HCA covered call

#Earnings #CoveredCalls #LongStock Trump talking in the Rose Garden has some healthcare stocks spiking right now.

Sold $HCA Nov 17th 80 call for 1.30

GWW earnings

#Earnings Sold $GWW Oct 20th 180/185 call spreads; filled for 2.51 with an order for 2.50, so you can probably get more. 1:1 risk/reward with a very lousy history of earnings. Biggest UP move: 1.6%, Biggest DOWN move: -11.4%, Average move: 3.8%. Negative bias: -3.4%. Stock must move down 1% or more for this trade to retain max profit.

NFLX earnings

#Earnings $NFLX seems to be the new kickoff for earnings trades, since the banks last week are pretty dull options-wise. Since it rose so much last week, I’m not finding the greatest premium. I’m thinking of buying a bullish #CallButterfly, 210/220/230 for about 1.25. Low risk for a max 8.75 win, and bullish seems to be the only direction it knows. The other trade is to sell an ATM #IronButterfly 190/200/210 for about 8.15. Similar risk/reward if you think it won’t move much (which was the case last January and April). Here are the FIVE-DAY moves after earnings last 12 quarters:

Mon 07/17/2017 AC 16.59%
Mon 04/17/2017 AC -2.97%
Wed 01/18/2017 AC 3.09%
Mon 10/17/2016 AC 27.75%
Mon 07/18/2016 AC -13.07%
Mon 04/18/2016 AC -11.53%
Tue 01/19/2016 AC -6.64%
Wed 10/14/2015 AC -7.74%
Wed 07/15/2015 AC 12.65%
Wed 04/15/2015 AC 19.33%
Tue 01/20/2015 AC 25.41%
Wed 10/15/2014 AC -19.92%


#Earnings #ShortPuts #LongStock
As noted last night $AAOI has taken its expected dump, one night before my 55 puts were to expire. Will consider my options based on today’s action.

I’ve been waiting for $HCA to recover but it’s taking a big hit today, along with all Healthcare ($XLV) since Trump is expected to cut ACA subsidies. I’m long some stock with #CoveredCalls

Closed PLCE position

#Earnings #LongStocks #CoveredCalls This one dropped big since its highs so I’m exiting since the position is nicely in profit but could lose it if the stock drops more. Originally sold 110 puts on Aug 11th for 2.00, then took assignment of the stock and sold covered calls. Final profit is about 2.27.

Sold PLCE stock for 110.05.
BTC Oct 20th 115 covered calls for .95. Sold for 1.73 (avg price).

FB covered call

#Earnings #CoveredCalls STO $FB Oct 27th 177.5 call for 1.35. This is basically my covered call practice trade. I’m holding 100 shares of a stock I believe will go higher and selling calls against it, with the intention of rolling should assignment ever become likely.

RH earnings roll

#Earnings #ShortStrangles. $RH
Sept 5th: Sold Sept 8th 36/64.5 strangles for 1.10
Sept 7th: Rolled 64.5 calls to a Oct 20th 65/75 strangle, .44 credit.
TODAY: Closed strangle for 4.19. Rolled to Oct 27th 72/80 strangle for 4.25.

Now look for them to expire worthless with 1.60 total credit.