$HAL 14 call
$NUGT 95 and 100 call
$NIO 30 call
$NVAX 100 call
$OSTK 67.5 put
$TDOC 212.50 put Thank you @fuzzballl for the last two
$NIO 26 put
$NVAX 89 put
$SPX 3345/3365/3545/3525 IC

Good stuff more than offset by poor risk management
$NFLX 10/23 510/550 BUCS total loss
$NFLX 10/23 520/530 BUPS total loss
$LULU 10/23 345/350 BUPS total loss


$MRVL 43 put

Expiration / Assignment

$NVAX 120 call
$LABU 40 put
$OSTK 70 put Thank you @fuzzballl
$DKNG 41 put

$T 28.50 put
$TDOC 220 put


$NVDA 365 put Thank you @ramie77 via @fuzzballl

#optionsexpiration #assignment
$CODX 27 put Stock basis 25.5

Expirations Assignments

$PFE 36.5 call
$SQ 124 call
$T 30 put

$PFE 40.5 call
$NIO 14 calls
$KHC 37 calls Shout out to @honkhonk81
$RAD 15.5 calls
$MRNA 84 calls
$APT 25 calls
$AAOI calls
PEP 139 calls
$TQQQ 75 puts Thanks @jsd501
$MRVL 35 put
$KHC 34 put Shout out to @honkhonk81


$EWZ 29 put Thank you @fuzzballl
$WORK 30 put
$T 30 put
$NEO 30 put
$SNAP 21 put
$PTON 55 put
$SPCE 18 put
$MRNA 75 put
$PFE 34 put
$CODX 20 call
$FB 255 call
$PTON 63 call
$SPX 1 DTE Thank you @jeffcp66
$BYND 144/155 BUPS Expired Total loss.
$TSLA 1470/1490 BECS Expired Full full loss
$AMZN 2570/2590 BUPS Expired Full profit
$ZM 190/210 BUPS Expired Full profit

$DFEN 18 put assigned. Basis 16.85. Stock at 11.90. Go aerospace, please.
$PFE 36 call called away


$NEO 25 puts
$T 28 puts
$CODX 15 puts
$SDGR 60 puts
$TQQQ 60 puts Thank you king of the TQQQ @jsd501
$HAL 11
$DDOG 65
$CCL 16 put
$SPY 280 Thank you @fuzzball
$SQ 88 puts
$SDGR 65 puts
$PFE call
$MRVL 35 call
$AMZN 2280/2300 BUPS

$ROKU 120 calls
$ROKU 112 calls
$PLAN 40 calls
$DDOG 45 calls
$SDGR 55 calls
$MRVL 32.5 calls

Options Expiration

CCL 15 put
LB 15 put
WFC 27 covered call #assignment
XOM put ratio spread

#assignment #coveredcalls SDC April 30…

#assignment #coveredcalls SDC

April 30 bought a May 15, 8.50 covered call for 7.14, shares at 7.79, call for .65, expired, sold June 5 call for .41.

Assigned on 226 of 336 SDC Jun 5 $7.50 Calls Position +44.7% in 44 Days

Recent run up in stock to $8.66. Details on the CC position established in April are below.


#coveredcalls-2, #sdc, #assignment

#coveredcalls #assignment WBA #earnings #closing…

#coveredcalls #assignment WBA #earnings #closing TGT

WBA May 15, bought 100 shares at 37.96 and sold a May 29 38 call for 1.01. I was assigned yesterday, thought I was safe but no harm.
TGT Yesterday sold June 15 110/140 strangle for 2.16, bought today for 1.61


$ROKU 127 calls
$CODX 15 and 17.5 calls
$NEO 35 calls
$MRVL 28 calls
$NVAX 23 calls
$NET 22.5 put
$HAL 8 put
$MRNA 55 put
$DDOG 65 and 55 put

$NLOK at $21 Basis 20.40. Stock at 20.03. Ooops 😉

#assignment UVXY I was assigned…

#assignment UVXY

I was assigned short 100 shares of IVXY from an April 17, 25/35 short call spread sold February 27 for 1.65. I sold the long call for 16.20-Yay. My cost basis is just under 43, UVXY is around 51.

