FB Falling Knife

Hard to imagine this one would qualify but the chart is the chart.
Sold $FB Mar 15 2019 110 puts @ 1.17.
Delta is 7, and the strike is another 25% lower from here.

#shortputs #fallingknife (kind of) SQ…

#shortputs #fallingknife (kind of) SQ

I suppose most stocks have been falling knife candidates all week so I use the term loosely.
Sold Nov. 2, 60 put for .89, earnings should be Nov. 7.


Sold $MLM Jan 18 2019 150 put @ 2.20

#shortputs #fallingknife AAOI Aold Nov….

#shortputs #fallingknife AAOI
Sold Nov. 16, 20 put for .73, thanks fuzzball

BA and RTN

I decided to close out the long dated calls on BA and RTN since we have had a nice run.

BA, STC 2020, 370 call and BTC 10/19, 390 calls at 51.50, cost basis 43.67

RTN, STC 195 calls and BTC 10/5, 205 calls at 24.80, cost basis 20.92



#fallingknife SFIX SFIX is down…

#fallingknife SFIX
SFIX is down big today after earnings, this is a Motley Fool best buy, AMZN is doing something similar. I choose my own clothes, waiting to see how far this falls.

#shortputs #rolling NKTR Rolled Oct….

#shortputs #rolling NKTR
Rolled Oct. 19, 60 put to Nov. 19 for 3.88, NKTR down over 4 points today, looking like a #fallingknife candidate.