$SPX 1DTE Expired / OLLI BUCS and BUPS and Put Closed / Rolled TQQQ / STNE Put Closed / NUGT PLAN Rolled / EXAS Covered Call

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$SPX 2865/2890 BUPS STO 9/10 at 1.35
$SPX 2960/2985 BUPS STO 9/12 at 2.85 Thank you @jeff

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By Golly $OLLI All were opened after earnings release which dropped the stock.
$OLLI STC 9/20 55/60 BUCS on 9/10 for 4.50. BTO 8/29 at 2.97
$OLLI BTC 9/20 55/60 BUPS on 9/16 for .20/ STO 8/19 at 2.03
$OLLI BTC 9/20 55 puts at .05 on 9/12. STO 8/29 at 1.35

Have not been posting lately. A little out of sorts. Hope to be back soon.

$TQQQ Rolled 9/20 65 calls to 10/4 68 calls at even. Gain three points if called away. These sold against 66.67 LEAPS. Collected 68% of call cost so far.


$STNE BTC 9/20 30 put at .05/ STO 8/19 at 1.00. Thank you @fuzzy
$NUGT Rolled 9/20 35 put to 9/27 34 put at .37 debit.
$PLAN Rolled 9/20 50 put to 10/18 for added 1.10 credit. Thanks @honkhonk81 for original idea.

$EXAS STO 9/20 109 calls at 1.05


#SyntheticStock – This is the last of my old positions that’s been stuck in limbo. It’s synthetic stock out to 2020 but weekly short calls have been buried DITM for weeks with no relief in site. The position needed a yuuuge move one way or the other and it hasn’t happened. It still could but I’m wasting time waiting. Doing an extreme repair trade here but also improving my cash position and allowing the weeklies to be sold again.

Closed the 400/400/390 synthetic taking an 11.15 loss

Closed the ITM short calls and rolled them….

Rolled them to a Jan 2021 ITM bull put spread for 4.85 debit.

So what now?

I can resume safely selling weekly calls against the position. The BuPS uses zero cash and just a small amount of margin but I’m also giving up any chance of huge profits (or losses!). Strictly a repair trade so as I sell weeklies and book them I plan on using that cash to gradually roll the wings of the BuPS in. At some point I hope to have it pretty narrow and be able to get out at a scratch.

Of course I still would like to see the stock go up but a drop isn’t the end of the world since it’s all defined risk.

I’ll calculate the final numbers tonight to see exactly where I stand but that’s the basic plan.


Sold REGN OCT 19 2018 415.0 Calls @ 1.65

With 5 wide strikes on the bottom end of the BuPS I should be able to move those up one strike with each successful weekly sale.

OLED yuuge adjustment

One I’ve been fighting for awhile. Started out as non ratio #SyntheticStock in 2019 that promptly got run over weeks ago. Gradually worked it back without making much headway. Added a 2020 #LongCalls #LEAPS position on the June pullback. Long story short…weeklies run over again but both core positions combined were nicely profitable.

To clean up the entire mess I booked the gains on the cores and rolled the ITM calls to Jan 2020 ITM put spreads for a nice credit. This will give me many weeks to sell against those put spreads to drastically lower the basis in case the stock is assigned then. I should be able to collect more credit than the width of the spread eventually.

This adjustment also frees up a ton of cash and really simplifies everything…

Sold to Close 2 Jan 2019 115/120/120 synthetic stock positions @ 10.71 (basis 22.49 so loss of $2356)
Sold to Close 3 Jan 2020 105 Calls @ 34.80 (basis 23.18 so gain of $3486)

Net gain on core positions of $1130. I’ll book that and not apply it to this call/put reverse roll:

Rolled Sep 7 2018 96.5 short calls to Jan 2020 145/105 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.66 credit

Original call sales brought in 1.25 so basis on the ITM put spreads is 2.91 on a 40 wide. That’s what I’ll be selling against now over the next 70 or so weeks. Using spread sales to protect against runaway upside.

Sold OLED SEP 7 2018 130.0/135.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .55


After a failed short term #fuzzy #syntheticstock in Jan 18 with a loss of $144.00 per contract I tried for redemption in April 18 with a BTO Jan 20 135 call @18.45….With my previous loss rolled in and 92 weeks to go I needed $0.22 per week to cover…After 8 short call sales including 2 debit rolls and today touching negative delta I choose to close the position for a net gain of $178 per contract. Not earth shattering but I will take it.