#closing #assignment AAPL SPY UVXY…

#closing #assignment AAPL UVXY SPY

I was assigned 100 shares of AAPL from an April 17, 255/260/325/330 IC. It’s in a small account which put me in a margin call. After selling the stock for 241 and the long put I somehow made money, luck counts.
UVXY March 13, sold March 27, 80/90 call spread for 1.64, bought today for .55
SPY March 16, sold April 17, 175 put for 2.33, bought today for .89, thanks fuzzball


#SPX1dte I didn’t sell a Monday condor because I’ve been bitten twice recently. I also maintain that we still have farther to go down.

Expired this morning: $SPX March 19th 2125/2150-2575/2600 (monthlys) condors, sold for 2.20 Thursday morning.
Expired at the close: $SPX March 20th 2170/2190-2635/2655 condors, sold Thursday afternoon for 1.85.


Expirations / Rolls / Assignments Oh My!

$HLF 37 put (earnings) Thank you @jeffcp66
$OLED 165/170 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66
$MRVL 30 call
$TSLA 690/700 BECS Total Loss Don’t ask
$QCOM 85/95 BUCS BTO at 4.72 STC 1.80

$NUGT BTC 2/28 33 call and STO /20 36 at .58 debit.

$SAVE 45 put
$CVS 75 put

Take care everyone.

Expiration / Assignment / LABU Calls Closed / T Put Rolled

$EXAS 105 call
$ROKU 135 call
$ROKU 130 call
$LK 41 call
$ZM 73 call
$RACE Long call. BTO at $4.00. Car never started.
$SPX 1 DTE 3210/3190/3305/3325 I think. My account shows it at a loss for the put side. See on Monday.

$ZM 73 call Called away
$MRVL 27 put Basis 26.50
$LK 37 put Basis 35.30

$LABU BTC 2/7 51 calls at 1.10. STO on 1/28 for 2.80.
$T BTC 1/31 37.50 put and STO 2/7 37.50 put at added .30 credit.

Expiration / Assignment / Assigned Called Away

$BA $BYND $CRON $ACB Long calls held on to for tooooooo long

$APA Buy write called away profitably
$PTON 35 Thank you Ramie
$PLAN 57.5
$NUGT 33
$ROKU 150

$LK 44.5
$APA 25
$AMRN 19
$NOK 4
$KL 40
$LABU 50 Thank you @fuzzballl
$MRVL 26
LK 38
$NEO 30

$ROKU 110/120
$SPX 3225/3250 Thank you @jeffcp66

$NEO Long call assigned at $30. Basis 30.65. Stock at 32.05.
$BOOT $45 put assigned. Basis 43.15. Stock at 43.65
$EDIT 26/31 BUPS expired in the money when I was not looking. Stock assigned at 31. Basis 29.70. Stock at 30.64

$LABU Finally let it go at $55. Purchased at 50.65 on 4/30. Rolled calls for added gain of 3.70.
$STNE Called away as stock reached 42.04 at end of day and surpassed 42 covered call.

Enjoy the long weekend. Rest clears the mind. I hope. 😉

PNC closed

#Earnings #Assignment On Tuesday I bought $PNC Jan17/Jan24 160 #DoubleCalendar for .50.

Stock dropped too much so trade was a loser. Assigned last night on the puts at 160.00.
Today, sold long puts for 6.60 and stock for 153.53. So I managed to squeeze .13 out of closing the trade.

BBBY assigned

#Earnings #Assignment Assigned $BBBY shares at 16.50. Need price above 14.63 to breakeven from #ShortStrangle

Expired / Assigned


$SPX 3185/3210 STO 12/27 at 2.60
$ROKU 145 call
$LABU 55 call
$LABU 60 call
$LK 39.50 call
$LK 32 put


$EDIT Assigned at 32. Basis 31.25. Stock at 28.97.

#assignment #earnings STT October 17,…

#assignment #earnings STT

October 17, I sold a 55/65 strangle. I rolled twice and inverted to January, still was assigned on the short call argghh. The short put had some profit in it so I closed it. I’ll be dealing with this for a little while.

Happy New Year trading friends!

