Buying shares to get the…

Buying shares to get the dividend.

Just wanted to check if buying shares on ex-div date would be sufficient to get the dividend.
Or do I need to buy a day early to account for the time to settle the trade?

#fallingknife FYI TLRD is down…



TLRD is down 21%
DIV. 2.75%

SLD TLRD Jan18’19 20 PUT 1.75

#fallingknife FYI HRB is down…


HRB is down 18%
Is tax business so bad??
4% Div.

SLD HRB Jan18’19 20 PUT 0.90

#shortputs FYI TREE is down…


TREE is down 7%

#shortputs HA is down 4.7%


HA is down 4.7%
SYK down 3%

@smasty160 Sue, what do you…


Sue, what do you think about using your strategy for trading over earnings?
Am I missing something here?

For example:
BTO Aug 17 62.50 Put
BTO Aug 17 60 Call
STO June 22 58 Put
STO June 22 63 Call

Limited risk + possibility to keep selling premium.


#shortputs YY SLD YY Jun29’18…

SLD YY Jun29’18 99 PUT 1.25
SLD YY Jun22’18 99 PUT 0.70