VIX Puts Is there any…

VIX Puts

Is there any unusual risk in buying VIX puts?
Other than the potential loss of the premium paid.

TSLA calls Did you see…

TSLA calls

Did you see Feb21 TSLA calls at $1,000 strike are $2.40.
Can TSLA go that high? 🙂 🙂 🙂

MOMO is down 7% JUL17,…

MOMO is down 7%
JUL17, 2020 25 PUT is @1.40

STO BA Jan15’21 250 PUT…

STO BA Jan15’21 250 PUT @ 11.10

STO FDX Leap Jan15’21 -…

STO FDX Leap Jan15’21 – 125 PUT @8.60

#fallingknife DLTR down 16%

DLTR down 16%

Is this a good time…

Is this a good time to start buying VXX calls? 🙂


@smasty Sue, what is your…


Sue, what is your plan for TGT #suecollar trade?
With the earning coming up, puts are very expensive.

#fallingknife GRUB is down 42%

GRUB is down 42%
BYND down 19%

@hcgdavis Chris, what are the…

Chris, what are the current hedges you have on?
Can you please share some examples?