#shortstrangles CAT #shortcallspreads SPY TastyTrade…

#shortstrangles CAT #shortcallspreads SPY
TastyTrade idea sold Jan. 105/140 for 2.13
Tradewise idea (modified a little) Jan. 4 273/276 call spread for .55

#shortcallspreads WWE sold Dec. 21,…

#shortcallspreads WWE

sold Dec. 21, 75/80 call spread for 1.50

#shortcallspreads #shortstrangles TSLA AAL TSLA…

#shortcallspreads #shortstrangles TSLA AAL

TSLA sold Dec. 21, 380/385 for 1.05
AAL sold Jan. 18, 35/44 for 1.40

#shortcallspreads AMZN Well I managed…

Well I managed to short at the bottom again.
BTC Nov 16 1685 call for $41, sold this morning at $8.20, waited to close long side STC 1640 for $6.75, bought 0.70.

This was a small portion of my position as I see price dropping precipitously. At least I learned not to sell all when pain is intense. Next, learn to pass when price moved dramatically, unless brave enough to go against trend and keep it small initially.

#shortcallspreads AMZN Very busy first…

Very busy first hour BTC 1650 calls for 3.60, sold for 7.82. Roll down to 1590 for 17 cr.
Next sold back 1700 calls for 0.75, bot 1.91 yesterday. Roll down to 1640 at 3.95.
Finally sold BeCS Nov 16 1585/1640 for 7.60, a bit early but looking good now.
The day (8AM) opened at 1608 and when I made most of my trades (9:45) the price was 1580’s. Presently 1558.

#shortcallspreads AMZN Still trying to…

Still trying to get this right. I sold a Nov 16 1650/1700 call spread for $5.90cr, added a 1650/1675 call spread for $4.50cr. AMZN was rallying to 1608. Even with daily spikes up $40 I should be safe with price at 1600 at close. Each day the price settles lower by end of day. It can be quite a ride in between though.

#shortcallspreads AMZN Nov 14 expiration,…


AMZN Nov 14 expiration, decided to close out today short leg first trying to maximize gain on small rally. I ended up giving up $2 by timing poorly.
BTC Nov 16 1640/1670 for 10.90, sold for 13 Monday, and STC Nov 16 1630/1660 for $13.60 sold for 12.10 – should have waited till end of day. I sold shortly after noon expecting a rally like last 2 days. Still trying to get this timing right.