STZ is down 8% on…

STZ is down 8% on investment news

#fallingknife MCHP is down 11%…


MCHP is down 11%
Good premium in Jan

SYNA down 10%
EWZ down 4%
TXN down 4%

#fallingknife Z is down 14%


Z is down 14%

#fallingknife EXAS is down 16%…


EXAS is down 16%

Jan 37 PUT 1.95

#fallingknife TRIP is down 14%…

TRIP is down 14%
Good premium in Jan for $39 and $40

X is down 10%

#fallingknife CAKE is down 13%…


CAKE is down 13%
Good premium for Jan $40 puts

RACE is down 10%
BIDU is down 7%

Question about Butterfly trade. I…

Question about Butterfly trade.

I made a mistake with the strikes when buying a butterfly on TSLA.
I got a DITM Call BTF instead of an OTM Call BTF
August 3rd EXP
CALLS 265/270/275
Total paid $0.23

Is there a risk for holding this trade, other than losing $23?
Is there any benefit for holding this trade?

TOS analyze tab is showing strange numbers.
I tried to close the trade, but no takers so far.