#OptionsExpiration Been spending the week…

Been spending the week in Denver visiting my Mom so haven’t even looked at the market. Hope you all had a great week. This is all I have expiring.
SVXY $55 puts

Have a great weekend


Hey Guy’s, I’m going to be away from the market the rest of the day so posting these a few minutes early. Have a great weekend.

SVXY $60 puts
UVXY $40 calls

That’s all I have for this week, just not getting any opportunities to put on new positions.


@fuzzballl What is your current position with rolling strangles on $TLT?

#FlyingKnife (inverse of falling knife)…

#FlyingKnife (inverse of falling knife)

Check $TRN, might opportunity to sell calls, but they are very thin.


Hey Gang was away on friday and over the weekend. These were my expiring positions:
$SVXY $66 puts
$UVXY $31.5 calls
$UVXY $91 calls
$VXX $45 calls
$VXX $47.5 calls

Hope you all had a great weekend.


A couple of small trades
STO Oct 6 $UVXY $40 calls @ $0.45
STO Oct 13 $SVXY $55 puts @ $0.45
STO Oct 20 $SVXY $50 puts @ $0.45


Hope you all had a great Friday. @fuzzballl, as it turns out, there was beer in the boat but definitely no shade. Here in Iowa, we actually had the warmest day of the year here on Friday, go figure. July and August were below normal, I think Jeff was keeping all the heat out west.

Very low on open positions, this is all I had expire this week.
$UVXY $25 calls
$UVXY $91 calls