#OptionsExpiration – sonce I rolled…

#OptionsExpiration – since I rolled my SVXY position and covered my TSLA day trade, only 1 today:
— Expired —
PM 06/22/2018 75.00 Puts – Sold @ 0.53 net of commissions

#optionsexpiration #coveredcalls Well Good afternoon…

#optionsexpiration #coveredcalls
Well Good afternoon all. I’ve rolled or closed all my June 22nd options except these short 31 calls which will be assigned. I’ll make a bit on the stock gains so I’m letting these go and may reload later once it finds support.
Have a great weekend all.


BAC 30.5 C (Covered)
NUGT 26 C (Covered)
Have a great weekend all. Stay cool.

Final trade & expirations

#Earnings #Rolling I have not managed $OLED well at all since getting slammed on earnings. I’m actually not too far in the hole so sticking with 1-lots:
BTC $OLED June 15th 115 put for 21.75. Sold for 19.00 last month.
STO July 6th 100 put for 7.60
STO July 20th 110 put for 16.80.

Only one winning expiration:
$GUSH 45 call, sold for 1.05 in April, #ContangoETFs

These expired as losses:
$SPX long June 15th 2825/2850 call spreads, bought for .75, avg price, #SPXCampaign
$VXX long 30 puts, bought for 1.17, avg price
$VXX long 25 put, bought for .21
$AMBA long 50 call, bought for 3.90, #LongCalls

Also, hedges expiring (partially replaced with #VXXGame trades yesterday):
$UVXY 60 calls, bought for .69, avg price


Full Profit
$NWL 27 call
IQ 35 put
$TRTN 35 put
$SQ 60.5 put
$GS 220/230 BUPS
$BA 310/320 BUPS
$SPX 2585/2610 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66
$SPX 2565/2590 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66
$AMZN 1460/1500 BUPS
$NVDA 220/230
$BABA 195/202.50 BUPS 2x normal size
$SPX 2675/2700 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66
Full Loss
$TSLA 330/310 BECS
$TWX 105/95 BECS

Called Away
$NTRI 35 covered call 33.20 basis
$LABU 98 covered call 92.90 basis Thanks to all who taught me how to roll my own with particular appreciation to @fuzzballl

$TLRD 30 put Earnings trade badly altered.

Have a restful weekend. Happy Father’s Day!

#OptionsExpiration – turned out to…

#OptionsExpiration – turned out to be a good one. Could have been better if I had not closed some AIG and CPB puts early, but still good.
I was really pleased to see my CPB stock get called away after less than a month. Still short CPB Aug 35 and Nov 31/30/29 puts so I hope it keeps moving.
Done with T, GE, JNJ and LB for now. I have more rungs on my CELG #OptionLadder.

— Expiring —
T 06/15/2018 30.00 Puts – made $122
CELG 06/15/2018 75.00 Put – made $177
GE 06/15/2018 13.00 Puts – made $112
JNJ 06/15/2018 117.00 Puts – made $105
LB 06/15/2018 30.00 Put – made $159

— Assignments —
CPB 06/15/2018 37.00 Covered Calls – exiting after a big run this week. YEAH!!
SWN 06/15/2018 5.00 Covered Calls – exiting at a nice gain
OLED 06/15/2018 101.00 Put – back into 100 shares that I sold earlier this week
SVXY 06/15/2018 13.00 Covered Calls – attempted to roll up/out but failed yet again.


#OptionsExpiration – Had a few this week….

CELG 80/85 BeCS (sold for .45)
EWW 45.5 Calls (sold for .49)
GLD 123.5 Calls (sold for 1.00)
OLED 99.5 Calls (sold for 1.20)
RH 94/120/122 JadLiz (scratched out .22 profit)