Expiration / Assignment / LABU Calls Closed / T Put Rolled

$EXAS 105 call
$ROKU 135 call
$ROKU 130 call
$LK 41 call
$ZM 73 call
$RACE Long call. BTO at $4.00. Car never started.
$SPX 1 DTE 3210/3190/3305/3325 I think. My account shows it at a loss for the put side. See on Monday.

$ZM 73 call Called away
$MRVL 27 put Basis 26.50
$LK 37 put Basis 35.30

$LABU BTC 2/7 51 calls at 1.10. STO on 1/28 for 2.80.
$T BTC 1/31 37.50 put and STO 2/7 37.50 put at added .30 credit.

Expiration / Assignment / Assigned Called Away

$BA $BYND $CRON $ACB Long calls held on to for tooooooo long

$APA Buy write called away profitably
$PTON 35 Thank you Ramie
$PLAN 57.5
$NUGT 33
$ROKU 150

$LK 44.5
$APA 25
$AMRN 19
$NOK 4
$KL 40
$LABU 50 Thank you @fuzzballl
$MRVL 26
LK 38
$NEO 30

$ROKU 110/120
$SPX 3225/3250 Thank you @jeffcp66

$NEO Long call assigned at $30. Basis 30.65. Stock at 32.05.
$BOOT $45 put assigned. Basis 43.15. Stock at 43.65
$EDIT 26/31 BUPS expired in the money when I was not looking. Stock assigned at 31. Basis 29.70. Stock at 30.64

$LABU Finally let it go at $55. Purchased at 50.65 on 4/30. Rolled calls for added gain of 3.70.
$STNE Called away as stock reached 42.04 at end of day and surpassed 42 covered call.

Enjoy the long weekend. Rest clears the mind. I hope. 😉

PNC closed

#Earnings #Assignment On Tuesday I bought $PNC Jan17/Jan24 160 #DoubleCalendar for .50.

Stock dropped too much so trade was a loser. Assigned last night on the puts at 160.00.
Today, sold long puts for 6.60 and stock for 153.53. So I managed to squeeze .13 out of closing the trade.

BBBY assigned

#Earnings #Assignment Assigned $BBBY shares at 16.50. Need price above 14.63 to breakeven from #ShortStrangle

Expired / Assigned


$SPX 3185/3210 STO 12/27 at 2.60
$ROKU 145 call
$LABU 55 call
$LABU 60 call
$LK 39.50 call
$LK 32 put


$EDIT Assigned at 32. Basis 31.25. Stock at 28.97.

#assignment #earnings STT October 17,…

#assignment #earnings STT

October 17, I sold a 55/65 strangle. I rolled twice and inverted to January, still was assigned on the short call argghh. The short put had some profit in it so I closed it. I’ll be dealing with this for a little while.

Happy New Year trading friends!

#assignment ZM Sept. 5 sold…

#assignment ZM
Sept. 5 sold an iron condor/ jade lizard for earnings, the short put was at 85, had an 80 put for some downside protection. I closed that too early. Through rolling etc and selling a Dec. 20, 65.50 call, I have a cost basis of 72.25. ZM stock is at 62.28.