#assignment ZM Sept. 5 sold…

#assignment ZM
Sept. 5 sold an iron condor/ jade lizard for earnings, the short put was at 85, had an 80 put for some downside protection. I closed that too early. Through rolling etc and selling a Dec. 20, 65.50 call, I have a cost basis of 72.25. ZM stock is at 62.28.

HD closed

#Earnings Sold $HD stock for 220.50.

Nov22/Nov29 237.5 #DoubleCalendar bought for .82 on monday Nov 18th
#Assignment on stock for 237.50 on the 21st
Sold Nov 29th long puts for 18.20 on the 21st
Sold stock today for 220.50

Profit on trade: +0.38

Trades can work even when they initially fail… if you can carry the stock and hold it through dips. Not advised during a correction but it worked in this environment.

#assignment SBUX September 3, I…

#assignment SBUX
September 3, I sold a 92.50.95 put ratio spread. That date coincided with a decline in SBUX stock price to the low 80s. After a few adjustments I was assigned on a Dec. 20, 92.50 put. My cost basis 87.97 (haven’t done a very good job adjusting this). Today I sold a Nov. 22, 84.50 call for .33.
I don’t even drink coffee.

#assignment #coveredcalls UBER I was…

#assignment #coveredcalls UBER

I was assigned 100 shares of UBER on a Dec. 36 put, first sold Aug. 9 and rolled 3 times.
Sold a Nov. 22, 27.50 call for .40, cost basis is 33.53. I guess I’ll stop using LYFT.

#assignment #earnings TWTR Following a…

#assignment #earnings TWTR
Following a trade that goes against what I am comfortable doing, sold an earnings weekly straddle along with a Dec. strangle, I was assigned at 38, no premium in rolling. I sold a Nov. 1, 31 covered call, cost basis is now 34.25 with stock at 30.

#earnings #closing #assignment FFIV TWTR…

#earnings #closing #assignment FFIV TWTR MMM
FFIV sold double calendar for 1.00, bought Wednesday for .82
FFIV sold strangle for 2,07 on Wednesday, bought today for 1.34
MMM Wednesday bought double calendar for 1.02, sold today for 1.35
TWTR I will be assigned 100 shares at 38, sold an Oct. 25 straddle for 3.75. Rolling doesn’t bring anything, covered calls will help.

#assignment Letting LABU, TQQQ and…


Letting LABU, TQQQ and TNA all be called out tomorrow. All profitable but I am exiting the triple game after seeing the tasty trade research.

Also staying out of earnings as much as I can. My earnings track record is not so good, lost on 8 out of 5 when I decided to stay out a few quarters ago. I will stay in them if I already have #fuzzy on.

Making enough money just doing #pietrades, #fuzzy, #hedges, and Pie trade #optionladder that I can stick with those. May be boring to some, but it is mechanical and it works. 2 accounts hit all time highs the last 2 weeks and both had SVXY in them. 2 down, 1 to go but that was the biggest loss and will take more time but on a portfolio basis I am back above my cost basis so technically all the losses have been covered 🙂

20 months to break even.

Plan not to ever do that again 🙂 🙂

And the hedges will help, see below.

#assignment WDC This weekend I…

#assignment WDC
This weekend I say good bye to an old friend, we weren’t friends at first, a very trying relationship, but we somehow worked it out.
In July of 2018 I sold a 76 put as WDC had dropped from around 106. I rolled to 75 and was promptly assigned at 75. Through put and call sales I was assigned 3 more times as recently as June of 2019 at much lower strikes. Option premium as been good, easy to roll, plus dividends made it profitable for my 200 shares to be called away at 55, making around $600.
Thanks to so many of you who have demonstrated how to roll and adjust, making lemonade.

CSX some stock sold

#Earnings #Assignment Sold some of my CSX stock at 71.50. That amounts to a .16 profit on a losing trade. Will hold the rest for further recovery.

