BIDU Earnings

#Earnings – Couldn’t watch the market until the close Friday. Caught a quick look at an article about Google and some new gaming stuff they’re developing so booked the BIDU early just in case.

Bought to Close BIDU FEB 22 2019 167.5 Put @ .70 (sold for 2.93)

Expired NTES Closed Early NTES FLR Earnings / HIIQ Puts

#earnings #optionsexpiration
$NTES 217.5 put STO at 3.07. Thank you @fuzzballl for the jade lizard. It worked flawlessly.

#earnings Closed Early
$NTES BTC 237.5/232/5 BECS at .20 STO 2/20 at 2.28 completing @fuzzballl lovely lizard.
$FLR Double calendar 38 short straddle. BTC at .95. STO 2/21 at 2.70 Thank you @jeffcp66

#shortputs Yesterday
$HIIQ STO 3/15 40 put at 2.81

HLF closed

#Earnings Sold to close $HLF Feb22/Mar01 57.5 #DoubleCalendar for .78. Bought for .45 on Tuesday. Price started fading from its highs so I don’t think we’re making it up to 57.50 today.

I’m waiting on $AAOI until the bitter end. Looks like we may get a 14.50 pin.

FLR closed

#Earnings Sold to close $FLR #DoubleCalendar for .77. Bought for .44 yesterday. Stock is starting to rally so closed before it got away from me.

#earnings #closing BIDU Yesterday sold…

#earnings #closing BIDU

Yesterday sold April 18, 140/200 strangle for 2.24, bought today for 1.67

#earnings #shortstrangles BIDU Not exactly…

#earnings #shortstrangles BIDU

Not exactly an earnings trade, sold April 18, 140/200 strangle for 2.24.

#earnings #closing DECK Jan. 31,…

#earnings #closing DECK

Jan. 31, sold March 15, 100/150 strangle for 2.22, DECK went up to 146, now down 3 consecutive days and the trade finally turned slightly profitable, bought today for 1.85.