AXP closed

#Earnings Sold to close $AXP Apr18/Apr26 112 #DoubleCalendar for .69, .73, and .90. Bought for .48 yesterday.

I got .90 for one at the open… then waiting lowered the profit for the rest as the stock rose.

Closed $IBM dub cal for .03. Bought for .407 on Tuesday.

HON closed

#Earnings Sold to close $HON Apr18/Apr26 162.5 #DoubleCalendar for .40. Bought yesterday for .55.

$AXP will be the profitable one… order in for 1.10, seeing if price can come to me, or I will lower my ask.

HON dub cal

#Earnings Bought to Open $HON Apr18/Apr26 162.5 #DoubleCalendar for .55.

AXP dub cal

#Earnings Bought to Open $AXP Apr18/Apr26 112 #DoubleCalendar for .48.

Also looking at a Dub Cal for $HON and a #LongStraddle on $SKX

IBM dub cal

#Earnings Bought to open $IBM Apr18/Apr26 145 #DoubleCalendar for .40. Surprised I was filled below mid price… partial fill, may have to raise bid to fulfill my full position.

This has a 5% average move… tomorrow’s breakevens are showing to be precisely at 5%. So this has an even chance of working, but also an additional day to fade any large move.

STZ out

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar Sold to close $STZ Apr5/Apr12 180 dbl cals for .51 (avg price). Bought yesterday for .785

As I commented below, today’s action is an indication that earnings released in the AM may tend to have more intraday movement than those that report the night before. This is because the conference call will start or continue into the trading hours. For reports in the afternoon, all of the info has been absorbed over night and that could mean less movement.

So, waiting this morning was not such a good idea, because with the perfect opening we need to grab the profit before the ongoing conference call affects the price.

Double Calendar Webinar recording

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