#assignment WDC This weekend I…

#assignment WDC
This weekend I say good bye to an old friend, we weren’t friends at first, a very trying relationship, but we somehow worked it out.
In July of 2018 I sold a 76 put as WDC had dropped from around 106. I rolled to 75 and was promptly assigned at 75. Through put and call sales I was assigned 3 more times as recently as June of 2019 at much lower strikes. Option premium as been good, easy to roll, plus dividends made it profitable for my 200 shares to be called away at 55, making around $600.
Thanks to so many of you who have demonstrated how to roll and adjust, making lemonade.

CSX some stock sold

#Earnings #Assignment Sold some of my CSX stock at 71.50. That amounts to a .16 profit on a losing trade. Will hold the rest for further recovery.

Expirations /Assignment

$TQQQ 60 calls Covered by leaps
$TNDM 72 calls Covered
$BA 367.50 calls Covered
$SQ 67.50 calls Covered
$LABU 45 calls Covered
GOOS 53.50 calls Covered. And I am covered by GOOS poop and feathers

$FL from 6/21 50/55 BUPS

Options Expiration / Rolling HIIQ LABU EVTC Covered Calls / BURL SFLY Called Away

Expired Worthless
$TNDM 70 calls (covered)
$TNDM 70 puts
$JD 32 calls
$NVTA 22.5 and 25 calls
$GOOS 55 calls (covered)
$CLX 150 calls (covered)
$PYX 20 calls (covered)
$HIIQ 25 calls (covered)
$SPX 5/17 2775/2795/2895/2915 IC
$ROKU 50/55 BUPS

Expired Full Loss
$NYT 26/29 BECS STO at 2.80 Apparently fake news sells 😉
$NVDA 175/180 BUPS STO at 1.68
$BABA 175/180 BUPS STO at 1.75
$TSLA 245/250 BUPS STO at 1.95
$JD 32/35 BUCS BTO at .85
$PANW 240/260 BUCS BTO at 7.80
$WYNN 135/145 BUCS BTO at 2.20

$HIIQ BTC 5/17 30 call and STO 6/21 28 call at 1.25 credit. Price at 23.72
$LABU BTC 5/17 45 call and STO 5/24 47 call at .40 credit. Price at 43.30
$EVTC BTC 5/17 25 call and STO 6/21 30 call at 2.30 debit. Price at 28.11

$BURL Called away at 162.50. Originally assigned at 167.50 on earnings trade. Over last three months wrote calls against for 7.00 per share. Worked out. Need luck and perseverance. I know my perseverance reserve is low and my luck not dependable. 😉
$SFLY Called away at 42.50.

Everyone have a restful weekend. I need it. All the best to all at THE Bistro.

IRBT / GOOGL Adventure / SPX1DTE / LABU CVX Short Calls SFIX Expired / FB Assigned/ KNX SQ Short Puts

$IRBT BTC 5/3 98/102 BUPS for .20. STO at 1.35.
$IRBT STO 5/10 95/100 BUPS for 1.00
$IRBT STO 5/10 100105 BUPS for 2.05 You rock @honkhonk81

$GOOGL Misadventure
Assigned this morning stock $2000 (Yikes) Fortunately stock had a good day and I could close
the 5/3 1190/2000 BUPS at .50 per contract less than a total loss. Sold on 4/30

$SPX 5/3 2850/2870/2945/2965 will show 90% of profit as market closed finally. Thank you @jeffcp66

$CVX STO 5/10 119 call at .78. Sold against 5/17 long 125 calls. The 5/3 120 calls expired. Sold for 1.52. If this expires the losing trade (so far) of the long call will be reduced by 2.30. They were bought for $3. And another week possible.
$LABU BTC 5/3 50 call and STO 5/10 51 call at 1.45 added credit (Covered) Thank you @hcgdavis.

$SFIX 28 call (covered)

$FB 195 calls

$KNX STO 6/21 30 put at .80
$SQ STO 6/21 65 put at 1.82 Thank you @thomberg1201

AMD Assigned

$AMD 28 put Basis 27.43 Stock at 27.88 Thank you @honkhonk81


$HIIQ 31 calls (covered)
$SFLY 42.5 calls (covered)
$BEAT 60 calls (covered)
$LABU 58.5 calls (covered)
$DELL 57.5 puts
$AMZN 1470/1490 BUPS
$AMZN 1840/1845 BUPS
$CMG 720/730 BECS

$PYX 25 puts
$HIIQ 39 and 40 puts

Thanks to all that make this forum compelling.
Have a Joyous Easter, a Happy Passover or just a plain fantastic weekend. Or choose all THREE! 😉