OLED yuuge adjustment

One I’ve been fighting for awhile. Started out as non ratio #SyntheticStock in 2019 that promptly got run over weeks ago. Gradually worked it back without making much headway. Added a 2020 #LongCalls #LEAPS position on the June pullback. Long story short…weeklies run over again but both core positions combined were nicely profitable.

To clean up the entire mess I booked the gains on the cores and rolled the ITM calls to Jan 2020 ITM put spreads for a nice credit. This will give me many weeks to sell against those put spreads to drastically lower the basis in case the stock is assigned then. I should be able to collect more credit than the width of the spread eventually.

This adjustment also frees up a ton of cash and really simplifies everything…

Sold to Close 2 Jan 2019 115/120/120 synthetic stock positions @ 10.71 (basis 22.49 so loss of $2356)
Sold to Close 3 Jan 2020 105 Calls @ 34.80 (basis 23.18 so gain of $3486)

Net gain on core positions of $1130. I’ll book that and not apply it to this call/put reverse roll:

Rolled Sep 7 2018 96.5 short calls to Jan 2020 145/105 Bull Put Spreads @ 1.66 credit

Original call sales brought in 1.25 so basis on the ITM put spreads is 2.91 on a 40 wide. That’s what I’ll be selling against now over the next 70 or so weeks. Using spread sales to protect against runaway upside.

Sold OLED SEP 7 2018 130.0/135.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .55