#earnings SKX I sold a…

#earnings SKX

I sold a 37/47 strangle yesterday, stock hovering at 30, down 12. Anyone need new shoes?

RH trade closed

#Earnings #ShortStrangle #StrangleRoll
Closed $RH Apr 20th 87.5 puts for .60. Sold as the 87.5/100 #StrangleRoll from breached short calls for 4.535 on Mar 29th. Letting the calls expire. Total profit in trade, 2.11.

#earnings #shortstrangles SKX Sold May…

#earnings #shortstrangles SKX

Sold May 18, 37/47 for 1.70

FDX trades

#Earnings #Rolling
Closed $FDX Apr 20th 255 call for .74. Sold for 1.15 on March 23rd.
Sold FDX May 25th 237.5 puts for 2.33.

After closing ITM puts under margin pressure, I have now rolled them all back into profit range. I still think this is a decent bullish candidate on pullbacks. The call was over 3.00 yesterday so slipping out today in case it rallies back tomorrow.

CP earnings closed

#Earnings BTC $CP Apr 20th 175 puts for .45. Sold yesterday for 1.10.

CP earnings

#Earnings The only thing I’m doing today is selling $CP Apr 20th 175 puts for 1.15. Fairly close to the money, but CP has only moved down more than 3% one time on earnings in the last 8 years.

Not filled yet, but stock is pulling back now. I’ll drop to 1.10 if necessary.

Biggest UP move: 5.9%, Biggest DOWN move: -5.2%, Average move: 2.9%. This trade is -2.8% OTM.

LRCX Earnings

My order in but not yet filled. Last four quarters $LRCX went up twice and went down twice.
$LRCX STO 4/20 202.50/220 Strangle at 4.20