#SyntheticStock – Just about the last of my old synthetic stock positions. Out to 2019 needing .95 per week to scratch. As this winds down I may add to the 2020 position. Still liking the premium in this.

Bought to Close OLED JUN 22 2018 98.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for 1.15)

Sold OLED JUN 29 2018 92.5 Calls @ 1.15


Jumped back into SQ last week…6/6 BTO Jan 20 60 call at 15.79…Need 0.19 per week to cover…STO 6/15 65 call at 0.53….Today 6/15 rolled out and up to 6/22 66.5 call for 0.51 credit #syntheticstock #syntheticcoveredcall

#Fuzzballl #SyntheticStock I am holding…



I am holding #SyntheticStock position in $CELG. 105/105/100 for July. Last night I was assigned the 105 Puts.
I was still in the process of covering max loss by selling Calls and would have achieved this if the roof had not fallen in!

Would appreciate your thought’s on the the best way to handle this.

#fuzzy, #pietrades


#SyntheticStock – BTC EWW May18’18 48.5 calls  for 0.03, sold for 0.31. STO EWW May25’18 47.5 calls for 0.31.


#SyntheticStock – Walking some short calls up that got run over this week:

Roll SLB May11’18 70 calls to SLB May18’18 70.5 calls for 0.05 credit.

Roll MU May11’18 50 calls to MU May25’18 52 calls for 0.20 credit.

Roll JPM May11’18 110 calls to May 25’18 111 calls for 0.41 debit. Giving up some of the premium I’ve collected on this one.


#SyntheticStock – I guess the Donald isn’t going to punish drug companies as much as everyone was thinking. Unfortunately I might be fighting the recovery in this one. Rolling weekly calls up and out for now similar to a trailing stop. Great premium all the way down at least!

Rolled REGN MAY 11 2018 290.0 Calls to JUN 15 2018 300.0 Calls @ .40 credit


#SyntheticStock #LongCalls #LEAPS – If next week’s 53.5s expire I’ll officially have the core synthetic cost of 5.52 covered. That will leave the max loss of 2.50 to take care of. Since I’m not sitting at max loss yet I’m converting to plain long #LEAPS and saving .65 of recovery that would be required.

Bought to Close LUV JAN 18 2019 60.0/57.5 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.85 (better than 2.50!)

So….the new projections are this on one of my first ones to approach the land of #PureProfit .

Averaging 45 cents per week conservatively the final debit (max loss) will be covered by June monthly expiration. At that point the position will still have 31 weeks to run. From there on, assuming 45 cents per week until the end, the trade should make about 14 dollars. On a 10 lot that’s a pretty good return on something that could possibly end up well below the original starting point. This is the power of basis reduction (I hope!)

🙂 🙂


#SyntheticStock – STO EWW May18’18 48.5 calls for 0.31


#SyntheticStock – BTC EWW May11’18 50 calls for 0.03, sold for 0.25. Waiting a bit to sell for next week, hoping as usual that dogs can bounce?


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Intended to be longer term but can’t give it back when it happens so fast. Only in it a week.

Sold to Close BABA JAN 17 2020 180.0 Calls
Bought to Close BABA MAY 18 2018 190.0 Calls

And had some way OTM long puts for fun….took a penny loss on those.

Sold BABA JAN 17 2020 50.0 Puts @ .29

All said and done it’s a 5.20 gain per contract. I’ll be back in on the next pullback!


Selling Calls (Finally!)


STO EWW May11’18 50 calls for 0.25

STO JPM May11’18 110 calls for 0.39

STO SLB May11’18 70 calls for 0.37


STO MU May11’18 50 calls for 0.27

STO XBI May11’18 90 calls for 0.45. My XBI Fuzzy is based in June so it’s pretty long in the tooth, hoping I get to close with a profit next week. Everyone cross your fingers please!


#LongLEAPs #syntheticstock #syntheticcoveredcall
Closed $TQQQ May 11th 165 call for .30. Sold for 1.70 on Apr 24th. Sold against the long Jan 2020 150 call. Will sell a new one when we move higher.

#VXXGame Sold $UVXY Sept 20 call for 2.75. (today)
Earlier this week, closed these for profits:
UVXY June 15th 30 call for .40 (sold for 2.125)
UVXY Jan 2019 70 call for 1.20 (sold for 6.50)
UVXY Jan 2019 65 call for 1.15 (sold for 3.50)

#Earnings #Rolling (on Monday)
Closed $FDX May 4th 237.5 put for .24. Sold for 5.55 on 4/11.
Closed $FDX May 4th 235 put for .16. Sold for 6.05 on 4/11.


