BTO 17 MAY 2023 [AM] 50 CALL @.50



SOLD VIX 17 MAY 2023 [AM] 50 CALL @.65 /bto for .49
BTO VIX MAY 17 2023 17 STRIKE @ .21

SOLD SPY 10 MAR 2023 388 PUT @1.17 /bto .16 yesterday

SPY 10 MAR 2023 392 to 14 MAR 2023 PUT 389 @.49

soxl 13 btc .01

SOXL 17 MAR 2023/10 MAR 2023 13.5 PUT @.70
SOXL 17 MAR 2023/10 MAR 2023 12 PUT @.31

#VIX trade A couple of…

#VIX trade

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I put on a Feb VIX trade looking for a volatility expansion. Clearly that didn’t happen, yet, so I’ll be trying to take that off today for as close to even as I can. Will re-evaluate whether or not to put a similar trade back on, but further out in time. Likely April.


VIX / SPX Correlation

The #VIX to SPX correlation is the highest it has been since we had the month-long decline in May. Today’s correlation is -.18. As a point of reference, the correlation hit the zero line a day or 2 before the onset of the May decline. Conversely, the correlation pretty much bounces between -.75 and the -1.00 floor during rallies. As with all indicators, it doesn’t have a perfect track record either. But I’m getting cautious and increasing my cash position.

Downside Warning canceled

#VIX indicator Well, so much for that. The VIX close today cancels the Downside Warning and we may be on the way to another Upside Warning. Let’s hope the signals work on the next round.

VIX insurance

Added a couple more VIX Mar 20/30 call debit spread @ .95. This is a hedge, not looking for profit.




“Lots of long call bets…

“Lots of long call bets on VIX, but short put is the tasty way.” Tom Preston @ tt.

#VIX – some interesting charts…

#VIX – some interesting charts in this article –


First post-yesterday bought a Jan…

First post-yesterday bought a Jan 20 #VIX 18/21 BuCS for .71, looking for volatility to increase, market is high.