Expirations /Assignment

$TQQQ 60 calls Covered by leaps
$TNDM 72 calls Covered
$BA 367.50 calls Covered
$SQ 67.50 calls Covered
$LABU 45 calls Covered
GOOS 53.50 calls Covered. And I am covered by GOOS poop and feathers

$FL from 6/21 50/55 BUPS

Options Expiration / Rolling HIIQ LABU EVTC Covered Calls / BURL SFLY Called Away

Expired Worthless
$TNDM 70 calls (covered)
$TNDM 70 puts
$JD 32 calls
$NVTA 22.5 and 25 calls
$GOOS 55 calls (covered)
$CLX 150 calls (covered)
$PYX 20 calls (covered)
$HIIQ 25 calls (covered)
$SPX 5/17 2775/2795/2895/2915 IC
$ROKU 50/55 BUPS

Expired Full Loss
$NYT 26/29 BECS STO at 2.80 Apparently fake news sells 😉
$NVDA 175/180 BUPS STO at 1.68
$BABA 175/180 BUPS STO at 1.75
$TSLA 245/250 BUPS STO at 1.95
$JD 32/35 BUCS BTO at .85
$PANW 240/260 BUCS BTO at 7.80
$WYNN 135/145 BUCS BTO at 2.20

$HIIQ BTC 5/17 30 call and STO 6/21 28 call at 1.25 credit. Price at 23.72
$LABU BTC 5/17 45 call and STO 5/24 47 call at .40 credit. Price at 43.30
$EVTC BTC 5/17 25 call and STO 6/21 30 call at 2.30 debit. Price at 28.11

$BURL Called away at 162.50. Originally assigned at 167.50 on earnings trade. Over last three months wrote calls against for 7.00 per share. Worked out. Need luck and perseverance. I know my perseverance reserve is low and my luck not dependable. 😉
$SFLY Called away at 42.50.

Everyone have a restful weekend. I need it. All the best to all at THE Bistro.

IRBT / GOOGL Adventure / SPX1DTE / LABU CVX Short Calls SFIX Expired / FB Assigned/ KNX SQ Short Puts

$IRBT BTC 5/3 98/102 BUPS for .20. STO at 1.35.
$IRBT STO 5/10 95/100 BUPS for 1.00
$IRBT STO 5/10 100105 BUPS for 2.05 You rock @honkhonk81

$GOOGL Misadventure
Assigned this morning stock $2000 (Yikes) Fortunately stock had a good day and I could close
the 5/3 1190/2000 BUPS at .50 per contract less than a total loss. Sold on 4/30

$SPX 5/3 2850/2870/2945/2965 will show 90% of profit as market closed finally. Thank you @jeffcp66

$CVX STO 5/10 119 call at .78. Sold against 5/17 long 125 calls. The 5/3 120 calls expired. Sold for 1.52. If this expires the losing trade (so far) of the long call will be reduced by 2.30. They were bought for $3. And another week possible.
$LABU BTC 5/3 50 call and STO 5/10 51 call at 1.45 added credit (Covered) Thank you @hcgdavis.

$SFIX 28 call (covered)

$FB 195 calls

$KNX STO 6/21 30 put at .80
$SQ STO 6/21 65 put at 1.82 Thank you @thomberg1201

AMD Assigned

$AMD 28 put Basis 27.43 Stock at 27.88 Thank you @honkhonk81


$HIIQ 31 calls (covered)
$SFLY 42.5 calls (covered)
$BEAT 60 calls (covered)
$LABU 58.5 calls (covered)
$DELL 57.5 puts
$AMZN 1470/1490 BUPS
$AMZN 1840/1845 BUPS
$CMG 720/730 BECS

$PYX 25 puts
$HIIQ 39 and 40 puts

Thanks to all that make this forum compelling.
Have a Joyous Easter, a Happy Passover or just a plain fantastic weekend. Or choose all THREE! 😉

Expiration SPX GOOS / NTNX Put Assigned

$SPX 4/5 2685/2710/2925/2910 Thank you @jeffcp66
$GOOS 49 call
$NTNX 37.50 put assigned. Basis 36.85 Price 37.17

SFIX assignment

#Earnings #Assignment #EarlyAssignment #ShortStock
Assigned over half of my position on $SFIX short 25 calls. Closed short stock position for 31.90. Will sell long calls to cancel out loss, and hopefully cancel out original purchase too if I can get the stock just a bit higher.