#SyntheticStock – This was a fun one. The aggressive roll down for the double dip #Earnings play worked great. Paying the 20 cents to get out so I can sell again while there’s still a little juice next week.

Bought to Close REGN MAY 4 2018 310.0 Calls @ .20 (sold for 5.60)

Sold REGN MAY 11 2018 300.0 Calls @ 3.40


#SyntheticStock – An old “earnings gone bad” repair trade that might actually turn into a nice winner…needs 99 cents per week. Earnings tonight so making an aggressive roll down. See if I can bring this thing back to life…

Rolled OLED MAY 4 2018 105.0 Calls to MAY 4 2018 96.0 Calls @ 1.95 credit (3.50 total now)


STO DIS May 11 105 call at 0.34. earnings on 5/8. Currently 1st strike outside expected move.
STO XBI May 11 92 call at 0.40 #syntheticstock #leaps


#Earnings tomorrow before the open. Not really an earnings play but taking advantage of the high IV to double dip. Rolling to just inside the expected move trying to force a turnaround. This particular position is really taking a long term outlook since I went synthetic at 400. Updated all of my #LEAPS and #SyntheticStock positions last night. This one is out to 2020 and still only requires 74 cents per week…

Rolled REGN MAY 4 2018 345.0 Calls to MAY 4 2018 310.0 Calls @ 3.20 credit (5.60 total credit now)


#SyntheticStock –  been closing down some calls today in the hopes that the Fed announcement tomorrow will cheer the market and my stocks will blast off to the moon. Yeah right?

BTC EWW May04’18 52 calls for 0.04,  sold for 0.37

BTC JPM May04’18 112 calls for 0.08, sold for 0.41

BTC SLB May04’18 71 calls for 0.04, sold for 0.31


BTC DIS 4 May 103 call at 0.03 STO 0.30 waiting to sell next weeks with earnings on 5/8.
Rolled TNA 4 May 72 call to 11 May 70 call for 0.82 credit.
Yesterday BTC XBI 4 May 93 call at 0.04 STO 1.10. looking for a bounce to sell again.
#syntheticstock #leaps.



STO JPM May04’18 112 calls for 0.41

STO SLB May04’18 71 calls for 0.31



#SyntheticStock – I can tell this one is gonna try and run up through my strike and spoil my profit plan for the week, so BTC SLB Apr27’18 71 calls for 0.08, sold for 0.33. Gonna wait til tomorrow to sell calls for next week.

FAS….Another good week….rolled my 4/27…

Another good week….rolled my 4/27 67 call to 5/4 66.50 call for $0.82 credit #syntheticstock


#SyntheticStock – BTC EWW Apr27’18 53 calls for 0.03, sold for 0.15. STO EWW May04’18 52 calls for 0.37.


#SyntheticStock – An old “earnings gone bad” repair trade that might actually turn into a nice winner…needs 99 cents per week. This week’s 100s look pretty safe so selling next week now. Earnings on May 3rd so keeping it well out of the money for now. I may adjust this prior to the announcement.

Sold OLED MAY 4 2018 105.0 Calls @ 1.55

TQQQ call sold

#LongLEAPs #SyntheticStock #SyntheticCoveredCall
Sold $TQQQ May 11th 165 call for 1.70. Against my long Jan 2020 150 call.


#SyntheticStock – I’ve covered the initial debit but not the max loss on this one. Converting to straight long calls which reduces the amount of max loss that’s needed to be recovered by 65 cents. With this thing winding down in July every little bit helps. Got a chance to be profitable in spite of the stock being nearly 16 dollars below the core synthetic.

Bought to Close CELG JUL 20 2018 105.0/100.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 4.35


#LongCalls #LEAPS #SyntheticStock -I posted on this subject down below in response to a question and felt it was worth throwing out there again up here at the top. Like to run it by you guys and gals to see if I’m missing anything.

After looking closely over the weekend at my synthetic conversions to just straight long calls or long puts, I’m still happy with those. What I’m having a change of heart on is the selling of the upside of the LEAPS. After looking at the loss of long deltas in the conversion (closing the BuPS to leave just long calls) it just looks like the extra sale against the upside LEAP position gets the entire position way to short. I think there’s plenty to be made with just the basic weekly sales without adding the risk of turning it into a loser on a big rally.

I’m leaving TQQQ as is but closing the others that I had sold that were quite a bit tighter. Just not worth the risk….

