AMZN Earnings

#IronCondors #Earnings #OneNightStand – I’ll take it.

Bought to Close AMZN APR 30 2021 3340/3350/3630/3640 @ .40 (sold for 4.10)

AMZN Earnings

#IronCondors #Earnings – Taking a shot at it just inside the expected move by about 5 points.

Sold AMZN APR 30 2021 3340/3350/3630/3640 @ 4.10

Update on Put Strategies

Gaining experience with IC, BuPS and DiagBuPS……learning on the fly… far so good….

#bullputspreads, #ironcondors


#IronCondors #ShortStrangles #CoveredCalls #Earnings – A little bit of everything today…

AMZN: Book it. Remnants of an iron condor after closing the longs recently.
Bought to Close AMZN AUG 21 2020 2700.0/3700.0 Strangle @ .25 (sold for 4.05)

NVDA: Earnings plus new position.
Bought to Close NVDA AUG 21 2020 455.0 Put @ .23 (sold for 4.10)
Bought to Close NVDA SEP 04 2020 425.0 Put @ 1.55 (sold for 3.80)
Sold NVDA SEP 18 2020 425.0 Put @ 3.95

SPCE: Covered. New sales playing to the downside.
Bought to Close SPCE AUG 21 2020 18.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for 1.65)
Sold SPCE AUG 28 2020 15.0 Calls @ 2.05

WDC: Stock assigned early so beginning covered call campaign. Great divvy down here.
Sold WDC SEP 11 2020 36.0 Calls @ .56


#IronCondors – TOS was pretty much useless all day yesterday but did get one fill. With the stock price sitting perfectly centered I went ahead and sold the long sides to keep some extra premium. Still holding short sides.

Sold AMZN AUG 21 2020 2650.0 Put @ .47
Sold AMZN AUG 21 2020 3750.0 Call @ .45

#earnings COST ADBE Sold Dec….

#earnings COST ADBE
Sold Dec. 21 5 wide #ironcondors, closed the put spreads for max loss on COST, 3.20 on ADBE.


#IronCondors – Another Whiz trade…just a one lot but still experimental. I think he did about 150 of them.

Bought to Close XLE AUG 10 2018 73.5/74.0/77.0/77.5 Iron Condor @ .04 (sold for .27)

PII earnings

#Earnings Have not traded this before, but decent premium available outside its average range (although not outside its largest moves).

Sold to Open $PII July 21st 80/85/100/105 #IronCondors for .75. Biggest UP move: 9.3%, Biggest DOWN move: -10.2%, Average move: 5.1%. Short strikes are about +7.7% and -8.5% OTM

Options Expiration 5/12/17

#OptionsExpiration #Earnings #RiskReversal #IronCondors #CallButterfly #SPXcampaign

— Expiring w/Max Profit —
NVDA 95 put
SPX 2375/2350 put spreads

— Expiring w/loss —
JAZZ 155/157.5/160/162.5 iron condors, sold for 1.80, .70 loss
PCLN 1925/1950/1975, and 1975/2000/2025 call butterflys

— Expiring worthless —
SPX risk/reversal:  LONG 2410/2430 call spreads, SHORT 2355/2330 put spreads


#earnings This week I had…

#earnings This week I had trades on BIDU,EXPE,SRPT, SBUX and CMG, all expiring May 19, I’m successfully out of 4, SBUX gamble has not worked, small loss. Other than SRPT which was a strangle, the others were #ironcondors. We know there is usually more premium going out further but often don’t get the volatility crush, but have more time for adjustment if it’s needed. I essentially followed Jeff’s trades, tweaking them for my margin needs. Tried for a strangle on X, fortunately wasn’t filled, and an IC on FFIV that wasn’t filled, would be a maybe.

A couple of trades this morning.

#CreditSpread #BuPS #IronCondors
STO May 19 NFLX 135/125 BuPS for $1.60 right after the open.
STO Apr 24 SPX 2290/2285 BuPS and 2395/2390 BeCS for $0.65 when SPX was at 2346.02

SPX for fun

#IronCondors – Legging in staying small. Low (zero?) risk with decent return.

Yesterday Sold Apr 21st 2360/2365 Bear call spreads @ 1.00
Today Sold Apr 21st 2330/2325 Bull put spreads @ 1.55

2.55 credit on 2.50 wide condors. Now risk free but need to hold 2330 by end of week. Let ‘er ride!

Busted earnings trades

#Earnings Well, this quarter has been quite dismal for #IronButterflies and #IronCondors. I’m taking losses on FOUR this week. Naked options or one-sided credit spreads, meanwhile, have all been winners. Even though these losses are small (by design), I’ll have to rethink this strategy; although one win can make up for several losses, it doesn’t matter much if no wins are to be had!

BTC ANTM Feb 3rd 155 calls for 4.20. Sold as part of IB for 3.75
BTC MRK Feb 3rd 62 calls for 1.97. Sold as part of IB for 1.19.

Also looking at max losses on AAPL (.66) and AMZN (3.90).