After a failed short term #fuzzy #syntheticstock in Jan 18 with a loss of $144.00 per contract I tried for redemption in April 18 with a BTO Jan 20 135 call @18.45….With my previous loss rolled in and 92 weeks to go I needed $0.22 per week to cover…After 8 short call sales including 2 debit rolls and today touching negative delta I choose to close the position for a net gain of $178 per contract. Not earth shattering but I will take it.


#SyntheticStock – Just about the last of my old synthetic stock positions. Out to 2019 needing .95 per week to scratch. As this winds down I may add to the 2020 position. Still liking the premium in this.

Bought to Close OLED JUN 22 2018 98.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for 1.15)

Sold OLED JUN 29 2018 92.5 Calls @ 1.15


Jumped back into SQ last week…6/6 BTO Jan 20 60 call at 15.79…Need 0.19 per week to cover…STO 6/15 65 call at 0.53….Today 6/15 rolled out and up to 6/22 66.5 call for 0.51 credit #syntheticstock #syntheticcoveredcall

#Fuzzballl #SyntheticStock I am holding…



I am holding #SyntheticStock position in $CELG. 105/105/100 for July. Last night I was assigned the 105 Puts.
I was still in the process of covering max loss by selling Calls and would have achieved this if the roof had not fallen in!

Would appreciate your thought’s on the the best way to handle this.

#fuzzy, #pietrades


#SyntheticStock – BTC EWW May18’18 48.5 calls  for 0.03, sold for 0.31. STO EWW May25’18 47.5 calls for 0.31.


#SyntheticStock – Walking some short calls up that got run over this week:

Roll SLB May11’18 70 calls to SLB May18’18 70.5 calls for 0.05 credit.

Roll MU May11’18 50 calls to MU May25’18 52 calls for 0.20 credit.

Roll JPM May11’18 110 calls to May 25’18 111 calls for 0.41 debit. Giving up some of the premium I’ve collected on this one.


#SyntheticStock – I guess the Donald isn’t going to punish drug companies as much as everyone was thinking. Unfortunately I might be fighting the recovery in this one. Rolling weekly calls up and out for now similar to a trailing stop. Great premium all the way down at least!

Rolled REGN MAY 11 2018 290.0 Calls to JUN 15 2018 300.0 Calls @ .40 credit