Short Puts NTNX HIIQ / Assigned BURL / Rolled SOXL Calls

$NTNX STO 3/15 35 put at 1.00 Thank you @honkhonk81
$HIIQ STO 3/15 39 put at 2.30 I am being goosed along by @honkhonk81. Thank you my feathered friend.

$BURL Assigned shares at 165 and 167.5 via a bullish trade on earnings. Stock currently at 143.52. Plan to sell calls if stock stabilizes. Right now it looks to be made of lead.

$SOXL BTC 5/17 100 call and STO 5/17 125 call at even. Stock currently at 117

#earnings #assignment AAPL In December…

#earnings #assignment AAPL
In December I was assigned shares on 3 different trades from post earnings put spreads as AAPL went from 220 down to 145 from late October to the December market sell off, my timing being impeccable. Fortunately they were put spreads and the long puts provided significant support. I sold the last of the shares after selling covered calls, actually making a little on each set of shares. Whew

Exiting NTAP

#Earnings #LongStock #Assignment #DoubleCalendar
Sold half of my stock for 65.00 and 65.45. Assigned via 68 puts last week… cost basis 64.79. Looking to unload all of it; no interest in making this a longer term holding.

#earnings #assignment #coveredputs GLW January…

#earnings #assignment #coveredputs GLW

January 28, sold a Feb. 15, earnings 25/30/30/35 iron fly that should have worked, (they all should work of course). I was assigned 100 short shares, basis just under 31, stock at 34. Sold a March 15, 32.50 put for .24.

Final Trades and Expirations

#Earnings Sold to close $UAA Feb 15th 21 calls for .16. This was a sad one; bought the #LongStraddle for 2.50… the swings this week afforded opportunities to cut the loss to less than half, but my orders barely missed getting filled again and again. So although I did sell a few for 1.60, the stock ended the week right at my strike… not good for a long straddle!

#CoveredCalls #Assignment $PVTL stock called away via 18 and 19 calls. This was a September earnings trade, was assigned at 22.50 and through multiple rounds of covered calls I’m exiting at about break-even.

#DoubleCalendar Taking assignment of $NTAP stock, cost basis 64.79.

#IronCondor Closed $DECK short 145 calls for 1.30. Was able to exit some at .50 and .20, so overall this trade will be a small winner or a small loser across my accounts. Condor sold for .86 on Jan 31st.

#assignment JBL Double assignment. September…

#assignment JBL

Double assignment. September 26, back when selling puts seemed to always work, sold a Jan. 18, 27 put for 1.05, Jaunary 4, assigned, January 8 sold a Feb. 15, 25 call for .35. JBL then started going up. I was called away (for an .08 dividend) last night. All in all, a loss of $75.

#assignment AAPL One of my…

#assignment AAPL
One of my 2 lots of assigned AAPL had a cost basis of 156 after selling a Feb. 15, 160 call on Jan. 31. The shares were called away, I miss the dividend but I’m out with a gain.

#assignment NTGR Back in July…

#assignment NTGR

Back in July I sold a Dec. NTGR 55 put, rolled it to January, then February, then March. It had become an NS option. I was assigned and also received 198 shares of ARLO, a spin-off. I was assigned at 41.25, even though it was a 55 put. ARLO is going for 3.83, but TDA says I was assigned at 6.93. I’m down about $500 on the two positions. Always something new.


$NFLX 345 and 352.50 calls (Covered)
$TLRY 85 call (Covered)
$AMD 20 put
$WYNN 116 put
$EXAS 82 put

$T 31 put Basis 30.21 Stock at 30. Will sell calls until someone takes it away for the dividend. ;-}

Relax and enjoy the super bowl. You are all CHAMPIONS – thank you.

INTC dbl calendar conversion

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar #LongStock #Assignment #Dividends

Sold to close $INTC Feb 1st 50 put for 3.20. Will be assigned long stock for 50.00. Add .54 for calendar purchase, subtract 3.20 from put sale, cost basis 47.34.

Will sell calls and hang on to stock for at least one dividend round.

#closing #assignment WYNN I was…

#closing #assignment WYNN

I was assigned this week on WYNN, after selling a Jan. 18, 113 call and selling the long put my cost basis was 115.
WYNN has pushed above 115, I closed the position to avoid assignment costs, didn’t want to roll with earnings next week, have another 100 shares assigned at a higher cost basis, WYNN is a big mover, out with a loss of just under $200.

