Final Trades and Expirations

#Earnings Sold to close $UAA Feb 15th 21 calls for .16. This was a sad one; bought the #LongStraddle for 2.50… the swings this week afforded opportunities to cut the loss to less than half, but my orders barely missed getting filled again and again. So although I did sell a few for 1.60, the stock ended the week right at my strike… not good for a long straddle!

#CoveredCalls #Assignment $PVTL stock called away via 18 and 19 calls. This was a September earnings trade, was assigned at 22.50 and through multiple rounds of covered calls I’m exiting at about break-even.

#DoubleCalendar Taking assignment of $NTAP stock, cost basis 64.79.

#IronCondor Closed $DECK short 145 calls for 1.30. Was able to exit some at .50 and .20, so overall this trade will be a small winner or a small loser across my accounts. Condor sold for .86 on Jan 31st.

Double Calendar performance

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar Here’s the performance this quarter of double calendars. It is performing better than last quarter, with over $1,700 in profit, using 5-lots.

NOTE: NTAP here is accounted as full loss, even though I will probably hold stock in to next week.
NOTE ALSO: INTC here is accounted as taking stock assignment and then closing all a week later. What I actually did was close only half, and converted the other half of stock into a #PieTrade.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 12.18.46 PM

AMAT closed

#Earnings Sold to close $AMAT Feb15/Feb22 #DoubleCalendar for .28. Bought yesterday for .52. Couldn’t get off its ass enough to make it a winner.

TAPped out

$Earnings Closed $TAP Feb15/Feb22 65 #DoubleCalendar. I needed to close the puts, tried to play the swings but then stock started rallying so took an additional .30 loss on the exit. Calendar bought for .34 on Monday.

CSCO closed

#Earnings Sold to Close $CSCO Feb15/Feb22 47.5 #DoubleCalendar for .30. Bought for .18 on Wednesday. Stock came down enough for a small profit, but was too far from strike to make it a good one.

NTAP dub cal

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar Was assigned stock on over half of my position in $NTAP; Feb 15th 68 short puts. I just sold the Feb 22nd LONG puts for 3.60. I will now watch for some intraday strength in the stock to sell the stock, as well as cover the remaining short puts that were not assigned. If I can net a .39 difference (the price of the original double calendar), the trade will be breakeven. Higher and it will turn a profit.

AMAT dub cal

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar Bought to open $AMAT Feb15/Feb22 41 dbl cals for .52