#earnings #closing DE ADSK #shortstrangles…

#earnings #closing DE ADSK
#shortstrangles #doublecalendar

DE Nov. 26, sold a Dec. 20 160/195 strangle for 1.34, bought Nov. 29 for .80
ADSK Nov. 26 bought a Dec. 6/Dec. 13 170 double calendar for .48. Nov. 29 sold for 1.04
Thanks to Jeff for the data

ADSK closed

#Earnings Sold to close $ADSK Nov29/Dec06 170 #DoubleCalendar for .92. Bought for .65 yesterday.

Started the morning nicely, but looks like a runner.

ADSK dub cal

#Earnings Bought to Open $ADSK Nov29/Dec06 170 #DoubleCalendar for .65. Had the order on for a couple hours… just filled on one. As has been the case with these trades, they can fill slowly as we near the bell.

Lower probability as ADSK has moved on earnings a fair amount. But most recent quarters has below average moves.

HD closed

#Earnings Sold $HD stock for 220.50.

Nov22/Nov29 237.5 #DoubleCalendar bought for .82 on monday Nov 18th
#Assignment on stock for 237.50 on the 21st
Sold Nov 29th long puts for 18.20 on the 21st
Sold stock today for 220.50

Profit on trade: +0.38

Trades can work even when they initially fail… if you can carry the stock and hold it through dips. Not advised during a correction but it worked in this environment.

BBY closed

#Earnings Sold ro close $BBY Nov29/Dec06 74 #DoubleCalendar for .30. Bought yesterday for .54. My bad streak on earnings continues, but not painful today.

BBY dub cal

#Earnings Bought to Open $BBY Nov29/Dec06 74 #DoubleCalendar for .50. Partial fill so far, not raising my price.

#earnings #doublecalendar BBY Sold a…

#earnings #doublecalendar BBY

Sold a Dec. 6/Dec. 13 73.50 double calendar for .44