BTO $SNAP Nov-19 / Oct-29 65 calendar 1.15


VZ Stock

Added to my position at another new low of $51.00
#SP500 #FallingKnife


The broad averages are not showing it, but this is the most number of #SP500 stocks to hit new lows in a while.
All of these are currently paying dividends too.
Bought CTXS at $92.14
Bought FIS at $115.00
Bought GPN at $149.75
Bought LW at $55.00
Bought T at $25.83
Tiny buys – #FallingKnife trades

VZ Stock

Bought a bit of this high yield #SP500 stock at a new low of $53.19.

AMGN Stock

Another #SP500 stock hits a new low.
Bought a bit of AMGN at $210


Bought a tiny bit of these at fresh 52-week lows
FIS @ $119.17
INCY @ $64.88
MKTX @ $404.00
#SP500 #FallingKnife

PCAR – Paccar Inc

Bought a tiny bit of PACR at a new low of $78.00 on the open and at a new low.

#SP500 #FallingKnife

IPGP – IPG Photonics Corp

Bought a tiny bit of IPGP at a new low of 156. It went a it lower after the open.
I’ll add at 150 if it gets there.
#SP500 #FallingKnife


The 2nd half of the Oct-01-21 155/Oct-15-21 155 Call Calendar closed @ 2.5 during the opening excitement. Didn’t got a chance to roll them. bought for 0.85 , closed at 1.7 and 2.5 not bad for a #fallingknife

BIIB hasn’t changed much, and will roll the short 310 calls into next week.

VRTX stock

Added a tiny bit to my VRTX stock position at a new 52-week low at $180.00
#SP500 #FallingKnife


One more stock buy at the close – A tiny buy at $67
Goodbye September!
#SP500 #FallingKnife

FDX Stock

Added to my tiny FDX stock position at $220.00 and at a new 52-week low.
Last week’s earnings report is still affecting the stock.
#SP500 #FallingKnife

MKC Stock

Bought a bit of MKC at a new low of 81.00.
Earnings just reported.
#SP500 #FallingKnife


A couple of #SP500 stocks at fresh 52-week lows.
Added a small bit of FDX at $225 and MKTX at $409

LW Stock

Bought a bit of LW at a fresh 52-week low of $60.00
#SP500 #FallingKnife

LW has confirmed that earnings will be announced 10/07/2021

INCY Stock

Bought a tiny bit of INCY @ 170.00 adding to my first buy from 08/10 @ 175.00

FDX Stock

Bought a tiny bit of FDX @ 230.00


#SP500 new lows this morning

NEM Stock

Bought a bit of NEM when it hit a new 52-week low at 54.0
#SP500 #FallingKnife


2 #FallingKnife #SP500 stocks at new Lows for today.
Bought a tiny amount of TTWO at $149.45 and some VRTX at $185, adding to my position.
My last buy in VRTX was June 15th at 190.
Stock I bought even earlier at $193.58 I sold on 07/16/2021 at $204.00


Closing out a tiny long position in a former #FallingKnife.
Sold CTXS stock at $115. Bought this on 07/29 at $94.70 and never got to average down.


Back out of this stock after exiting it at 18.33.
Bought a bit at a new low of 14.68 on Aug 19th and I was never able to average down.
This is my 2nd successful swing trade of this former #Fallingknife


Putting this high yield #FallingKnife on my watch list.
Only about 2% above the 52-week low


The only #SP500 stock to hit a 52-week low in quite a while
Bought a bit at 42.50


Another #SP500 stock hitting a new yearly low.
Bought a small bit of FMC at $90, adding to my position.


Back in this one after exiting it at 18.01 on July 1st.
Bought a bit at a new low of 14.68


Marginal New lows on both these #SP500 stocks.
Keeping them on my watch list


Two #SP500 stocks hitting new yearly lows.
Bought a small bit of BAX at $84 and FMC at $95.


Bought a small bit of CPB at a new yearly low of $43

LVS Stock

Bought a small bit of LVS at $40.
New 52week low


Re-acquired a bit of CLX at $163 and $160 on the earnings drop after selling off my stock on July 8th around 187.

#FallingKnife at a new 52 week low


2 SP500 Stocks set new yearly lows today


New low on an SP500 stock.
Bought a bit at 94.70 on the open and below the March 2020 Covid low.


#FallingKnife trade that worked
Sold COG stock @ 18.01. Bought @ 15.75. Never was able to average down.
Probably out too early but I’ll take the gain.


another #SP500 stock below it’s 52-week low today.
Added some at 15.75 to keep it on my radar


Added a tiny bit more at 190

VRTX makes the watch list

#FallingKnife on my radar now that it has blown below it prior low.
Along with CLX, I’m also watching COG, COIN, and KMB for attractive entry points at or below the old lows.

Rolling Jan TSLA

Rolled $TSLA Jan 21 2022 200 put up to 300 put @ 6.50 credit. Total premium now 11.65.



Putting this dividend paying SP500 stock on my watch list.
#FallingKnife with a new 52week low today


Sold to open Jan 21 2022 200 put @ 5.15.



Anyone still in this one?


Putting this #FallingKnife on my radar.
Viatris is the combination of Mylan, maker of generic drugs and EpiPen emergency allergic reaction injection, and Pfizer’s (PFE) older drugs business called Upjohn


Sold TLRY 04/09/2021 19.50 Puts @ 0.52.
Stock at 20 and at the March/April low.


A #FallingKnife type of trade, as weird as it is to say that about TSLA. Would take the stock down there.
Sold $TSLA 6/18 250 put @ 5.05.

