Happy New Year everyone!

A few quick updates. Trying to catch up with the group now that the majority of the work for Traders Reserve and Quantculture is done.

Big 2 weeks for my personal accounts. Finally made back all the losses from the Feb 6, 2018 SVXY implosion that took out 3 of my accounts. They are all either at break even or all time highs. I appreciate the group introducing me to SVXY but since then I make sure I know the underlying and what it can or cannot do. Never be short unhedged volatility again!!!

Sometimes expensive lessons are the most painful but also the best teachers. Since then I stick to my mechanics and had an across the board 60.8% return for 2020 including the market puke in March.

With that said I am trading 6 active accounts each with up to 7-10 positions so posting them would take me hours.

Going forward will just point out really juicy trades that I see.

The Russian virus took out quantculture.com already. We have a back up working on Linux but will probably be a few weeks before it is functional again. Stay tuned, there will be some really useful tools coming in the future. The robot is back up and trading but to be honest has not been that successful. It keeps buying too expensive options. We are tweaking it to trade spreads or at least find the cheapest option or go out farther in time to reduce the theta decay/drag. That should work and also improve its winning %. Will update once it is optimized.

Stay healthy! Hope 2021 is good to everyone. Get your Covid vaccines when you can but expect some side effects. It creates a fairly massive immune response. I just had muscle aches on round 1. I hear round 2 is worse but it could save your life or someone you know. Staff had headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, low grade fevers, and nausea. All resolved in 24 hours.