#assignment Again WYNN Assigned on…

#assignment Again WYNN
Assigned on a Jan. 18 120 put, cost basis of 116.62 after selling the long.
#coveredcallcampaign Sold Jan. 18, 113 call for 1.61, bringing basis to 115.

#assignment I’ve been traveling some,…

I’ve been traveling some, watching the carnage and getting assigned on many ITM put positions, turning me into a #coveredcalls guy.
From the correction, I involuntarily own shares of AAPL, AA, AMAT, AXDX, KORS, M, MAT, MRO, NKTR, SLB, T and X. You hedge fund managers can start a buying spree on any of these.
Denny’s still won’t go down.

#assignment yet again AAPL M…

#assignment yet again AAPL M
Assigned on AAPL, knew that would happen, basis is 174, sold Dec. 21, 170 call for .68
M assigned at 39, basis of 36.28, M at about 31
What me Worry

#assignment KORS Apparently someone thinks…

#assignment KORS

Apparently someone thinks I want to be assigned on ITM puts. Assigned on a 55 put, cost basis is 53.50, KORS currently at 38.39, think I’ll have a COORS or two.

#closing #assignment AAPL Dec. 11,…

#closing #assignment AAPL

Dec. 11, I was assigned 100 shares from a 185/187.50 put spread that was to expire tomorrow. I sold the long put and sold a March 14, 170 call for 2.06. AAPL is a little over 170 so I closed the covered call. I have made $45 after all is said and done from a put spread I had written off as a loser. I closed today because I have a 180/190 expiring Dec. 21. That one will take a little longer to get back to even.
Both put spreads were post earnings trades.

#assignment SCCO I already owned…

#assignment SCCO
I already owned 50 shares in the copper miner (copper is important to batteries, solar and wind power so the price can only go up-riigghhht), assigned on a 40 put I’ve been trying to roll, cost basis of 151.667 shares is 41 after selling a Jan. 36 call.

#assignment AAPL #coveredcalls Assigned 100…

#assignment AAPL #coveredcalls

Assigned 100 shares at 187.50, from a spread, sold the 185 put at 16.30 for a cost basis of 170.53. Sold Dec. 14, 170 call for 2.06. AAPL currently going for 168 and change.

#assignment #fuzzy SLB Feb. 16,…

#assignment #fuzzy SLB

Feb. 16, sold a Jan. 18, 2019 65/67.50 as part of a fuzzy. I was assigned the 67.50 yesterday. After selling the 65 put for 22.50, figuring in the worthless 67.50 long call, and all of the short call sales ,the cost basis is 44.26.

#assignment again X Assigned on…

#assignment again X

Assigned on a 35 put, originally sold in May and rolled, cost basis of 31.37. Sold Dec. 7, 24.50 call for .28

Closed Z door

#Earnings #Assignment Closed remaining $Z stock, selling at 34.90. Cost basis 32.55. Waited for a couple weeks for stock to return to profit zone, and exited all this week.

Sold more Z

#Earnings #Assignment Sold more $Z stock at 33.50. Assigned with cost basis of 32.55.

Sold Z stock

#Earnings #Assignment Sold to close $Z stock for 32.80. Was assigned with a cost basis of 32.55. Sold a 4th of my position now. Will look for higher prices near the close or tomorrow to sell more. No desire to be long or sell calls.

#assignment AMAT Assigned on a…

#assignment AMAT
Assigned on a Jan. 50 call, cost basis of 47.39, rolled this out last June.

#assignment NKTR I’m starting t…

#assignment NKTR
I’m starting to get a little tired of this, assigned 100 shares of NKTR from a Dec. 60 put, cost basis of 52.61.

Z covered calls sold

#Earnings #Assignment #CoveredCalls Sold to open $Z Nov 30th 30 covered calls for 1.55.

I’ll be assigned the stock via 34 puts this weekend. This sale will put my cost basis at 31.00, so if called away it will be a 1.00 loss on the trade, which is okay, but hopefully I can get one more call sale in to profit.

