TSLA calls Did you see…

TSLA calls

Did you see Feb21 TSLA calls at $1,000 strike are $2.40.
Can TSLA go that high? 🙂 🙂 🙂

MOMO is down 7% JUL17,…

MOMO is down 7%
JUL17, 2020 25 PUT is @1.40

STO BA Jan15’21 250 PUT…

STO BA Jan15’21 250 PUT @ 11.10

STO FDX Leap Jan15’21 -…

STO FDX Leap Jan15’21 – 125 PUT @8.60

#fallingknife DLTR down 16%

DLTR down 16%

Is this a good time…

Is this a good time to start buying VXX calls? 🙂


@smasty Sue, what is your…


Sue, what is your plan for TGT #suecollar trade?
With the earning coming up, puts are very expensive.