Options Expiration 8/18/17

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— Expired w/Max Profit —
DRIP 35 call
UVXY 68 call

PLCE 110 puts, taking stock with 108.00 cost basis.

I will check in Monday from our Eclipse campsite in Dallas, Oregon!


#Earnings – Lottery ticket going away today. Taking the .25 loss and moving on. No desire to take the stock of a company that might not be around on Monday!

WMT earnings closed

#Earnings BTC $WMT Aug 18th 81.5 puts for 2.09. Sold in the #BrokenWingButterfly for 2.00 on Wednesday. Small loss; could have been a medium winner had I closed on this morning’s peak, but didn’t anticipate such a pullback.

Earnings Trade ULTA

$ULTA STO 8/25 230/235 BUPS @ 1.55 Waiting on BUCS fill as well Earnings 8/24 After Close

Earnings Update

#Earnings #LongStock Sold to close some of my $HCA stock for 78.50 and 78.26. I had these on Trail stop orders… I was assigned with cost basis of 82.30. I will ride on with the balance of shares… prefer this smaller position if I have to hold through a correction.

Bought to close $WMT 81.5 calls for .05. Sold the 78.5/81.5/84 #BrokenWingButterfly for 2.00 yesterday. Despite plunging market, WMT has been climbing today. Recovery any higher will turn me a profit.

$PLCE — will be assigned stock via 110 puts expiring tomorrow. I’m okay with that, as I feel it will recover. Stock held steady today, indicating 100 may be a support level.

WMT earnings

#Earnings #BrokenWingButterfly
Slightly different… Sold $WMT Aug 18th 78.5/81.5/84 broken-wing butterfly for 2.00. Max loss downside is 1.00, max loss upside is .50. With stock at 81.00, can sustain a -1.9% move down and a +3.5% move up and remain profitable. Leans bullish with decent retail reports today from TGT and URBN.
Biggest UP move: 9.6%, Biggest DOWN move: -4.4%, Average move: 3.6%.

NVDA put sold

#Earnings Sold to Open $NVDA Sept 15th 160 put for 4.00. This will put me back into profit after trading this one since busted earnings in April.