#SyntheticStock – Converting this one over to Jan 2019 Bull Call Spreads similar to how I did NUGT…closing the short put side of the synthetic and the disaster put (a BuPS). The stock is still above the LEAP position so a good time to do it (yesterday was even better!).

Bought to Close DG JAN 18 2019 95.0/92.5 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.05

Sold DG JAN 18 2019 115.0 Calls @ 2.75

Caps my upside well above the all time high on the stock which I’m ok with. In exchange for that I reduce the max loss and pick up a quick 1.70 towards being risk free in the position.

BTW…also did this with PYPL today but won’t bore you with the details.


#SyntheticStock – Mr. King of timing here again. I waited yesterday to sell calls for next week on this one, hoping to see the 200sma was gonna hold. She didn’t hold, I shoulda sold… yesterday.  STO EWW Apr27’18 53 calls for 0.16. Oh well, I only need 0.08 a week to cover a total loss on my 2020 52/52/50 synthetic position.


#SyntheticStock – BTC SLB Apr20’18 70 calls for 0.10, sold for 0.39. Waiting to sell next week’s, bouncing off of 69 level??


#SyntheticStock – BTC EWW Apr27’18 55 calls for 0.07, sold a couple days ago for 0.31. Gonna wait and sell more calls for next week after I see if EWW bounces off the 200 day sma, which it is hitting.


#SyntheticStock – An old “earnings gone bad” repair trade that might actually turn into a nice winner…needs 99 cents per week. Earnings May 3rd so staying aggressive until then.

Bought to Close OLED APR 20 2018 103.0 Calls @ .10 (sold for 1.58)

Sold OLED APR 27 2018 100.0 Calls @ 1.40



#SyntheticStock – Plugging away against a Jan 2020 position…selling next batch in earnings week. Might adjust it a little as the day approaches.

Bought to Close REGN APR 20 2018 337.5 Calls @ .20 (sold for 2.20)

Sold REGN MAY 4 2018 345.0 Calls @ 2.40


#SyntheticStock – Some more rolling. Easing them up but keeping some downside cushion. LUV earnings next week.

Rolled EWW APR 20 2018 51.5 Calls to MAY 18 2018 52.0 Calls @ .04 debit

Rolled LUV APR 20 2018 55.0 Calls to MAY 4 2018 57.0 Calls @ .05 credit