WDC #doubledip Rolled the 11…

WDC #doubledip #fuzzy

Rolled the 11 DTE 40/47 down to 11 DTE 42.5 for 1.04 credit. cb now 20.09. 109 weeks to manage but this one has been such a dog lately I will probably scratch it once I can break even.

$NFLX #ShortPuts #DoubleDip – in…

$NFLX #ShortPuts #DoubleDip – in an attempt to convince the stock to stay below 120, I’m replacing the short puts I covered this morning with Short Dec 18 109.0 Puts at 0.23.
I don’t see the stock breaking below the 115 low set on Monday’s pullback or breaking the 50dayMA currently at 113.84
These expire Friday