Bought to Close DG JAN 18 2019 115.0 Calls @ 2.75 (sold for 2.75)

Bought to Close PYPL JAN 18 2019 100.0 Calls @ 2.08 (sold for 1.93) I’ll take that small loss out of the last weekly sale…


#SyntheticStock – Converting this one over to Jan 2019 Bull Call Spreads similar to how I did NUGT…closing the short put side of the synthetic and the disaster put (a BuPS). The stock is still above the LEAP position so a good time to do it (yesterday was even better!).

Bought to Close DG JAN 18 2019 95.0/92.5 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.05

Sold DG JAN 18 2019 115.0 Calls @ 2.75

Caps my upside well above the all time high on the stock which I’m ok with. In exchange for that I reduce the max loss and pick up a quick 1.70 towards being risk free in the position.

BTW…also did this with PYPL today but won’t bore you with the details.


#SyntheticStock – Mr. King of timing here again. I waited yesterday to sell calls for next week on this one, hoping to see the 200sma was gonna hold. She didn’t hold, I shoulda sold… yesterday.  STO EWW Apr27’18 53 calls for 0.16. Oh well, I only need 0.08 a week to cover a total loss on my 2020 52/52/50 synthetic position.


#SyntheticStock – BTC SLB Apr20’18 70 calls for 0.10, sold for 0.39. Waiting to sell next week’s, bouncing off of 69 level??


#SyntheticStock – BTC EWW Apr27’18 55 calls for 0.07, sold a couple days ago for 0.31. Gonna wait and sell more calls for next week after I see if EWW bounces off the 200 day sma, which it is hitting.


#SyntheticStock – An old “earnings gone bad” repair trade that might actually turn into a nice winner…needs 99 cents per week. Earnings May 3rd so staying aggressive until then.

Bought to Close OLED APR 20 2018 103.0 Calls @ .10 (sold for 1.58)

Sold OLED APR 27 2018 100.0 Calls @ 1.40



#SyntheticStock – Plugging away against a Jan 2020 position…selling next batch in earnings week. Might adjust it a little as the day approaches.

Bought to Close REGN APR 20 2018 337.5 Calls @ .20 (sold for 2.20)

Sold REGN MAY 4 2018 345.0 Calls @ 2.40


#SyntheticStock – Some more rolling. Easing them up but keeping some downside cushion. LUV earnings next week.

Rolled EWW APR 20 2018 51.5 Calls to MAY 18 2018 52.0 Calls @ .04 debit

Rolled LUV APR 20 2018 55.0 Calls to MAY 4 2018 57.0 Calls @ .05 credit


#SyntheticStock – Rolling…

Rolled XLY APR 20 2018 101.5 Calls to XLY MAY 11 2018 102.5 Calls @ .07 debit


#SyntheticStock – These have both been on a tear so rolling the best I can. Neither one is really very rollable especially this far ITM. Will have to trade these like I did my old AMZN position. Keep rolling up and out while ITM treating them like a nice trailing stop.

Rolled DG APR 20 2018 94.0 Calls MAY 18 2018 95.0 Calls @ .10 debit.

Rolled XOM APR 20 2018 75.0 Calls to MAY 4 2018 75.5 Calls @ .14 debit (waiting until after earnings to see what I need to do longer term)

Also on XOM:

Bought to Close XOM JAN 17 2020 75.0/72.5 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.10

This leaves just the long calls out in 2020. Made a profit on the short put / disaster put but did add 1.10 to the cost of the long calls.


#SyntheticStock – Rolling….picking up another 1.95 of upside. Earnings next week.

Rolled PYPL APR 20 2018 76.5 Calls to MAY 4 2018 78.5 Calls @ .05 debit


#SyntheticStock – STO EWW Apr27’18 55 calls for 0.31.  This sale is pretty aggressive I think but I’ve been holding this one unhedged for awhile, and the stock is near a previous high (resistance?)


#SyntheticStock – BTC JPM Apr20’18 115 calls for 0.03, sold for 0.28.  STO JPM Apr27’18 115 calls for 0.27.


#ShortStrangles #SyntheticStock – Adjusting to protect myself against some sort of a crazy buyout. Short next week’s 27/31 Bear Call Spreads. Stock has rallied so booking the gains on the long 31’s and buying more calls out and up. Pocketing the difference and maybe using that to finance the 27 roll.