Z assigned

#Earnings #Assignment Assigned at 34.00 on only one of my 13 puts on $Z. Cost basis 32.55. The rest will be assigned tonight unless I get an exit today. No big worry with a low stock price.

#assignment WDC Early July I…

#assignment WDC
Early July I sold a 75 put, rolled it on the way down to Oct., assigned last night, basis of 73.70 grrrr


#assignment #earnings SKX April 19,…

#assignment #earnings SKX
April 19, sold a May 37/47 strangle, SKX went down big, rolled the 37 to October, assigned last night, cost basis of 35, stock is at almost 27, grrr

PVTL owner

#Earnings #Assignment While waiting for $PVTL 22.5 puts to hopefully expire, I got assigned last night. At least it is cheap. No weeklies, and options premium is weak, so I will hopefully catch a bounce and sell it.

Options Expiration

$CRM 147/162.5 strangle Thank you @jeffcp66
$AMZN 1940/1960 BUPS

$EXAS 51 call Stock called away. Covered my stock right before Pfizer collaboration announced. Stock at 75. The math (75-51) is not attractive. 😦

Have a great Labor Day for all that labor in the market each day. And the rest of us too.
Thanks for all the learning.


CAved in – sort of

$SPLK called away at 110 as stock after earnings zoomed to 123.69. My basis was 88. Good stock.

Expiration / Assigned / Roll / Closed Early / Trades

$NFLX 340/345 BUPS Total Loss
$FB 160/170 BUPS Expired worthless as opposed to total loss
$FB 155/165 BUPS Expired worthless
$SPLK 115 Call Covered
$TRTN 35 call Covered Stock taken away Basis 31
$DBX 32.5 call Covered
$AAXN 65 call Covered
$TNDM 28 put Thank you @honkhonk81

$M 8/17 40 puts Earnings trade gone awry. Perhaps profitable by Black Friday? Basis 38.95
$WTW 8/17 89 puts Earnings trade result. Will be waiting for the fat going back into account. Basis 85.20

$MZOR 8/17 70 puts rolled to 9/21 at even Getting dizzy from rolling this one
Closed Early
$NFLX 8/17 315/325 BUPS at 2.10 STO at 1.75
$SPX BTC 8/24 2760/2785 BUPS at 1.00 STO at 2.70 on 8/10 Thank you @jeffcp66
$GOOGL STO 9/21 1180/1190 BUPS at 2.81

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Thanks for all the thought provoking discussions.

#assignment WYNN I was assigned…

#assignment WYNN
I was assigned 100 shares of WYNN from my rolled Sept 21, 155/165 put spread. Who would do such a thing(dividend)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9AOVdov5lE

CRM Called Away

$CRM Shares called away at 144. Basis 122.10

#assignment TWTR Way back in…

#assignment TWTR
Way back in 2014 when I had no idea what I was doing and was losing money being so called “mentored” in options, (but mostly mentored in self promotion) I was assigned 300 shares of TWTR, 200 at 30 and 100 at 32 and down it went from there, this was a decent percentage of my account at that time as well. I sold a lot of options trying to dig out over the years. I only had 1 call sold when it popped in February so I sold 200 shares and rolled a 25 call to July. The shares were called away of course, ending the TWTR saga. All in all I made $64 on TWTR! Maybe not the best use of capital but I didn’t lose any of that money as I was learning, still learning thanks to the gang here. Let’s see, TWTR earnings are Friday hmmmm

A few trades

#Earnings #Rolling BTC $RH 150 puts for 13.65. Sold July 20th 125 calls for 12.40. I’m actually looking for this one to fill the gap. It has tended to do that often after a big rise on earnings. I will add puts to this if we trade lower. I almost never get away from an earnings trade on this one easily.

#Earnings #Assignment #PieTrades Assigned $YY stock when July 6th 110 put was assigned early. Sold July 13th 97 call for 1.25. I’ll turn this into a PieTrade for recovery.

#PieTrades Sold $MU July 13th 53.5 #CoveredCalls for 1.00

Expiration Taking Assignment of ROKU

$ROKU 6/29 46 put assigned. Basis 43.90 Today’s close 42.60

Have a great weekend.