$VIX and /VX are within…

$VIX and /VX are within pennies. We’ll see what happens with the Fed minutes. As long as the market doesn’t freak out, could be in contango very soon.


Started to sell some calls this morning
STO Mar 9 $15 calls @ $0.30

Awesome background Jeff

Awesome background Jeff

@fibwizard Sent you an email…

@fibwizard Sent you an email with a question about the Sierra platform

Had to drop the Vxx…

Had to drop the Vxx prefix on my handle.

$SPX has bounced 40 pts…

$SPX has bounced 40 pts off the low


Now past 5% pull back, 6% is at $2700.
Sitting within a couple points of the 50sma right now, we’ll see if that comes into play or not.