure out the total value of all the expiring options for the entire group and the value of all the sold options in a week. Awesome!

Keep selling and we can all keep feeding each other ideas.

Cheers, Chris

Thanks bistro traders for showing…

Thanks bistro traders for showing me how to roll credit spreads and sell options on contango and leveraged etfs! It has supercharged my trading results lately but more importantly improved consistency.

I will be rolling some WDC puts at 87 and 88 that expire today, or may take assignment, there is 0.50 dividend coming up and can sell calls.

I have 19 patients left to see then vacation next week but will trade at least 1 day! Happy Fathers day to all the dads.