#SyntheticStock #IRA – Didn’t want to do this yet but ex-dividend today and ITM so taking it out a couple weeks to be safe. Should be the last one today…

Rolled MGM DEC 15 2017 32.0 Calls to DEC 29 2017 32.0 Calls @ .22 credit


#SyntheticStock – In an #IRA so can’t double sell. Need to close then open.

Bought to Close NVDA DEC 8 2017 195.0 Calls @ .03 (sold for only .48 since it was just 2 days.)

Sold NVDA DEC 15 2017 197.5 Calls @ 1.50


#SyntheticStock #IRA – Weekly sale not quite going to expire today…

Rolled BIDU DEC 8 2017 235.0 Calls to DEC 15 2017 240.0 Calls @ .40 credit (4.85 accumulated premium on this one)



Sold EWZ Dec15’17 40.5 calls at 0.29. Wish I’d sold them on Wednesday but my crystal ball was broke.

Imagine This

@fuzzballl —- Imagine a room full of 10 talented beautiful women option traders debating the merits of your #syntheticstock diagonals. Some of the women like the LEAP setups, some don’t (me). My thought is if there’s a melt up move on bullish setups, I’d rather close everything (for profit) than roll short-dated positions for significant debits. If I expect a full close in 3-4 months, why do LEAPs . All of these women say “thank you” by the way for your ideas and posts.



#SyntheticStock -Been waiting for some sort of a pullback to get in this long term Whiz style (although he prefers the #LongCallDiagonals for some reason).

Sold NVDA JAN 17 2020 190.0 Puts @ 37.75
Bought NVDA JAN 17 2020 190.0 Calls @ 43.70

Adding tight disaster puts. If it implodes I’ll roll this down and re-invest the profits back into more longs.

Bought to Open NVDA JAN 17 2020 185.0 Puts @ 35.05

This gives a net debit of 41.00 for the Jan 2020 position. Add the 5 point max downside and get a max loss possibility of 46.00. Based on that, and the 110 weeks remaining in the trade I only need to average about 42 cents per week in sales to cover the absolute worst case scenario. And…NVDA has great weekly premium.

Sneaking my first sale in this week to cover the small DIS loss:

Sold NVDA DEC 8 2017 195.0 Calls @ .48

Trading DIS for NVDA

#SyntheticStock – As @1strangealien and I were discussing down below I’ve bailed on DIS for a small loss and established a new position in NVDA (one of my favorites). Decent liquidity and great premium for weekly selling against the long term position.

DIS details: (I’ll post seperately with the NVDA details)

Sold to Close Jan 2020 100 strike synthetic stock @ 6.90
Sold to Close Jan 2020 90 strike disaster puts @ 5.50
Bought to Close Jun 2018 105 calls @ 6.70

Net credit of 5.70 plus front month premium received of .40 so 6.10 total. Cost to enter the trade was 6.63 so final numbers work out to a loss of .53. I’ll roll that into my NVDA cost and have it made up this week. LOL Hate a loser but really wanted a crack at NVDA so happy to close it.