#shortputs #coveredcallcampaign #assignment CRUS I…

#shortputs #coveredcallcampaign #assignment CRUS

I was assigned CRUS through the exercise of a short 45 put. This started as a put spread that went bad, sold the long and rolled the short to June 15, giving me a basis of 40.15, not bad if CRUS stabilizes, on to selling calls. CELG discussion below noted.

Final trades and Options Expiration, 5/18/18

Sold $SPX June 14th 2795/2820 call spreads for 1.75
Sold $SPX May 31st 2650/2675/2750/2775 #CondorRoll for 6.70
#OptionsExpiration Expiring at full loss: Long 2770/2790 call spreads, bought for 1.29… Made a couple of profitable rounds with this spread but the remaining ones fizzled out.

#IronButterfly Sold to close $AMZN 1575/1600/1625 butterfly for .84. Bought for 2.95 on May 3rd.

#Earnings Closed remaining $A 65 puts for .75. Avg closing price: 1.10. Strangles (65/75) sold for .77 on Monday.
Closed $OLED May 18th 100 put for 5.70. Sold for 3.50 last week. In the hole on the rolls here… need to assess next week.

#VXXGame BTC $UVXY Jan 2019 70 call for .45. Sold for 6.50, avg price.
Expiring are long calls used as hedges, UVXY 40 calls (bought for .45) and 44 calls (bought for .21).
Expiring at full loss: a bunch of $VXX 30 puts, bought for the avg price of .12

#Assignment $AMAT 54.5 put, taking stock, will sell call next week. #PieTrades

VRTX closed

#Earnings #Assignment #IronButterfly #CoveredCalls
Sold $VRTX stock (100 shares) for 167.50.

Originally 160/167.5/175 iron butterflys (3) sold for 5.60 on Jan 31st. Closed most before expiration but forgot about one put, so assigned stock at 167.50. Sold today for the same price. With all premium selling and covered calls since then, total profit on the trade is $1,543.

Exercised Covered Call / Final SVXY Assigned

$UPS Taken away at 110. BTO 2/16 at basis of 105.65. Plus received dividend.

$SVXY Last 3 contracts. Will look to sell calls.

Options Expiration 3/16/18

#OptionsExpiration #Earnings #ShortStrangles #SPXcampaign #VXXGame #LongCalls #IronButterfly

— Expiring w/max profit —
$DG 84 puts
$OLED 140 calls
$TIF 109 calls

— Expiring w/max loss —
$SPX 2840/2860 long call spreads, purchased for 1.00 avg price.
$UVXY 91 long calls… purchased for 0.158 avg price… served me well as hedges against short calls
$SQ long 60 calls, bought for 0.964, avg price

$SQ 50 long calls, bought for 0.858, avg price. Taking stock (200 shares, cost basis 50.86) and adding it to #CoveredCallCampaign

$AVGO 255 long put – I exited one 265 short put for 9.10. Then, volatility at the close denied my fill on closing more, PLUS, we dropped below my long strike. So, this likely means one spread expired ITM, so a 10.00 debit (against 7.60 sale), but I will likely be assigned short shares based on the ITM long 255 put. Because I feel this may bounce on Monday, I’m buying shares after hours so the assignment will cancel out my position and I’ll be flat. This would amount to about a 2.50 loss overall on the trade.

Options Expiration… VIX Indicator

#OptionsExpiration #VXXGame
Only one #Assignment, my final $SVXY 90 put

#VIXIndicator — The VIX is reacting strongly to the upside at any sign of volatility. Although we spent the morning in cancelation territory, the Mueller spike sent up back above 19.00. So although we’ve been steadily rising, volatility is still hanging around.

Options Expiration 2/2/18

#OptionsExpiration #Earnings #IronButterly #ShortStrangles #SPXcampaign #CallButterfly

— Expired w/max profit —
$AAPL 177.5 call
$AMZN 1325/1660 strangle
$AMZN 1300/1675 strangle
$EA 110 puts
$FB 175 put

— Expired w/full loss —
$SPX long 2865/2885 call spreads (sad; this closed over 9.00 last Friday… but zero today)
$MCD 177.5/180/182.5 call butterflys
$AMD 12.5/13/13.5 iron butterfly (I lost $10)

$AAPL 175 puts, taking stock
$BABA 200 puts, taking stock
$VRTX 167.5 put, taking stock (I closed one put for .60, but forgot to close the other before the bell)