Sold to Close AAOI APR 20 2018 31.0 Calls @ .70

Bought AAOI JUN 15 2018 50.0 Calls @ .35

SQ….Getting back into this one…BTO…

SQ….Getting back into this one…BTO Jan 20 47 calls….need 0.15 per week to cover…STO next weeks 51 call for 0.35….#longcalls #leaps #syntheticstock


Goodbye CRUS hello SMH

#SyntheticStock #LongCalls #LEAPS – Here’s what I finally decided. The more I trade these types of things the more I like the ETFs vs individual stocks and the straight LEAPS vs synthetic stock if the premium is worth it.

Closed my half size position in CRUS at a loss of 1.50. Taking a full size SMH position (twice the CRUS size) out in 2020 so I’ll roll the .75 loss into the new SMH trade.

Bought to Open SMH JAN 17 2020 105.0 Calls @ 14.80 (15.55 with CRUS loss added)

That is my max risk in the trade with 92 weeks to run requires 17 cents per week to cover.


Sold SMH APR 20 2018 106.5 Calls @ .72

I feel much better about this now vs the CRUS trade. Thought about holding CRUS since it was getting closer to even but figured I’d s**t can it and just concentrate on the SMH position.


#SyntheticStock – STO SLB Apr20’18 70 calls for 0.40.


#SyntheticStock #LongCalls #LEAPS – Really like the looks of this one for a long term position. Haven’t decided yet since I’m already in CRUS but definitely one to keep an eye on if it pulls back again. I missed it on that last drop to near the 200ma. Almost feel like I have to take a shot. 2019 105s would only need 23 cents per week to cover.


#SyntheticStock – Earnings next week so I’m trying to give it a little room. If it tanks I’ll roll back in and down.

Rolled SLB APR 13 2018 65.5 Calls to MAY 4 2018 67.5 Calls @ .16 debit (originally sold for .61)


#SyntheticStock – STO JPM Apr20’18 115 calls for 0.28. Been sitting unhedged on my JPM Jan’19 115/115/110 synthetic position. Seems like a good day to sell, but wished I’d sold these at the open today!


Lots of fills coming in….

PYPL #SyntheticStock : Rolling out and up one week into the week prior to earnings.

Rolled PYPL APR 13 2018 76.0 Calls to APR 20 2018 76.5 Calls @ .30 credit


TLT #PerpetualRollingStrangles :

Rolled TLT APR 13 2018 120.5 Calls to APR 27 2018 121.5 Calls @ .05 credit


#SyntheticStock – An old earnings gone bad repair trade…needs 99 cents per week. Replacing this week’s expiration. Earnings May 3rd so staying aggressive until then.

Sold OLED APR 20 2018 103.0 Calls @ 1.58


#SyntheticStock – A little tougher to roll being 4 dollars in the money. Taking it out to May monthlies. Already collected decent premium against it so don’t mind letting it sit on the back burner for awhile. If XBI tanks I’ll roll it back in and down.

Rolled XBI APR 13 2018 86.0 Calls to XBI MAY 18 2018 88.0 Calls @ even (originally sold for 1.05)


#SyntheticStock – No time premium left in these so a small debit roll out one week picking up 90 cents of upside.

Rolled XLY APR 13 2018 100.5 Calls to APR 20 2018 101.5 Calls @ .10 debit (originally sold for .93)


#SyntheticStock – In an #IRA so have to cover this week before selling next week.

Bought to Close CELG APR 13 2018 92.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .50)

Sold CELG APR 20 2018 92.0 Calls @ .70

This more than covers the cost of the core position so working to cover max loss now. Wish I had more time but this was an experimental shorter term out to July.

Also in a different account early assigned on a 100 strike short put. Stock basis 97.80. Will be looking to sell against eventually. Earnings on May 4th before the open.


#SyntheticStock – Another week…killing time waiting for the real bounce. Earnings on May 3rd….

Bought to Close REGN APR 13 2018 340.0 Calls @ .30 (sold for 2.85)

Sold REGN APR 20 2018 337.5 Calls @ 2.20


#SyntheticStock – Trying to squeeze one more in before earnings…

Bought to Close LUV APR 13 2018 56.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .68)

Sold LUV APR 20 2018 55.0 Calls @ .57 (filled one at .60 and the rest at .57)


#SyntheticStock – 65’s expiring today (sold for .90). Replacing those with next week with earnings the following week.

Sold SLB APR 13 2018 65.5 Calls @ .61


#SyntheticStock – Selling below the July core so trying to stay cautious. Replacing this week’s 90/95 BeCS expiration.
Switching back to naked and selling right at the descending 50ma.

