#callbutterfly CMG tastyTrade idea sold…

#callbutterfly CMG

tastyTrade idea sold April 18, 715/725/725/745 for 1.00 (but 1, 715, sell 2, 725s, buy 1 745), CMG hovering around 700.

#earnings #callbutterfly WDC Sold (technically…

#earnings #callbutterfly WDC

Sold (technically bought) a Feb. 15 39/40/40/42 call butterfly for .35. This is profitable if WDC goes down. WDC hasn’t been kind to #fallingknife traders as it was a little over 100 almost a year ago, now about 40. I have 100 assigned shares at a cost basis of 68, and have a short April 55 put that has been rolled a couple times. The call butterfly will ease the pain a little if it goes down.
Thanks for the info Jeff.


The big thing I’ll be watching today is AMZN, since I have an ITM naked put on it. Last Friday watching it pin 1600 was a beautiful thing. There is adequate OI on the 1600 line today to support a move back up there again. If I’m going to keep playing AMZN it’s got to be done more safely, with one of our stock replacement structures. If I do take assignment, I’ve designed a “#SharkFinHedge ” that has a max loss of about 1/3 of my next call sale to provide about another $10 downside along w/ the new call sale for next week. Here’s what the hedge looks like: May 25 1565/1555/1550 broken wing put butterfly for about $2.00 debit. Keeping these tight with DTE means they move more quickly with underlying price movement. I also will sell calls near the close in advance of assignment. Stay tuned!



#callbutterfly CMG Tastytrade idea, near…

#callbutterfly CMG

Tastytrade idea, near the close yesterday, sold May 18, 430/435/435/445 for .21, profitable below 440

AMZN call butterfly

#CallButterfly #Pinning

This is an idea from John Carter at simplertrading.com. He bought it yesterday (a 10-lot), I’m getting a slightly better price today (for a 1-lot). Risking $275 for max gain of $2200-ish. Idea is that price will gravitate toward 1600 for the monthly expiration.

Bought to Open $AMZN May 18th 1575/1600/1625 call butterfly for 2.75.

Options Expiration 2/2/18

#OptionsExpiration #Earnings #IronButterly #ShortStrangles #SPXcampaign #CallButterfly

— Expired w/max profit —
$AAPL 177.5 call
$AMZN 1325/1660 strangle
$AMZN 1300/1675 strangle
$EA 110 puts
$FB 175 put

— Expired w/full loss —
$SPX long 2865/2885 call spreads (sad; this closed over 9.00 last Friday… but zero today)
$MCD 177.5/180/182.5 call butterflys
$AMD 12.5/13/13.5 iron butterfly (I lost $10)

$AAPL 175 puts, taking stock
$BABA 200 puts, taking stock
$VRTX 167.5 put, taking stock (I closed one put for .60, but forgot to close the other before the bell)

MCD earnings

#Earnings #CallButterfly Beautiful trend and decent fundamental. Playing for the trend to continue and to end the week near 180.

Bought to open $MCD Feb 2nd 177.5/180/182.5 call butterflys for .40. Max risk: .40. Max gain: 2.10. Breakevens: 177.90 and 182.10.

Biggest UP move: 9.4%, Biggest DOWN move: -7.7%, Average move: +/- 3.2%. Upside bias: +1.3%