#fallingknife #shortputs SKX SKX finally…

#fallingknife #shortputs SKX
SKX finally has leveled off. Sold July 28 put for 1.73, I still have a May 18, 37 put from earnings strangle that I’m willing to bet will be rolled to July and beyond eventually.

Adding some SWKS

Adding November to my ladder (currently short 70 puts in May and Aug).
Sold $SWKS 11/16 60 puts @ 1.25.


SWK earnings bomb

Sold a put ladder:
$SWK Jul 20 130 puts @ 1.50
$SWK Oct 19 115 puts @ 1.35

I was looking to sell something in June but that series won’t start trading until Monday. Will keep an eye on it and maybe add June if it keeps tanking.


#FallingKnife trades Thanks to @optioniceman…

#FallingKnife trades
Thanks to @optioniceman for the ideas.
$CLX Oct 19 100 puts @ 1.35
$PM Sep 21 75 puts @ 1.70
$HSY Nov 16 80 puts @ 1.35
$ADS Jun 15 180 puts @ 1.50
$ADS Sep 21 150 put @ 2.00 (lowest strike)

#FallingKnife – interesting lists of…

#FallingKnife – interesting lists of stocks getting hammered
$PM (news) $MO – tobacco
$CLX $PG $KMB – Consumer staples
$HBI – clothing
$HOG – consumer discretionary
$ADS – business services
$HSY $PEP $GIS – Consumer goods (again)
So…. no one is buying cigs, Tide, Bleach, Tissues, Underwear, Candy, Soda/Snacks/Cereal or MotorCycles??


#supercharger Assigned early on half…


Assigned early on half of my ERX 8 DTE 20/25 call vertical debit spread. So short half the spread. Easy fix, the 20 long call was so far ITM exercised at intrinsic value so made half the profit a week early. Will let the rest expire next week.

Sitting on my hands the next 2 days, then have a lot expiring tomorrow and will either let assign or roll on Monday depending on what’s left.

FAS CC at 65, 64, 66 are all ATM so will see what happens. Cost basis 61.27, 64.11, 58.17 and 60.63 so all looking good either way.

TNA 69 CC at full profit so will let assign tomorrow.

GM 38.5 CC next week, it is also ATM.

Finally 2 positive weeks in a row, easier with market moving up but I had some trades with a bearish bias as well. Have pulled back 11k on the SVXY losses. Still a long way to go but every bit helps.

Looking at trades for next week, good premiums still out there, WDC, EXPE, SMH, XBI all at top of the list. Some have earnings. SWKS possible #fallingknife looks like finding bottom.

That’s all I have until Monday, have a good expiration and weekend!

$JNPR #FallingKnife – with earnings…

$JNPR #FallingKnife – with earnings coming up May 01