#ShortStrangle – An #Earnings play that turned into strangles. Oversold the call side and now seeing a nice bounce. Booking this week’s.

Bought to Close ADSK DEC 8 2017 111.0 Calls @ .27 (sold for .85)


#Earnings – Taking advantage of the little pullback to book the winner. I might be early…or not 🙂

Bought to Close AVGO DEC 8 2017 255.0/265.0/275.0 Iron Fly @ 5.69 (sold for 7.82)

AVGO earnings

#Earnings – I’ve got the AZO winner in the bank so rolling the dice on all my RH profits with a defined risk iron fly 10 wide with an expected move of 11.75. Risk about 2 to make 8. Leaning slightly bullish with the stock sitting at support.

Sold AVGO DEC 8 2017 255.0/265.0/275.0 Iron Fly @ 7.82

RH call

#Earnings #ShortStrangle Sold $RH Dec 29th 120 call for 1.30, giving me a strangle, after selling the 85 put for 1.65 earlier.


#Earnings – No interest in even taking a chance of getting any stock. Kind of a weak open so bailing with good profit. Thanks Jeff!

Bought to Close RH DEC 8 2017 90.0/120.0 Strangles @ 1.05 (sold for 2.40)

RH & AZO earnings

#Earnings Closed $RH Dec 8th 118 and 120 calls for .05. Sold yesterday for 1.20 and 1.15. Orders in to close Dec 8th 90 puts and Dec 15th 85 puts for .05.

Sold RH Dec 29th 85 put for 1.65. I’m almost back into profit after third quarter blowout, so keeping strangles going a bit longer.

$AZO 780 calls closed yesterday. Just closed Dec 8th 615 puts for .10. Strangle sold for 4.575, closed for .675.

Next up… AVGO


#Earnings – Rode “Jeffretariat” to a pole to pole winner at the AZO derby so saddling him up again for a run in the RH stakes. Can he do it back to back?

Sold RH DEC 8 2017 90.0/120.0 Strangles @ 2.40