Final trades

Closed $SHOP Aug 3rd 140 calls for .15. Sold for 1.40 on Monday.
Rolled $TSLA Aug 3rd 330 calls to Aug 10th 332.5 calls for .40 credit.
Closed $SQ Aug 3rd 71 calls for 1.50… sold for .78.
Rolled $AAPL Aug 3rd 200 #CoveredCalls to Aug 10th 202.5 calls for 1.85 debit.

Rolled $AMAT Aug 3rd 46.5 covered call to Aug 10th 46.5 call for .12 credit.
Sold $MU Aug 10th 53 covered call for .84
Closed $OLED Aug 3rd 100 covered call for 1.50. Sold for 2.15. Earnings next week.

Sold $FB Aug 24th 187.5 covered calls for 1.35

#OptionsExpiration 8/3/18
$AAPL 177.5 puts. Sold for .75


Although I don’t get as involved, I trade some tickers after earnings based on CML backtests. The historical patterns after earnings are not consistent across stocks. Each one seems to have a mind of its own. Also, the returns aren’t quite as dramatic or consistent as pre-earnings. That said, there is money to be made here.

If you’re interested, I highly recommend subscribing to CMLViz ( so you can do your own backtesting. There are so many variables and only you know what you’re comfortable trading. The recommended designs include straddles, strangles, ICs, calendars, debit/credit spreads, and calls/puts.

I’m happy to share my post-ER spreadsheet. I currently have positions in GOOGL, CHKP, GRUB, LRCX, and SHOP. Closed PYPL for a nice profit. There are lots more stocks to consider but I’m going to be very selective. It’s been tough to profit this round.

My primary focus is on longer-term fuzzies, ratios, flies and SPX short-term trades so earnings trades are on the sideline.


It’s been a busy quarter for pre-earnings trades. I’m still holding positions in BABA, NVDA, and ADSK and watching for new trades in CRM and AVGO later this month. Here’s a link to the Google spreadsheet where I track pre-ER trades. Wins far outpaced losses. Whew!


#OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Aug03 Just a…

#OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Aug03
Just a couple expired
ROKU 47.50 Call
MU 57 Call
Have a great weekend.


#OptionsExpiration – Had a few this week….

ADSK 133 Calls (sold for 1.28)
GLD 117.5 Calls (sold for .41)
RTN 197.5 Calls (sold for 1.10)


#LongPuts #LongCalls #LongLEAPStraddles – Still playing both sides. Rolled the calls and booked the puts and sold new puts.

Rolled TSLA AUG 3 2018 290.0 Calls to AUG 31 2018 292.5 Calls @ .46 credit

Bought to Close TSLA AUG 3 2018 352.5 Puts @ 4.45 (sold for 13.15)
Sold TSLA AUG 10 2018 350.0 Puts @ 9.60

#hedge Still raining here and…


Still raining here and the VIX is down to 11.82. Cheapest time to put on a portfolio hedge. I fully expect these to expire and lose all my $ but 1-2 times a year it may be a lottery ticket! This is based on the recommendation from option income masters (a subset of OIB). They hedge the entire portfolio almost monthly, after a big drop they cash out and put the money back in at the bottom. They finance the hedges by selling other options.

I am only hedging my core account, everything else already spreads or cash hedged so BTO 2 SPX 2550 puts 35 DTE. In a 10% correction these should be worth 11-12k which would offset the losses on the account in a 10% correction and then could close for cash to redeploy.

Hope I don’t need it but will see how it works.