HD closed

#Earnings Sold $HD stock for 220.50.

Nov22/Nov29 237.5 #DoubleCalendar bought for .82 on monday Nov 18th
#Assignment on stock for 237.50 on the 21st
Sold Nov 29th long puts for 18.20 on the 21st
Sold stock today for 220.50

Profit on trade: +0.38

Trades can work even when they initially fail… if you can carry the stock and hold it through dips. Not advised during a correction but it worked in this environment.

#assignment SBUX September 3, I…

#assignment SBUX
September 3, I sold a 92.50.95 put ratio spread. That date coincided with a decline in SBUX stock price to the low 80s. After a few adjustments I was assigned on a Dec. 20, 92.50 put. My cost basis 87.97 (haven’t done a very good job adjusting this). Today I sold a Nov. 22, 84.50 call for .33.
I don’t even drink coffee.

#assignment #coveredcalls UBER I was…

#assignment #coveredcalls UBER

I was assigned 100 shares of UBER on a Dec. 36 put, first sold Aug. 9 and rolled 3 times.
Sold a Nov. 22, 27.50 call for .40, cost basis is 33.53. I guess I’ll stop using LYFT.

#assignment #earnings TWTR Following a…

#assignment #earnings TWTR
Following a trade that goes against what I am comfortable doing, sold an earnings weekly straddle along with a Dec. strangle, I was assigned at 38, no premium in rolling. I sold a Nov. 1, 31 covered call, cost basis is now 34.25 with stock at 30.

#earnings #closing #assignment FFIV TWTR…

#earnings #closing #assignment FFIV TWTR MMM
FFIV sold double calendar for 1.00, bought Wednesday for .82
FFIV sold strangle for 2,07 on Wednesday, bought today for 1.34
MMM Wednesday bought double calendar for 1.02, sold today for 1.35
TWTR I will be assigned 100 shares at 38, sold an Oct. 25 straddle for 3.75. Rolling doesn’t bring anything, covered calls will help.

#assignment Letting LABU, TQQQ and…


Letting LABU, TQQQ and TNA all be called out tomorrow. All profitable but I am exiting the triple game after seeing the tasty trade research.

Also staying out of earnings as much as I can. My earnings track record is not so good, lost on 8 out of 5 when I decided to stay out a few quarters ago. I will stay in them if I already have #fuzzy on.

Making enough money just doing #pietrades, #fuzzy, #hedges, and Pie trade #optionladder that I can stick with those. May be boring to some, but it is mechanical and it works. 2 accounts hit all time highs the last 2 weeks and both had SVXY in them. 2 down, 1 to go but that was the biggest loss and will take more time but on a portfolio basis I am back above my cost basis so technically all the losses have been covered 🙂

20 months to break even.

Plan not to ever do that again 🙂 🙂

And the hedges will help, see below.

#assignment WDC This weekend I…

#assignment WDC
This weekend I say good bye to an old friend, we weren’t friends at first, a very trying relationship, but we somehow worked it out.
In July of 2018 I sold a 76 put as WDC had dropped from around 106. I rolled to 75 and was promptly assigned at 75. Through put and call sales I was assigned 3 more times as recently as June of 2019 at much lower strikes. Option premium as been good, easy to roll, plus dividends made it profitable for my 200 shares to be called away at 55, making around $600.
Thanks to so many of you who have demonstrated how to roll and adjust, making lemonade.