Dare Devil Dive plummeting down it’s first drop that dives beyond vertical. Located at Six Flags Over Georgia. #SixFlags


VIX dropping

#VIXIndicator #Market The VIX topped at 17.28 a few hours ago but is now dropping on lower than expected inflation numbers. Looks like indices will open flat or positive.

To me it looks like an opportunity to short, but this market has been killing the dreams of bears for years.

Downside Warning has fired

#VIXindicator A second signal fired when the VIX opened about 13.26, which is 50% above the VIX low of 7/26. This means we have a Warning into effect, with the possibility of further downside in the coming days or weeks.

Downside signal fired

#VIXIndicator A downside signal has fired in the pre-markets, with VIX passing 12.41. This cancels the Upside Warning, and puts us on notice that more downside is possible. If the VIX hits 13.26, that would be a full-fledged Warning.

For those trading #VXXGame, be careful if you are carrying multiple short volatility positions. Take profits early; don’t always wait for expiration!

#vixindicator Jeff at what point…


Jeff at what point does this rising vix indicate a possibly firing down trend?


How low can you go?

Friday’s close of 9.36 was the lowest since Dec 1993; the second lowest close in VIX history.
Before this summer, the VIX had closed below 10 only 9 times. And it had never happened outside the months of November, December, and January.
Friday’s intraday low of 9.30 is the 4th lowest reading ever; the lowest since, again, Dec 1993.

The direction is UP

#VIXindicator… firing an Upside Warning today, means higher SPX prices or at least no downside for the next several days at least.

#SPXcampaign Sold $SPX July 17th 2450/2425 put spreads for 3.10. Expires Monday