Nibbling at MMM

Ready to take a long term shot here. Sold $MMM 9/18 100 puts @ 2.20 with the stock at 136.46. Delta 11. Strike is well below the March low. Stock hasn’t been at 100 since early 2013.

#fallingknife AMRN Over the past…

#fallingknife AMRN
Over the past year or so, I have done consistently well selling puts and covered calls on AMRN. I’m long 2000 at a cost basis of 12.10

Its down 69% this morning due to a Nevada judge ruling against its patent!

Xanax anyone?!?!?!


This #FallingKnife ( what isn’t these days??) hit a new low amid the following news

” Clothing company Hanesbrands (HBI) confirmed it’s converting factories to make the N95 face masks for health workers, under a contract with the U.S. government.
Hanesbrands expects to eventually produce 1.5 million face masks weekly and its designs also will be used by a wider consortium of apparel makers pivoting to face masks.”

#fallingknife Couldn’t resist selling MSFT…

Couldn’t resist selling MSFT Apr 3 105 puts for 1.35….will be much higher in the morning it looks like.



Sold 1 HFC 03/13/2020 24.00 Put @ 1.45. The stock bottomed at 24 Monday.


After the market re-opened
Sold 1 LNC 03/20/2020 30.00 Put @ 1.75.


Just before the trading halt in an IRA
Sold 1 AAL 03/27/2020 13.00 Put @ 1.34
Sold 2 MRO 04/03/2020 4.00 Puts @ 0.53
Sold 1 SLB 04/17/2020 17.50 Put @ 2.16
Dow futures down 2200 right now.