Options Expiration… VIX Indicator

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Only one #Assignment, my final $SVXY 90 put

#VIXIndicator — The VIX is reacting strongly to the upside at any sign of volatility. Although we spent the morning in cancelation territory, the Mueller spike sent up back above 19.00. So although we’ve been steadily rising, volatility is still hanging around.

Options Expiration 2/2/18

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— Expired w/max profit —
$AAPL 177.5 call
$AMZN 1325/1660 strangle
$AMZN 1300/1675 strangle
$EA 110 puts
$FB 175 put

— Expired w/full loss —
$SPX long 2865/2885 call spreads (sad; this closed over 9.00 last Friday… but zero today)
$MCD 177.5/180/182.5 call butterflys
$AMD 12.5/13/13.5 iron butterfly (I lost $10)

$AAPL 175 puts, taking stock
$BABA 200 puts, taking stock
$VRTX 167.5 put, taking stock (I closed one put for .60, but forgot to close the other before the bell)


#Assignment Assigned at 40.07 on Nov 17 45 put, collected 3.12 premium opening trade. Shares trading at 38.79 will keep divy stock, ex-div Nov 11, unless it moves to tank zone….


Assigned on expiring $MZOR 60 put. Apparently stock went below $60 after hours. Option expiration never sleeps. Not an issue since my intent in selling these puts was to acquire some stock.

STMP assigned

#Earnings #Rolling #Assignment #LongStock

Before I had a chance to roll my $STMP Nov 17th 200/185 ITM put spreads, I was assigned 100 shares at 200.00. I sold the corresponding long put today for 9.35, so cost basis 190.65. Working on a roll of the rest as well as a covered call.

Options Expiration 11/3/17

#OptionsExpiration #Earnings

— Expired w/Max Profit —
AAPL 157.5 and 160 puts
AAPL 177.5 calls
FB 172.5 puts
FB 192.5 calls (partially covered)

LITE 62 puts (cost basis 60.50)

— Expired w/Max Loss —
CC 55.5/57.5/59.5 #UnbalancedButterfly (sold for .60, loss of 1.40)
STMP 200/180 put spreads (sold for 4.15, loss of 15.85. Rolled out 2 weeks)
TSLA 320/325/330 #UnbalancedButterfly (sold for 2.15, loss of 2.85)


TRTN Oct 20 30 puts

#Assignment ?
“To be assigned, or not to be assigned” on TRTN Oct 20 40 put when stock closed at 39.95, cost basis 37.27? Probably find out tomorrow when settled, maybe…film at 11:00 😉

Have great weekends…

EDIT: Saturday, Oct 21, assigned 100 TRTN shares @ 39.95 on a 40 put…go figure?! Reached all time high of 40.50 Friday. Could be a run up to earnings on Nov 9 amc, TOS.