ALRM Early Close Short Put / More TRTN Covered Calls

Closed Early
$ALRM BTC 8/17 40 put at .03. STO 7/23 at .70

$TRTN STO 8/17 35 calls at 1.50 Second of three tranches covered.

Two down…

#VIXIndicator …one to go. A $VIX close below 11.20 tomorrow will mean an Upside Warning, indicating a high chance of a rally to new all-time highs on the $SPX. The third day is where we failed in both late February and late May, and then new Downside Warnings hit on the fourth days.


#FallingKnife :

CMLViz backtesting

Here’s some info if you’re interested.

#shortputs #closing NKTR Closed profitable…

#shortputs #closing NKTR
Closed profitable Aug. 17, 50 put and Nov. 30 put, earnings tonight.

ROKU Earnings

#Earnings #JadeLizard – Trying the Lizard again. Selling the upside pretty tight at half the expected move allowing put sales outside the expected move. No upside risk with breakeven down at 39.15 (not that that’s really safe…LOL)

Sold ROKU 40.5/50/51 Jade Lizards @ 1.35

#shortstraddle #earnings YELP Sold Sept….

#shortstraddle #earnings YELP
Sold Sept. 21, 38 straddle for 5.80. YELP has had some big moves.