$SPX “reversal doji?”

The SPX closed negative on a long legged doji at the top of the move; this normally indicates indecision and may even be a sign of reversal….

Debit Spread on the $SPX

#BuCS at the end. BTO May 3rd SPX 2415/2435 for $2.00
I’ll risk $1.00 on this trade, which possibly could make $18 if the SPX ends up at 2435 by May 3.
I don’t plan on holding it that long though. I may get out if tomorrow the market jumps again and it doubles in price. Low Probability big reward low risk trade.

$SPX BeCS Closed

#SPX Campaign; Jeff, I decided to get rid of my BeCS. With the President revealing the Tax Reform tomorrow I thought that the market may jump another bunch of points up again.
I’ll wait until the VIX give us the green light to get back in.
Took a little loss but nothing to write home about. Still up nicely for the week.

Closed TSLA and AMZN #BuPS…

Closed TSLA and AMZN #BuPS for 50% profit to avoid Thu earnings.

#BuPS BTC NFLX 135/125 BuPS…

BTC NFLX 135/125 BuPS for $0.59 Sold on Thu for $1.60

#earnings Tonight After the bell:…

Tonight After the bell: V
Tomorrow before the Bell: HON, SLB, KSU, GE

A couple of trades this morning.

#CreditSpread #BuPS #IronCondors
STO May 19 NFLX 135/125 BuPS for $1.60 right after the open.
STO Apr 24 SPX 2290/2285 BuPS and 2395/2390 BeCS for $0.65 when SPX was at 2346.02