#assignment WDC Early July I…

#assignment WDC
Early July I sold a 75 put, rolled it on the way down to Oct., assigned last night, basis of 73.70 grrrr


#assignment #earnings SKX April 19,…

#assignment #earnings SKX
April 19, sold a May 37/47 strangle, SKX went down big, rolled the 37 to October, assigned last night, cost basis of 35, stock is at almost 27, grrr

PVTL owner

#Earnings #Assignment While waiting for $PVTL 22.5 puts to hopefully expire, I got assigned last night. At least it is cheap. No weeklies, and options premium is weak, so I will hopefully catch a bounce and sell it.

Options Expiration

$CRM 147/162.5 strangle Thank you @jeffcp66
$AMZN 1940/1960 BUPS

$EXAS 51 call Stock called away. Covered my stock right before Pfizer collaboration announced. Stock at 75. The math (75-51) is not attractive. ūüė¶

Have a great Labor Day for all that labor in the market each day. And the rest of us too.
Thanks for all the learning.


CAved in ‚Äď sort of

$SPLK called away at 110 as stock after earnings zoomed to 123.69. My basis was 88. Good stock.

Expiration / Assigned / Roll / Closed Early / Trades

$NFLX 340/345 BUPS Total Loss
$FB 160/170 BUPS Expired worthless as opposed to total loss
$FB 155/165 BUPS Expired worthless
$SPLK 115 Call Covered
$TRTN 35 call Covered Stock taken away Basis 31
$DBX 32.5 call Covered
$AAXN 65 call Covered
$TNDM 28 put Thank you @honkhonk81

$M 8/17 40 puts Earnings trade gone awry. Perhaps profitable by Black Friday? Basis 38.95
$WTW 8/17 89 puts Earnings trade result. Will be waiting for the fat going back into account. Basis 85.20

$MZOR 8/17 70 puts rolled to 9/21 at even Getting dizzy from rolling this one
Closed Early
$NFLX 8/17 315/325 BUPS at 2.10 STO at 1.75
$SPX BTC 8/24 2760/2785 BUPS at 1.00 STO at 2.70 on 8/10 Thank you @jeffcp66
$GOOGL STO 9/21 1180/1190 BUPS at 2.81

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Thanks for all the thought provoking discussions.

#assignment WYNN I was assigned…

#assignment WYNN
I was assigned 100 shares of WYNN from my rolled Sept 21, 155/165 put spread. Who would do such a thing(dividend)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9AOVdov5lE