GILD Put Ladder

Starting with Diagonal Spreads. Would take the stock at the short strike (or roll a few times first) and hold the protective put as cheap insurance.
(Also the spread requirements in a retirement account are much lower than straight short puts)

Bought to Open GILD Mar 19 2021 45.0 Put/ Sold to Open GILD Dec 24 2020 57.0 Put at $0.03 Credit.
Bought to Open GILD Mar 19 2021 45.0 Put / Sold to Open GILD Dec 31 2020 56.50 Put at $0.12 Credit.

GILD YTD Low = 57.03 (set today)
Dividend % = 4.65%

#fallingknife TNDM Have not traded…

Have not traded this in a while…
STO 15 Jan 21, 80 Put for 1.39
delta .20, IV is 54


Back down and testing their YTD lows
All my earlier short puts have expired


Looks like the stock is headed back down to test the Yearly low. #FallingKnife
I’ll be looking at puts to sell.

#fallingknife NKLA Risky-down $6, 22%.

#fallingknife NKLA

Risky-down $6, 22%.

#fallingknife ARWR #shortputs ARWR is…

#fallingknife ARWR #shortputs

ARWR is down 7 after earnings, sold Dec. 18, 50 put for 1.00, stock at 61.

#fallingknife #shortputs TLRY Sold Dec….

#fallingknife #shortputs TLRY

Sold Dec. 18, 6 put for .42, stock down on earnings


S&P 500 stocks with a positive dividend payout that are hitting new 52week Lows today.


S&P 500 stocks with a positive dividend payout that are hitting new 52week Lows today.


Another #FallingKnife candidate
Looking at puts to sell now


#fallingknife trades
Both stocks flirting with 52week lows
Sold 1 GILD 10/30/2020 60.0 Put @ 1.31
Sold 1 T 11/27/2020 26.0 Put @ 0.60

Nice dividend yields down here too

GILD, T and XOM Puts

Sold 1 GILD 11/06/2020 60.00 Put @ 1.41
Sold 1 T 12/18/2020 26.00 Put @ 0.64
Sold 1 XOM 11/20/2020 30.00 Put @ 1.22
All strikes are below the panic lows in March/April.
#FallingKnife stocks.



Energy names are leading the downside in the S&P500 with the market up
APA Apache Corporation
FTI TechnipFMC plc
MRO Marathon Oil Corporation
NOV National Oilwell Varco, Inc.
OXY Occidental Petroleum Corporation
SLB Schlumberger Limited
FANG Diamondback Energy, Inc.
VLO Valero Energy Corporation
MPC Marathon Petroleum Corporation
COG Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
HFC HollyFrontier Corporation
DVN Devon Energy Corporation
PSX Phillips 66

Only Cabot and Valero are currently profitable but most are still paying a dividend


Another tiny diagonal – puts this time – a bit longer life
Bought WFC Dec 18 2020 17.50 Puts / Sold Oct 16 2020 22.00 Puts @ 0.12 Credit.
The short strike is right at the March/April lows for the stock.


Not much green here
Semis and software groups are the leading losers.
NO new lows in the SP500 yet so no #FallingKnife candidates today

WBA Option Ladder

#FallingKnife at a new low of 36.50
Sold 1 WBA 10/02/2020 36.00 Put @ 1.20
Sold 1 WBA 10/16/2020 35.00 Put @ 1.15


Both within 1% of their YTD low
Both in the S&P500
Both profitable and pay dividends

Also GILD bears watching

#fallingknife OSTK STO 18 Sep…

STO 18 Sep Bups
75/70 for 2.05


Sold $CAT 11/20 80 puts @ 1.85 with the stock at 122.16. Strike price would be at a 4 year low.

WHR long term

Sold $WHR 12/18 60 puts @ 1.75 with the stock at 127.12.

Nibbling at MMM

Ready to take a long term shot here. Sold $MMM 9/18 100 puts @ 2.20 with the stock at 136.46. Delta 11. Strike is well below the March low. Stock hasn’t been at 100 since early 2013.

#fallingknife AMRN Over the past…

#fallingknife AMRN
Over the past year or so, I have done consistently well selling puts and covered calls on AMRN. I’m long 2000 at a cost basis of 12.10

Its down 69% this morning due to a Nevada judge ruling against its patent!

Xanax anyone?!?!?!

#fallingknife Couldn’t resist selling MSFT…

Couldn’t resist selling MSFT Apr 3 105 puts for 1.35….will be much higher in the morning it looks like.


#fallingknife #putratiospread VIAC Working off…

#fallingknife #putratiospread VIAC #shortputs MRO

Working off of Iceman’s list, VIAC sold April 17, -24/-24/+25 ratio spread for .50
MRO sold March 6, 8.50 put for .18

#fallingknife PAYC BTC PAYC 21…

#fallingknife PAYC
BTC PAYC 21 Feb 280 Put for .50
Was STO Feb 6 for 3.42

Closing FDX

From the #FallingKnife trade I put on 12/18, buying to close $FDX 4/17 120 puts @ .65. Sold for 1.75. Taking off for over 60% of the profit, more than 3 months early.

FDX post earnings swoon

Going out to April for a #FallingKnife trade. Sold 4/17 120 puts @ 1.75. Delta 12. Strike would be at a 4 year low if it goes down another 15-20% from here.

#fallingknife DLTR down 16%

DLTR down 16%

CSCO long term short puts

Sold $CSCO 4/17/2020 40 puts @ 1.08 with the stock at 44.92.

#fallingknife PINS Sold Dec. 20,…

#fallingknife PINS

Sold Dec. 20, 20 put for 1.17.

#fallingknife GRUB Sold Dec. 20,…

#fallingknife GRUB
Sold Dec. 20, 30 put for 1.05 with GRUB at 33.58. GRUB was at 60 this week before earnings.