SPX Did we have any…


Did we have any news that caused the SPX to drop?

#UVXY I noticed that calls…

I noticed that calls on UVXY still have high premium. The highest point was $30 and APR $31 calls are about $2.00. Is there a trade here or am I missing something?

#Fuzzy . Has anyone looked…

#Fuzzy . Has anyone looked at Ford for a fuzzy?
F Jan 2020
STO 9.87 PUT
BTO 4.87 PUT
Or if you BTO 11.87 CALL you can do the trade or a credit.

Is there a trade here, or am I too optimistic?

UVXY It would have been…

It would have been a nice trade to buy UVXY puts yesterday.
Or even a put spread. UVXY is down $4.80

I have a quick question…

I have a quick question about rolling naked puts.

Many traders recommend rolling a put as soon as it gets ATM or slightly ITM. Especially, if it is close to expiration date. Would the same rolling recommendation apply to a put that has 1-2 months to expiration and gets ATM or ITM?

For example, I have UPS Mar 16 $110 put. The stock is at $109.28.
In a normal market, I would probably wait for a while, but in this market, it is easy to get deep ITM.
Rolling out and down would be simple right now.

What is your opinion on this?


Does anyone know why the…

Does anyone know why the market goes in the opposite direction as soon as I put a trade on?
Is that a curse? 🙂

DUST Calls


Sold $DUST Jun 15th 40 call for 2.00