SPX new highs

#VIXIndicator #SPXcampaign Well there’s the result of the Upside Warning after 2.5 days of uncertainty.


Upside Warning

#VIXIndicator We are heading into an upside warning with a third consecutive close below 9.96. This signal rarely is false.; while recent Downside warnings have often been head fakes, the Upsides have been good for at least a small rally before stopping, which in this case would mean 10-30 points higher on SPX next week. Hard to believe that will happen with the recent range-bound, dull movement. And weekend news could derail it as well.

Downside warning canceled

#VIXIndicator Well with a close finally below the 78.6% line, the Downside warning that started on Sept 5th is finally canceled. In the “correctionless” last 20 months, the Indicator has become more lagging than ever, so not sure what to make of it.

Downside Warning!

#VIXIndicator Downside warning is in effect.
That was quick.

Downside Signal fired

#SPXcampaign #VIXIndicator It is a rare occurrence for a new downside signal to fire so soon after a previous Warning was canceled, but it just happened today. If VIX reaches 13.26, we’ll have a full-fledged Downside Warning.

Downside Warning officially over

#VIXIndicator closed below the Fib 78.6% line, so the warning is over. Likely more upside in the coming days. Two more consecutive days below 10.65 will mean an Upside Warning.

VIX dropping

#SPXcampaign #VIXINdicator With the VIX breaking below its intraday consolidation and SPX shooting higher, I’m beginning the process of reversing my SPX campaign positions from short to long. The Downside signal will not officially be over until a close below 10.65, but today it’s certainly looking to be headed there.