#assignment KORS Apparently someone thinks…

#assignment KORS

Apparently someone thinks I want to be assigned on ITM puts. Assigned on a 55 put, cost basis is 53.50, KORS currently at 38.39, think I’ll have a COORS or two.

#closing #assignment AAPL Dec. 11,…

#closing #assignment AAPL

Dec. 11, I was assigned 100 shares from a 185/187.50 put spread that was to expire tomorrow. I sold the long put and sold a March 14, 170 call for 2.06. AAPL is a little over 170 so I closed the covered call. I have made $45 after all is said and done from a put spread I had written off as a loser. I closed today because I have a 180/190 expiring Dec. 21. That one will take a little longer to get back to even.
Both put spreads were post earnings trades.

#assignment SCCO I already owned…

#assignment SCCO
I already owned 50 shares in the copper miner (copper is important to batteries, solar and wind power so the price can only go up-riigghhht), assigned on a 40 put I’ve been trying to roll, cost basis of 151.667 shares is 41 after selling a Jan. 36 call.

#assignment AAPL #coveredcalls Assigned 100…

#assignment AAPL #coveredcalls

Assigned 100 shares at 187.50, from a spread, sold the 185 put at 16.30 for a cost basis of 170.53. Sold Dec. 14, 170 call for 2.06. AAPL currently going for 168 and change.

#assignment #fuzzy SLB Feb. 16,…

#assignment #fuzzy SLB

Feb. 16, sold a Jan. 18, 2019 65/67.50 as part of a fuzzy. I was assigned the 67.50 yesterday. After selling the 65 put for 22.50, figuring in the worthless 67.50 long call, and all of the short call sales ,the cost basis is 44.26.

#assignment again X Assigned on…

#assignment again X

Assigned on a 35 put, originally sold in May and rolled, cost basis of 31.37. Sold Dec. 7, 24.50 call for .28

Closed Z door

#Earnings #Assignment Closed remaining $Z stock, selling at 34.90. Cost basis 32.55. Waited for a couple weeks for stock to return to profit zone, and exited all this week.