ACN earnings

#Earnings Order has been in all day; just lowered it to 1.35; not sure if I’ll go lower…

Trying for: $ACN June 23rd 122/134 strangles for 1.35. Over last 12 quarters, Biggest UP move: 6.8%, Biggest DOWN move: -6.6%, Average move: 3.6%. These strikes are +5.7% and -3.8% OTM. Bullish bias since that’s the way things have been rolling lately.

ADBE earnings

#Earnings Thanks to @matt0311 for pointing this one out… I had missed it on my scan…

Sold to Open $ADBE June 23rd 134/152.5 strangles for 1.50, with ADBE at 141.25. Over last 12 quarters, its 1-day moves: Biggest UP move: 9.0%, Biggest DOWN move: -5.7%, Average move: 4.5%. My strikes are +8.0% and -5.1% OTM. Trade has a bullish bias based on historical move bias of +1.5% as well as trend in tech last few days, bouncing off mini-correction.

Expiration (not me yet, some stocks)

$AZO 720 call (#earnings trade)
$TMUS 67 call (covered)
$SFM 25 call (covered) Holding stock and seeing if $AMZN needs stores on West Coast
$MOMO 41 call
$THO 110 call (#earnings trade)
$AMD 10 put
$TMUS 62.50 put
$SVXY 94 put
$SVXY 95 put
$SVXY 100 put
$SVXY 110 put
$SVXY 120 put
$SVXY 123 put
$MOMO 35 put
$UBNT 35 put
$THO 80 put (#Earnings play)
$PLAY 65 put (#Earnings play)
$BLUE 95 put

$WYNN 110/120 BUPS
$GS 215/220 BUPS
$FB 140/145 BUPS
$FB 148/150 BUPS
$BABA 115/120 BUPS

$SJM 140/130 BECS

Expired with total loss (See @jeffcp66 comments on selling early)
$NVDA 140/135 BECS
$NFLX 155/160 BECS

$SJM @130 Basis 127.61

Have a great weekend and a terrific Father’s Day to all celebrating.

Options Expiration 6/16/17

#OptionsExpiration #VXXGame #Earnings

AZO 720 calls
NVDA 135 put
PANW 135 call
THO 80 puts
SVXY 95,100,105,115,120,135, and 140 puts

PANW 130 call, half of remaining stock called away, cost basis 126.69.

NVDA put closed

#Earnings BTC $NVDA June 16th 152.5 put for 1.08 to avoid assignment. Sold for 2.65 on June 8th.

AZO down

#Earnings #ExitEarly As a testament to not always waiting for expiration, check out AZO today after some of us exited or rolled AZO puts a day before expiration yesterday.

This may be a good day to sell some new puts.


Getting out of the zone

Well at least some of it.
Bought to close $AZO 7/21 550 put @ 1.30. Sold for 4.50 on 5/23.
Taking my 70%+ profit and freeing up some margin. Still short Sep 480 and Dec 500.

#earnings, #shortstrangle