BTC AAL 24 JAN 20 29.5/30/27.5 jadelizard  @.45….STO 12/17 @.98



STO EWZ 21 Feb 48/49/45 @1.25..

#coveredcalls I could not find…

I could not find a hashtag for Jade Lizards, so I’ll post here.
Please let me know if another hashtag would be more appropriate.

BTC SQ jade liz for .74 (17 Jan 62/66/67)
Was STO on Dec 23 for 1.43
This mornings upgrade will likely push it above the 66C

#jadelizard, #jadelizards-sometimes

#earnings #jadelizard FIVE Sold Dec….

#earnings #jadelizard FIVE

Sold Dec. 20, 105/118/120 for 2.50.

Thanks for the earnings data Jeff

#earnings #jadelizard M Sold Dec….

#earnings #jadelizard M

Sold Dec. 20, 15/15.50/16.50 for 1.15.
I’m long 105 shares from assignment a long time ago with a cost basis in the 30s. Will add a couple long puts to protect that horrid position.

#earnings HD #jadelizard #ironcondor This…

#earnings HD KSS

#jadelizard #ironcondor #shortstrangles

HD This is a jade lizard set up with a protective put, making it an iron condor
HD Sold Dec. 20, 210/225/240/242.50 for 2.60
KSS sold Dec. 20, 50/65 strangle for 1.65

Thanks for the data Jeff

EXPE earnings disaster

Rolled the 125 #jadelizard converted to a #fuzzy down to 95/95 strikes. Short option 15 DTE. When all cleared my cost basis is now 37.33. Need about 0.33 per week to break even and have until Jan 2022 to do it.

I am done with earnings. Too random and binary. 6 out of 9 of my earnings trades this year imploded even with some limited risk positions.

This one trade reduced my yearly profits by about 20% for the year even being only a 7% position in my portfolio.

Black swans are more common than the options price for.