#earnings HD #jadelizard #ironcondor This…

#earnings HD KSS

#jadelizard #ironcondor #shortstrangles

HD This is a jade lizard set up with a protective put, making it an iron condor
HD Sold Dec. 20, 210/225/240/242.50 for 2.60
KSS sold Dec. 20, 50/65 strangle for 1.65

Thanks for the data Jeff

EXPE earnings disaster

Rolled the 125 #jadelizard converted to a #fuzzy down to 95/95 strikes. Short option 15 DTE. When all cleared my cost basis is now 37.33. Need about 0.33 per week to break even and have until Jan 2022 to do it.

I am done with earnings. Too random and binary. 6 out of 9 of my earnings trades this year imploded even with some limited risk positions.

This one trade reduced my yearly profits by about 20% for the year even being only a 7% position in my portfolio.

Black swans are more common than the options price for.

Earnings blow up EXPE

Did not take my own advice, tried another earnings trade and now losing 6 out of 9. EXPE missed earnings by 0.60 and down over night by 17. Opened this morning down 31 or 22%. Had a #jadelizard at 125/144/145. Obviously the 125 are now way ITM.

Converted to a #fuzzy but will take a long time to make the loss back. Bought the 2022 125 put for 27.92 plus will use some more cash to roll my short put down and out.

Will let the call side expire worthless just to now spend any more money on the trade. This had been my biggest winner for the year. 1 night wiped out 11 months of gains on EXPE.

#earnings #jadelizard GS Jade lizard…

#earnings #jadelizard GS
Jade lizard with downside protection. Sold Nov. 15, 195 short put/205 short call/210 long call for 5.01. Bought Oct. 15, 195 put for .70.
Thanks for the data Jeff

#markettide Is showing a possible…


Is showing a possible reversal on the 5 minute for /ES.

IBB STO the other side of the strangle at 103 c for 0.65 for 11/8 exp. Strangle is now the 101.5/103 for 3.45 credit total after some rolls. I am trying this as an experiment based on the TT research. Open initially at 43-45 DTE then manage at 21 DTE no matter what. Rolled the put side last week. They showed that beats all other management tactics for selling options so seeing how it works in real time with real money. 10 contracts so there is some skin in the game. So far so good, showing an $875 profit even with the puts being ITM. If it works will set up ladders on various ETFs. Single tickers would use #jadelizard to avoid upside risk.

XBI rolled the short 80 put from 10 DTE out to 24 DTE for 0.42 credit. Cb 13.66.
LNG 60/65 rolled out to 45 DTE for 0.52 credit. Cb 7.12.

#earnings #closing COST Closed Nov….

#earnings #closing COST

Closed Nov. 15 #jadelizard and Oct. 18 long put spread from yesterday, made $70.

#earnings #jadelizard COST Sold Nov….

#earnings #jadelizard COST
Sold Nov. 15, 265/290/295 jade lizard for 5.67
bought Oct. 18, 250/260 long put spread for .55 as a downside hedge
Thanks for the data Jeff