Sold CELG APR 13 2018 92.0 Calls @ .50


#SyntheticStock – Another small roll…

Rolled DG APR 6 2018 93.0 Calls to APR 20 2018 94.0 Calls @ .10 debit


#SyntheticStock – Trying to keep these rolls to within a couple weeks even if it’s a small debit. Plenty of weekly premium brought in recently to use a little for the roll.

Rolled EWW APR 6 2018 51.0 Calls to APR 20 2018 51.5 Calls @ .08 debit


#SyntheticStock – Rolling the weekly out and up. Small debit but picking up another 71 cents of upside while staying in the week prior to earnings.

Rolled XOM APR 6 2018 74.0 Calls to APR 20 2018 75.0 Calls @ .29 debit (originally sold for .60)


#SyntheticStock – Since I already sold next week I’m booking these just for safety. Another big up day tomorrow and the position would end up way too short…

Bought to Close LUV APR 6 2018 57.5 Calls @ .21 (sold for .54)


#SyntheticStock – Looks like it’s easing below the 200ma so I’m selling just above it…

Bought to Close XBI APR 6 2018 89.0 Calls @ .06 (sold for .83)

Sold XBI APR 13 2018 86.0 Calls @ 1.05


#SyntheticStock – With the weak market I’m rolling this thing back in and down. Hopefully can get it off the books a week sooner freeing up an extra sale.

Rolled REGN APR 20 2018 350.0 Calls to APR 13 2018 340.0 Calls @ .36 credit


#SyntheticStock – Going out another week…

Bought to Close PYPL APR 6 2018 78.5 Calls @ .05 (sold for .80)

Sold PYPL APR 13 2018 76.0 Calls @ .94


#SyntheticStock – Order in to cover this week’s at a nickel. Selling next week into the tiny up move…

Sold LUV APR 13 2018 56.0 Calls @ .68


#SyntheticStock – Selling well below the core but still bringing in enough to cover the repair of an old earnings strangle. Double sale with this week’s still running…

Sold OLED APR 13 2018 103.0 Calls @ 1.95


#SyntheticStock #LongCalls – If I can close for a nickel on Mon or Tue and get next week’s sale going it’s well worth it to pay up I think…

Bought to Close CRUS APR 6 2018 43.5 Calls @ .05 (sold for .50)

Sold CRUS APR 13 2018 40.5 Calls @ .65


#SyntheticStock – I’m going to keep aggressively selling the rips for at least another week especially while premiums are so juicy…

Bought to Close XLY APR 6 2018 103.5 Calls @ .05 (sold for .73)

Sold XLY APR 13 2018 100.5 Calls @ .93


#SyntheticStock – Forgot to do this til now: BTO EWW Jan17’20 52/52/50 synthetic for 5.00. Max loss would be 7.00, trade runs for 94 weeks so need 0.075 cents a week to break even. STO EWW Apr06’18 52 calls for 0.30. Been needing something long term and stress-free (I hope!). Thanks to @fuzzballl!!!


#SyntheticStock – Been selling against this all the way down. It’s in a squeeze and attempting to get off the ground but seems to get rejected right around this level each time. Rolling up and out a little for now…

Rolled REGN APR 6 2018 340.0 Calls to APR 20 2018 350.0 Calls @ .40 credit


#SyntheticStock #IRA – Thanks @1strangealien for getting this one back on my radar. I’ll take a shot out in Jan.

Bought to Open XBI JAN 18 2019 88/88/86 Synthetic Stock @ 7.69 (filled better than mid)

Max loss of 9.69 with 42 weeks to run requiring 23 cents per week to cover.


Sold XBI APR 6 2018 89.0 Calls @ .83


#SyntheticStock – Getting the next sale going. Going out two weeks to give it a little room with much better premium with bank earnings cranking up. JPM on the 13th and MS GS and BAC the following week so premiums should be pretty sweet that week too.

Bought to Close FAS MAR 29 2018 65.5 Calls @ .03 (sold for .85 as a bonus week 🙂 )

Sold FAS APR 13 2018 65.0 Calls @ 2.15



#SyntheticStock – Looks safe this week so selling next week on this tiny pop…

Sold LUV APR 6 2018 57.5 Calls @ .54


#SyntheticStock – Next week’s sale…still a weak looking chart but starting to form a nice squeeze. Gonna see if I can “squeeze” in one more aggressive weekly before this thing rebounds and runs to glory (or not 🙂 ). Jumped the gun on it…could do a little better now.

Sold XOM APR 6 2018 74.0 Calls @ .60