Options Expiration

SVXY $37.5 puts
UVXY $46.5 call
UVXY $50 call
UVXY $65 calls
UVXY $82 calls

Closed out UVXY $35/$39 call spreads for a loss. Decided to wait until Monday to see what happens with the market before adding any more new positions.

Interesting week.

Have a great weekend


Additional trades this morning.
BTC Aug 25 $37/$38 calls spreads for flat just in case we get another move lower.
STO Sep 15 $91 calls @ $2.00
STO Sep 1 $91 calls @ $0.70
STO Sep 1 $70 Call @ $1.35
STO Aug 25 $58 Call @ $1.10

#Market Looks like only support…

Looks like only support level today will be time based, the closing bell in 3 hours.


STO Aug 25 $44 calls @ $ 1.00


I’ve been short a $27/$32 call spread expiring tomorrow. Ended up getting assigned on the short calls last night. At the spike higher at the open, closed out my $32 calls for a nice price. Now just watching the chart to pick a good time to exit the short stock. Market is strengthening and $UVXY starting up drop. Would really like to see it get below $31 this morning.


STO Sep 8 $91 calls @ $.51, small position just to get something on the books for this expiration, didn’t have anything.


Made couple of sales this morning to replace puts that expired last week. Waited a while before putting these on, so lower prices than if I had done it first thing this morning.

STO Sep 1 $60 puts @ $.88
STO Sep 8 $55 puts @ $.76