#Earnings – Lots of S&P500…

#Earnings – Lots of S&P500 stocks with earnings reports next week. Looking for ideas.

MU earnings

#Earnings. Due to my travels I wasn’t able to post this yesterday, but I sold $MU June 22nd 56 puts for .87, closed this morning for .04.

Final trade & expirations

#Earnings #Rolling I have not managed $OLED well at all since getting slammed on earnings. I’m actually not too far in the hole so sticking with 1-lots:
BTC $OLED June 15th 115 put for 21.75. Sold for 19.00 last month.
STO July 6th 100 put for 7.60
STO July 20th 110 put for 16.80.

Only one winning expiration:
$GUSH 45 call, sold for 1.05 in April, #ContangoETFs

These expired as losses:
$SPX long June 15th 2825/2850 call spreads, bought for .75, avg price, #SPXCampaign
$VXX long 30 puts, bought for 1.17, avg price
$VXX long 25 put, bought for .21
$AMBA long 50 call, bought for 3.90, #LongCalls

Also, hedges expiring (partially replaced with #VXXGame trades yesterday):
$UVXY 60 calls, bought for .69, avg price

RH roll

#Earnings Like an old friend you agree can stay over for a couple nights, but ends up crashing on your couch for several weeks, $RH is back in my portfolio for awhile.

Closed $RH June 15th 146 calls for 11.90, avg price.
Sold $RH July 6th 150/155 #ShortStrangles for 12.60. I’ll manage this based on how she swings.

RH the only thing on…

RH the only thing on my screens that’s up
#Earnings And of course, that’s because I have ITM short calls expiring today.


#Earnings BTC $RH (1) June 15th 146 call for 7.00. I sold 5 strangles for 1.75 on Monday. I closed the 90 puts for .05 on Tuesday, now I’ve closed my first call. I’ll be out completely by the close tomorrow and then start the roll process, going with strangles to recoup my average exit cost.

BTC $TQQQ June 29th 56 puts for .50. Sold on June 5th for 1.15. Since I sold more puts yesterday I didn’t want to wait for these to get cheaper.

RH Earnings

#Earnings – This thing just looks way overbought here. Taking a shot with a #JadeLizard with no upside risk while giving it some downside room. Thanks @Jeff for the data on this. Staying small here…

Sold RH JUN 15 2018 94.0 Puts @ 1.37
Sold RH JUN 15 2018 120.0/122.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .75

Total credit 2.12 with 2.00 of upside risk. Breakeven of 91.88 to the downside which is about 10 dollars more than the expected move.